Los Demonios

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“No idea. I’m not up to speed to what Citrus-Man is doing right now.” Booker responded. “I think he’s sticking around at his building for a little bit longer. If Gerome will get Doctor Stein, he has no reason to leave to Desolate Lands.”

“Not even for the Dalv Tribe?” Daggers said. “They might pose a problem.” 

“Nah, I don’t think there’s anything interesting in that wasteland aside from mutants, monsters and those freaks.” Booker turned to Gerome. “He’s an incredible doctor and able to mess with the dead, actually. He did some work for us a long time ago, so Citrus-Man will always rely on him for best possible service. Especially if he can turn some of our lost people into, as Tempo said, into cyborgs. Now, hurry up and do your thing. I must attend to the clubs and clients. You three watch him closely so he doesn’t do anything strange.” Booker left.

“That’s that.” Nuclear finally spoke. “So, the legendary Doctor is coming here…”
"Yeah, yeah... We'll keep an eye on him." Tempo stared at Gerome. "Don't think about doing anything funny, we can't hurt you but don't think we won't rough you up if you think of running away."

"I assure you, I don't plan to run away," Gerome said. "But I don't know much about this Dr. Stein, just rumors."

"Well, Dr. Stein is a man who uses a lot of science and magic in his operations I think. He uses robot parts to add to the mix. Rumor says he needs live humans to test his research but I'm not entirely sure. I don't know too much about this guy other than the crazy rumors that revolve around him. If these rumors are true, that would explain why Citrus-Man would want to put him on our side. He'll be able to probably bring people back to life and use magic to put them in robots or machines. Sounds super cool if you ask me."

"I see..." Gerome eyed the last bits of the papers he needs to sign and signed the last one, putting it on top of the small pile. "Well, I've requested the funds to pay for Dr. Stein as well as allow the flow of Californite within the city walls. I do need a way to contact the Doctor and I'm afraid I don't have any way of doing so. For a man so expensive, you would think he would stay in one place."

"If he did that then the cops would find him and get him." Tempo said sarcastically. "But is it all done? You finished signing everything already? That was fast."

"I'm known to work fast. But I am afraid I cannot contact Dr. Stein if he moves around so much..."
“I have his contact information. It won’t trace the location, but once you tell him you got the monies, he’ll come.” Nuclear pulled out a slip of paper and handed over to Gerome.

“Why do you have that?” Daggers asked.

“I know a buddy or two that used his services.”
Gerome glanced at the contact info and frowned. He was surprised that Nuclear would even have such information on him. He remained silent and looked over to the phone located on his desk, being somewhat hesitant about calling the Doctor. He knew it could not be helped and let out a sigh, picking up the phone.

I guess there's no avoiding it...

Gerome placed the phone to his ear and heard the dial before looking at the contact info of Dr. Stein and jolting down the numbers. He was secretly hoping that Dr. Stein does not pick up so he did not have to explain the situation to him. He listened to the phone ring on the other side.
After several seconds of ringing, it picked up a line. [“Hello? Confirm your identity and states your employer.”] His voice was deep, rash and gritty. It felt like he had chain smokes for years and it had taken a toll on his voice.

"He picked up." Nuclear said. "He probably knows its from Los Demonios, but state your name and organization, the LEMONs, to him.
"Hello, my name is Gerome Basaltar, currently working for the organization known as LEMONs," Gerome said, clearing his throat. He sounded so professional despite his nervousness. "I am calling to speak to Dr. Stein in the hope to reach out to his services."

"Hey Nuclear," Tempo whispered. "How are you so sure Dr. Stein won't just hang up when he finds out LEMONs is trying to contact him?"
“Weren’t you listening earlier? Dr. Stein worked with Citrus-Man a long time ago. There’s nothing to worry about.” Daggers replied to Tempo’s question to Nuclear. “You’re a really slow Tempo, eh?”

[Gerome? Why does that name sound so familiar…? Well, no matter. The fact that your part of the LEMONs, I’m assumed that Citrus-Man has another job for me.  That old coot is still trying to take over the Empire State, I presume?] Dr. Stein let out a light chuckle. “Tell me the details of what I’m needed for. You have 30 seconds, otherwise, I’m hanging up.]
"Sheesh, sorry!" Tempo said while giving Daggers a glare. "They should call you Temper for how angry you get..."

"Details?" Gerome blinked before quickly scurrying to dig through the paperwork he finished signing. He managed to pull out a few that specifically required Dr. Stein and his services. "Uhh, okay, yes. It says here that Citrus-Man is looking for a Doctor to help those who have suffered in the battle of Los Demonois. It also says here that your expertise in cybernetics should provide aid to those who have passed away. Citrus-Man has the funds to support you in any expensives you may have, however, he requires you as soon as possible."

Cybernetics on those who have passed away..? How can you work on someone who has passed away? 
[“I see, so that’s it.” Dr. Stein responded. “Alright, I should be over there in a couple of hours. Don’t worry about the location, I can find my way in that city. We’ll meet soon. Bye.” The doctor hung up on Gerome.]
Gerome hung up as well and let out a sigh, happy that it was over. He turned to the others and fixed the papers on his desk.

"He said he's on his way and will be here in a couple of hours. He plans to meet up soon," Gerome glanced at Nuclear. "I assume my work here is done?"
Nuclear nodded. “You managed to do all of this in such little time? No wonder Citrus-Man brought you over here to watch out his assets.” 

“Is this clown going home?” Daggers said.

“No, he needs to continue and watch over all the operations of Los Demonios. He won’t be going anywhere.” Nuclear walked to the end of the room. “I have to make a quick run. Temp, Daggers, watch over him when I’m out. I’m sure Booker will bring up lunch soon and wait for Dr. Stein's arrival.”
"The name's Tempo! You better remember it, 'Nukes." Tempo pouted before turning to Daggers. "So what do you suppose we do with the guy? It's gonna be pretty boring just sitting here and watching him sign papers."

"I-I suppose I can take my leave, yes?" Gerome said, slowly getting up from the chair. "Eheheee... I finished all I needed to do and I assume Citrus-Man does not need my services anymore."

"I wouldn't leave this place if I were you. Lots of people know your face. You sent all of the scum from your city to ours, so they'll probably be itchin' for a fight. Besides, maybe you can help Daggers find her dumb knives, she keeps losing them and blaming me."
After Nuclear left the office, Daggers turned her sights set on Gerome. Ignoring Tempo’s complaints, she smirked since she was plotting something. “Didn’t Nukes tell you? You ain’t going nowhere. You will continue to remain here and watch operations until this city gets back on its feet.”

Daggers walked around back and forth, twirling her knives in the air. “Though, I am a bit rusty on target practice. How about you stand over there and I can practice throwing? Don’t worry, I won’t hit you.”
"U-Uhhm..!" Gerome instantly turned pale and sunk within his seat. "I-I just remembered! I need to file these papers back to Citrus-Man's office! W-We have to prepare for Dr. Stein's arrival, so instead of using me for target practice, you should clean this place up! Perhaps you will find your missing knives."

"You say you're rusty but you won't hit him? How's that work out?" Tempo crossed his arms after listening to Daggers. "You're going to make Booker and Nuclear really mad if you get a scratch on him, you know."
"I'm only kidding, geez... you two aren't so fun." Daggers sigh. "And don't ever tell me to clean anything. That's your job, bucko." She pointed her knife at Gerome.
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