Los Demonios

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"My powers skyrocketed..?" Lyrik tested it out for himself. He listened to his music and noticed that he moved much faster and more agile compared to before. He was nearly invisible when he moved. He stopped before the man and stared at his hands, both amazed and shocked at his new powers.

"T-This is amazing!" Lyrik cheered. "Now I'll totally be strong enough to help out Red and Orso! Yeah, I'll totally help you out! This is great! All I gotta do is save some kid right? That should be super easy now that I'm stronger."
"Indeed." The man turns to Giga Impact. "You, come here."

Giga Impact sweated a bit as he went to face the boss. "Yes sir?"

"Formed a team to assist Lyrik on his mission. Failure will not be acceptable this time around. Is this clear?"

"Yes, Citrusman. We'll do our best to save the child." Giga Impact smirked. "Come on kid." Giga Impact left the room.

"And before you go, Lyrik. Do make sure you do not get carried away. I'm afraid I do not know the exact limits of how your body can handle all that power." Citrusman said. "If you feel your body being feeling a bit overloaded, it's time to retreat..."
"Alright. I'll be sure to remember that!" Lyrik nodded. "I promise I'll get back that child safe and sound! With these new powers, there's no way I can fail!"

Lyrik followed Giga and wondered how powerful he had become. He seemed eager to actually go and help out this child they keep mentioning.

"Hey, what's the name of the child anyways?"
"Nicori" Giga Impact stated. As both of them left the room, Giga noticed that Robotto, Lightning Rider and Byll were present. 

"Good, you're still here. We have a job to do." Giga Impact said. 

"Huh? What job?" Robotto asked. 

"We are going to captured the kid again." Giga Impact noticed the state of Robotto. "You looked like hell. I assumed this is reason why you didn't respond to our texts?"

"There's an insane man running around. Sorry that I considered my own life more valuable then responding some texts."

"Don't get defensive. That means, you should know some information about him. Did you encounter Nicori?"

"Quite." Robotto said. "There was also an wolf monster running around. Based on his origin, I say that he's from Snowy Mountains."

"Then that's our target. We'll start there and see what we can find." Giga Impact said. He turns to Lyrik. "Think you're ready for this, kid?"
"Yeah, let's go save that Nicori kid!" Lyrik said while preparing himself for any sort of fight he'll get in to. "We should hurry before anything happens to him! Errm... where is Nicori anyways?"
"Let's roll then." Giga Impact said. "Byll, get the vehicle and make sure it can drive through snow."
"Yeah yeah..." Byll sighed. "Let's just hurry up and get this over with. That kid needs to be saved and returned to the boss. He's the only one who can bring that kid safely back home, ain't that right, Giga?" Byll chuckled.

"Really? Your boss must be a super strong hero if he can do all that!" Lyrik smiled. "But why is he sending us to get this...Nicori kid?"

"Well, Boss is a hero so the bad guys would expect him."
"Yeah..." Giga Impact tried to hold his laughter. "What Byll said. A big hero like Citrusman coming, any villain would see it coming miles away. If we go there, they would not expect us." 

"Exactly. Gotta learn more about the hero stuff, Lyrik." Lightning Rider said. "Heroes Organization is a joke about this stuff. We're the real heroes!" 

"Yeah.." Robotto said. "Let just get a move on..."
"Oh yeah, how silly of me, haha!" Lyrik laughed with the group. "I guess he must be well known if even the bad guys expect him around every corner."

Byll left the gorup only to return shortly with a large vehicle that can tread through snow with ease. It was heavily armored but pretty fast despite its size. Lyrik rushed inside and once the entire group was set and ready, Byll drove off to the Snowy Mountains.

"Get ready boys, we might be in for a hell of a ride..." Byll chuckled.

The group has left Los Demonios in order to arrive in the Snow Mountains.
Giga Impact and the group had arrived back at Los Demonios

"We have arrived." Giga Impact said. "It was a long journey, but we finally made it. You lots deserved to rest a bit." He turns to Lyrik. "You, however, grabbed that child and come with me. We're heading straight to the boss himself."
"U-Uhh, right!" Lyrik was careful with Nicori and carried him like a baby, making sure he doesn't get hurt. 

Nicori wiggled slightly, the effects of Byll's chemical slowly going away but he was still dizzy and groggy. He was no threat yet.

"Hey, it's okay kiddo, you'll be in the hands of a real hero soon." Lyrik whispered, from there, Nicori eased up and returned to sleep.


As Lyrik left with Giga, Byll let out a small sigh and turned to Robotto.

"Sheesh, the newbie sure is stupid, ain't he?" He fixed his mask slightly. "At least he helped us get that kid, we might have been in a thick situation if he wasn't there to boost us up."
"Yeah. He literally has no idea what's is going on." Lightning Rider said. 

"Right. I definitely don't want to be encountered by that One-Eye fellow again. He gives me the creeps..." Robotto said.

"A robot that experiences fear?" Lightning Rider joked. "Looks like we need to send you back to the scrap!"

"Shut it..." 


Giga Impact and Lyrik went to the door where the boss resided in. "Alright, is the kid secured?" He asked Lyrik.
"Yeah... He's still knocked out but he's okay." Lyrik said while keeping Nicori safe in his arms. "You sure he needs to be tied up like this? I think it's a bit...much. He's just a kid."

Nicori mumbled slightly in his attempts to wake up. 



"At least he did all the hard work." Byll sighed before letting out a cough from behind his mask. "We should keep him for future jobs."
"That kid packs a mean bite. One mistake and your entire arm come off. Robotto is very well educated on that subject matter if you know to know more." Giga Impact opened the door. "Boss, we have brought the child." ​

The Boss, due to his old age, raise his right arm and smiles. "Good. Young one, bring the child over here." ​
Then why tie his arms if his mouth is more of a danger..? Lyrik thought to himself. Something seems a bit off with these folk.

Lyrik was hesitant at first but he walked to the old man holding Nicori closer to him in a more defensive manner. He frowned slightly but didn't give Nicori to the old man just yet.

"Errm... Where are the kid's parents?"
"They shall be here shortly, my boy." The Boss answered. "You don't have to worry about this part of the assignment. You did wonderfully and save the child from a group of vile groups. I shall give you another assignment in due time, but for now, celebrate your first mission with your peers." 

"Hand him Nicori, Lyrik." Giga Impact. "Our comrades don't want to wait any longer to get a drink." 


Liza, Asuza, Iceik, Vox, Bob and One-Eye arrived in Los Demonios

On the outskirts of town, Liza drove the "demonic car" to the tollway. "Looks like we have to stop here. Don't say anything and look mean as possible." Liza said looking at the rest of them. She noticed One-Eye's intimidating expression. "Like One-Eye's. He got it down to the T."
Vox says with a different voice and differ demeanor "Got it look just look piety and let you do the speaking boss." Vox thinks "I can do it dead drop it once the kid is saved." 
Lyrik bit his lip and noticed Nicori slowly but surely coming to his senses. He gently placed Nicori on the floor and kept by his side while he woke up. Nicori groaned slightly and tried to rub his head with his tied up hands.

"H-Huh..?" Nicori questioned. "What happened?"

"Hey, it's okay. I'm here to help you out, kiddo." Lyrik smiled. He looked over to Giga and the Boss while stepping in front of Nicori. "Look.. I think this kid is better off with me. I've... I've been getting some bad vibes from you guys but I can't say for sure. I don't mean to be rude but... I think you guys are going to hurt the kid."
"Okay, that should be easy..." Asuza said, wriggling about a bit in her seat due to how cramped the space was. She took a deep breath before letting it out and tried to wipe any trace of nervousness from her face. She figured she could just keep a constant glare at things and she would be covered. "One-Eye's a pro at this kind of thing. I guess not talking gives him plenty of practice."

Asuza glanced around their surroundings before turning back to Liza. "Where to first?"
Giga Impact placed his hand on Lyrik's shoulder. "Don't make things difficult. Hand him to the Boss. He'll take care of things." Giga's stare grew more intense, warning Lyrik to do what he says. "Come on now. Stop wasting time so we can celebrate your success." 


"We just have to pass the tollgate before entering since we're traveling by car," Liza responded to Asuza's question. "I'll handle this from here." Liza drove up to the tollgate and see a woman standing as the one who let people in and out.

"Welcome to Los Demonios, the city of criminals." The woman greeted them in a flat tone. "What is your purpose here." She examined the gang's clothes. "You guys look like a pack of cosplayers."

Liza sweated a bit and coughed before speaking. "We're just here for business, you know? We got some choppers in the cars for sale. The rest of the gangs are meeting some very important people in the city that we can't just do it with all dem heroes out there."

"Well, let me see some identification card. Just to make sure you ain't spies or anything." The woman asked.

Liza pulled out a black, demonic card and handed to her. After the woman reviewed it, she handed it back to her.

"Checks out. You may proceed..."

"Thanks, ma'am," Liza said. She was about to drive off as the gate began to lift up, but the woman suddenly shouted.

"Wait! That'll be a 1500 sheckles." the woman demanded.

"What!?" Liza said. "That's outrageous!"

"Hey, just trying to make a living. Now cough it off or I ain't letting you lots in." the woman said. Liza grudgingly paid the fee and the woman let them entered. "Have a terrible day." 

After some distance, the city, filled with the hardest of criminals and the sun never shines through in the dark city, Liza turned to the gang. "Alright, we entered the city. Though I lost some sheckles.." 

"Wow, this city hasn't seen better days." Bob said.
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