Los Demonios

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Sep 3, 2015

Los Demonios

Los Demonios, located on the near Empire Ocean, is the most dangerous city in Empire State and home to the notorious organization, LEMONs. It is a safe haven for criminals of all kinds throughout the world to escape the crutches from the Heroes Organization—as it is too much of a hassle and dangerous to send Heroes there to clean house.

Unlike Hero City City, known for its beautiful architecture, artisanship and technological advancement, although nothing compared to Futuropolis, Los Demonios is nothing more than a city of ruin. Utilities hardly ever function in most parts of the city; many buildings are either in rubble, starting to collapsed within itself or an sanctuary for plant life to bring into existence without excessive human life interfering. The streets, highways, street lamps, parks, etc. are hardly ever up to quality with the exception of few exclusive hotspots—the city does not even have decent water system.

Surrounding the city is polluted air—from factories working on questionable materials—blocking the sun out completely. It was once a functional city after the discovering of the Californite Rush; however, LEMONs stood took over the city and changed it to a city of darkness.

The LEMONs are a group of powerful criminals that sought to wage war on the concept of Heroes, sought for a society where the strong become a significant figure over the people. For centuries, the Boss of LEMONs, known as Citrus Man, was an the strongest and most dangerous villain that ever came out of Empire State—constantly upstaging Image Man at every turn.

Despite the horrid conditions of Los Demonios, Citrus Man treats every one of his comrades as his brethren—giving them as equal respect and welcomes them with opened arms once—believing that he understands the thought of being a reject in the “norm” society. In short, the Boss became a fatherly figure to his men.

The Heroes Organization, under orders of Minute Men, allowed the existence of Los Demonios. Minute Man declared that the city is a necessary evil to control the rate of criminals; as long they don’t bring their troubles to other cities, they will turned a blind eye to their activities: most of the time anyways.

Notable Areas of Interest


The Demonic Plague, a strip club, is one of the few establishments that have running water, electricity and decent foods. Anyone with attitude can come on, relax, drink as much alcoholic beverages to one’s desires and watch plentiful of entertainment. At the end of the establishment, there is a man, known as The Big Trader, who will trade valuable items in exchange for anything, including top-secret information.


The Fallen Highway 210 was once a highway that connect most of Empire State centuries ago, but ever since the arrival of Los Demonios, the Highway became a shell of its former self. Anyone who ventures out on the collapsed highway cited that mysterious cries of the dead from the distance—ghosts killed in car collisions. Punk Kids often used the highway as a way to blow off steam or bully animals as a testament of their evilness.


The Punk Star Club is an exclusive club that want to follow the Punk Lifestyle which includes being tough, dressing in all black, colorful hair and constantly being angry at the world that rejects them. In truth, the club absolutely serves no purpose and simply an outlet for trouble teens to get together and find comfort in a social group.


Evil Bear Idol Café is the other famous hotspot with decent electricity and running water. One of the surprising thing about Los Demonios is that most of the residents are fans of the Idol world—becoming massive fans to their music, the dances and of course, the idols themselves. Although there are no official concerts from any official idols group aside from the in-house groups developed in the city, merchandises constantly flowed in the city—illegally. The café serves delicious evil donuts, coffees and sugary candies. During dinner, they offered meals such as burgers, pizza and other meats and vegetables—although they are not on part with other cities, it is decent enough for consumption and satisfaction.


El Vórtice, also known as The Vortex, this seemingly old and graffiti-filled building is one of the most well-known nightclub Los Demonios can provide. Despite the look on the outside, the interior is well cared-for and decorated nicely. The nightclub, which is owned by Mrs. Franco (a.k.a The Mistress), is the typical hang out place for some of the most dangerous criminals in the city. El Vórtice is the liveliest between 6 pm and 5 am, when the light-show starts. However, the reason it is famous among the criminals of the city is the subterranean area.


The main headquarters of LEMONs organization is a singular tall building may of pure Californite. Despite the collapsing of buildings throughout the city, this building was the only thing that managed to survive the ruin throughout the centuries. If one were to speak to the literal Boss of LEMONs, this is the place to find him. It is heavily guarded and requires a password that often changes every week or so—which can be obtained by talking with the Big Trader of the Demonic Plague.
“Alright, this is our stop.” Shade said. He turns his head to Giga Impact and Lyrik. “Hopefully those idiots will make it in time to discuss our next mission. So don’t bother waiting for them.” The journey—in reality—should have taken more than a few days but thanks to the technology in the United Empire States, can be done within mere hours.

Shade turns to Lyrik. “You, make sure you don’t do anything stupid around here… Now, get out the truck. I have other things to do.”

Giga Impact nodded. “Alright, let’s move….” He jumped out of the vehicle.

Los Demonios from mere glances—can tell the sheer differences when compared to Hero City City.
Lyrik hopped off the truck and stared at Los Demonios. He didn't seem at all happy to see a city in such a state but he was confused as to why it looked so bad. He didn't say anything and only assumed that crime was all the rage here. Since he was so used to Hero City City, he was more of a 'good boy'.

"Uhm.. This is a...unique city." Lyrik said nervously. "I guess it's a major change from Hero City City..."
"Alright. See you two later.." Shade drove off. It seems that he's heading back to Hero City City.

"Sure.." Giga responded to Lyrik as he waved back to Shade. "Crime is... a major thing here, but we do our best to control them. You can say that the government doesn't give a damn about this city and all since they are so focus on Hero City City's glory..." 

Giga Impact began walking. They passed through many different people, whom seems they haven't even eaten or seen the glimpse of sunlight.
Lyrik walk past these people and only offered a nervous wave and an even more nervous smile. He didn't seem at all comfortable but he trusted Giga when he said that crime was prime here and that the government didn't care. He felt a little bad and wanted to try to help them but he couldn't do anything as of now.

"Well... what's our first mission gonna be?" Lyrik said, catching up to Giga. "I can call my buddies Red and Orso to help us out."
"How about you don't call anyone from the organization. As I said, if you want to get stronger, you need to cut ties from the Heroes Organization. They are nothing more than celebrities who get drunk on the glory from the people." Giga Impact said. His tone of voice was cold and harsh as he ended the sentence. 

"Besides, you need to meet the leader of the organization before we can do anything... and we need to see if LR and Byll will finally get their asses here already. Maybe Robotto too if I'm lucky..."
"Oh.. but Red and Orso are my partners." Lyrik sighed. "Well, maybe I can show them how much stronger I got when all of this is over."

Lyrik shrugged to himself while he followed Giga Impact to where he lead him. He felt a bit uncomfortable around Los Demonios but he believed everything that Giga told him. He wanted to make this place better but he couldn't do anything alone. He overheard Giga talk about some others and he grew curious.

"Who's Byll and... LR?" He questioned. "What's your leader like anyways?"
"Byll ... he's a funny guy I guess. He's always so serious and keeps to himself..." Giga said. "Lightning Rider... man, that's guy a blood knight. He likes to fight any he--I mean, villains whenever he gets the chance. Anyways, don't ask too many questions, kid." Giga stopped for the moment, turning to Lyrik. 

"Just follow me. You'll meet him soon." Giga began walking again.
"Oh, uhm, alright." Lyrik frowned slightly but as long as he was able to help out the greater good, he didn't seem to mind it all too much. He followed Giga again and started to think about the two he mentioned before. He assumed what powers they would have and what kind of personality they would have.
Giga lead Lyrik outside of a strange room deep within the city. 

"Alright. Wait right here. I'm going to head inside and talk to several folks. Don't do anything rash while I'm gone." Giga noticed that he received several texts. 

"Ah, those morons are finally here..." Giga said before heading inside.
Lyrik nodded to Giga and waited patiently for him to come back. While he did, he examined the area he was in and seemed a little off by how bad it seemed to look. He frowned, believing Giga's story of corruption.

"I suggest you watch your mouth, Giga." Byll said while he appeared in the same room as him, his gassy body reforming to its usual attire. "A mouth as big as yours is wide enough to absorb several chemicals without knowing."
"Why so serious?" Giga responded. "I wasn't even talking about you anyways, I was talking about those other morons that bail on me going to Hero City." 



Lightning Rider appeared. He was walking up towards the door where the leader was headed. He seen Lyrik and went up to him.

"Hey kid. You seen Giga Impact around here?"
"Giga?" Lyrik turned to the door. "He's in there. Are you one of the powerful heroes he talked about? He seemed a bit impatient while waiting for you guys..."

Lyrik did the man a favor and opened the door for him, having a high respect for him, assuming he was far more powerful than what he looked to be.


Byll growled in annoyance at Giga's comment. He kept himself hidden in the shadows.

"You seem to have a knack for failing missions, as usual..."
"Thanks, kid." Rider responded. "Yeah yeah, Giga Impact is such a control freak..." He head inside.


"Not my fault I have fools in my team." Giga Impact retorted. "Anyways, I'm heading to see the leader. Looks like I managed to captured a fool under our ranks."
"A fool bigger than you? That's quite a feat, Giga." Byll chuckled. "Who's the sap?"


Lyrik waited patiently outside, waiting for Giga to call him back in if he is needed.

"Wonder how strong that guy is..."
"Some kid who seems to be buttmad about losing to a buff musclebound guy in Port Graham. He's affiliated with the Heroes Organization, but got rouge." Giga Impact stated. 

"What!? You brought someone from the Organization, here!?" Rider came in, shouting. "What? Are you foolish!?"

"Calm down. He's a sap. He actually believe this place is the "true heroes" in the shadows. Trust me, the kid is denser than a rock." Giga Impact chuckled. "We could use him for information we couldn't do before. Maybe even captured that kid, which you and the bolts failed to do."

Rider remained silence.
Byll smirked under his mask. 

"For once you thought things out, Giga. I'm actually proud of you. Well, I think you should bring the sap in, maybe he should start getting used to our faces. Hopefully, this kid knows how to get that stupid brat in our hands. If he fails, we can just kill him, I doubt anyone would see a difference."


Lyrik let out a sigh before knocking on the door that Giga told him to wait at. 

"Hey, Giga... can I come in now?"
"Yeah, but I have to talk to the boss for a moment. You can bring him in, just don't go around and spilling the beans. Roll with the idea that we're the "good guys" until further notice." Giga Impact said before leaving to meet the boss.

"Tsk, who does he think he is, ordering me like that?" Rider seems to be annoyed. "Whatever.." He turns to the door and opened it to see Lyrik still standing there.

"Come in, we might as well introduce ourselves until Giga Impact comes back."
"T-Totally!" Lyrik said nervously. "I'm Lyrik! I'm a hero from Hero City City! I recently joined so I'm a total noob, ehehehe... I wanna get stronger so that I can one day beat that Broly guy. He... he really pounded me to the dust. Me and my friends."

Lyrik scratched the back of his head with a nervous smile.

Byll stared at the boy with narrow eyes under his mask. He kept a distance from him when he spoke.

"The name's Byll."
"You can referred to me as Lightning Rider." Rider introduced himself. "Hero City huh? Those people are total nutjobs for the most part. All they care is their image and nothing else. You're better off working with us, if you wished to get stronger, kid." 

Rider wondered if he actually bought his words.
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