Los Demonios

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Nicori groaned slightly before shaking his senses up. His little antennae twitched and he turned to face Giga. He gripped Lyrik's leg because he was a little scared of the man. Lyrik placed a hand on Nicori's head and leaned down slightly so he could hear him.

"I want you to stay close to me. I'm going to try to help you..." Lyrik whispered. 

"Who are these people..?" Nicori shivered. "They don't look very nice..."

"They claim to be heroes but..." Lyrik glanced at the Boss. "I don't think they're telling the truth."
Vox thinks "I so glad I was on the mark. Some thing tells me I may be lending her some money."
"We can always mug someone else for money," Asuza partly joked. "I-if we need to that is. I don't endorse it or anything." She quickly tried to correct herself. "Just got to think like a criminal for a while is all."
"Enough of this nonsense." Giga Impact said. He grabbed onto Lyrik in attempt to grabbed hold onto Nicori. "Don't be foolish enough to anything you would regret later on."


"Wow! Spoken like a true villain!" Bob said. "Maybe we could use some extra cash."

"Won't be too hard, assuming if we're pushing to that point," Iceik said. "But man, this city stinks. How can anyone stand living in this dump?"

Bob tried to smell but nothing bothered him. "I don't smell anything that foul."

"Maybe for you humans, but my smell is thousands of times stronger and this city smells like someone died. A lot." Iceik remarked. 

"The city is full of the scummiest people on earth. So I wouldn't be surprised if you scent the foulness of this city." Liza said. "The Boss of the LEMONs ran this place to be ruthless of the ruth." Liza continued driving.
Vox says going back to he typically uses and his typically demeanor "you be shocked how cheep life is hear."
"Look man, ain't no one touching the kid!" Lyrik grabbed Nicori and placed him on his back. "Hang on kid, we're going for a bit of a ride."

Lyrik pushed Giga away and used his musical boost to speed him through the door and away from the man. Nicori held onto Lyrik as hard as he could and looked amazed to be on the back of a hero, even f he was a rookie. Lyrik rushed through the door where he noticed Robotto, Rider, and Byll all staring at him. Byll frowned slightly and pointed at Nicori on his back.

"You going somewhere with the kid?" Byll cracked his knuckles. 

"H-Hey! It's that robot guy!" Nicori's antennae twitched. "He tried to kidnap me! W-What's going on?!"
"Makes me wonder why they let such a hellish place like this exist, being a continent with heroes on it. Guess it's too late to make a big prison for them all now," Asuza mutters. "It would definitely be a bad idea to split up in a creepy place like this. Hopefully we can use Iceik's sense of smell to track down Nicori."
"Giga Impact. Looks like the new recruit wants to play. Give him chase." The Boss ordered.

"Noted." Giga Impact took out his phone and called Rider. "Rider. Seems the kid is at least aware of something is going on. Stop him." 


"Yeah, we got him. We won't let him get away." Rider hung up. "Foolish boy." Rider crouched down and bolt forward, not giving Lyrik a chance to react. "Lightning Kick!" He shouted, aiming to kick him in the face to force him to drop the kid.

Robotto was on standby. "Could've just given the Boss the kid. Now we have to break you." 


"Apparently, it was founded by the man who fought Image Man. It was one of his failures, to get rid of the dreaded system. Now, Empire State just has to accept it and somehow prevent its influence from spreading onto other cities."

"Yeah! Iceik can sniff Nicori out right?" Bob asked.

"Yeah, sure. I hope I am able to find him before I died from this horrible smell though." Iceik said. 

A random person, who seems to dress like a punk, with their neon pink hair standing upwards and smear makeup across their faces jumped onto the car. "Well! Nice ride!" He examines the car. "I could use something like this... mind you lots step out of the car so I can give it a spin, or we have to do it the hard way?" He pulls out a knife that seems to be coated in mysterious substances.
Lyrik flew through the air and slammed against the wall before he had a time to react. He made sure to keep Nicori safe by letting himself slam on his side. He coughed slightly and rose to his feet, his grip tight on Nicori.

"Listen Nicori, no matter what happens, don't let go." Lyrik whispered. 

"I don't think you'll be going far with the kid." Byll held his hand out, a thick purple-colored chemical oozing from his hand. "It would be wise to return him unless you want to fight a whole new league of enemy."

Lyrik grunted and stomped his foot to the floor and a light green aura of music surrounded him. He attempted to run away from the group.
This guy is a total fashion disaster. He looks like a glowstick on two legs! Asuza stared at the punk with a dead look in her eyes, she couldn't help but open her mouth to say something. "Oh, I didn't know the circus was in town. What're you gonna do if we don't, Pinky? Make us laugh ourselves to death with that getup?" She seemed not to be very afraid of his attempts at intimidation, but was ready to act. This manner of speaking contradicted her usual formal vocabulary, seeming like it came naturally. "Hop off, clown, if you know what's good for ya."
Vox thinks "At least one them know how to act hear." Switching back to the voice and the demeaned form before, asks "should the rest of the circus be hear as well?"
"You are really making things more difficult, kid!" Robotto targets his arm towards Lyrik, firing off a rocket punch, still connected to his hand by wire, with the intention to grab him by the legs and pull him back. 

Rider followed behind Lyrik but noticed that he's trailing behind quite a distance with each step both of them took. Annoyed, Rider's arms began to light up. "Don't get cocky just because you have a bit of speed boost!" He shouted.

The Punk felt offended by Asuza and Vox's comments about his attire, water began to form under his eyes but held back to not embarrass himself in public. To restore his damaged pride of how he dressed, the Punk turns to both Vox and Asuza. "If you think you're so tough, then come out and fight me you coward! Otherwise..." The punk began jumping up and down on the vehicle. His shenanigans are attracting some attention from the crowd.

"There he goes again. Every time he sees something he likes, he'll bother them until they give in..."

"Yeah, he's a little troublemaker. Though I did laugh when those two made fun of his ridiculous outfit... Seriously, that is so old-fashion"

"Great..." Liza was annoyed. "These clowns always come out of the woodworks..."

"I ain't a god damn clown!" The punk shouted at Liza.
"Wah!" Lyrik just barely managed to jump over Robotto's arms. He continued to speed up, the momentum helping him glide across a wall and jump from wall to wall, dodging attacks to the best of his ability while keeping guard up to protect Nicori.

"This is getting out of hand..." Byll growled as he slowly disappeared into the ground, rushing in the direction of Lyrik but made no attempts to attack him. He waited while his paralyzing gas was preparing itself in his hands. "Time to settle this once and for all."
"For someone who isn't a clown, you're sure giving a show." Asuza didn't want to use her fire powers yet, so she decided to take another approach that wouldn't be so obvious. In an attempt to indirectly force the punk off the hood, she placed her palm on the side of the car and used some of her fire magic to siphon heat energy into it. She hoped this would heat up the car's metal to where it would begin to melt through the soles of the punk's shoes. "Why don't you save yourself the trouble and go steal a tricycle instead?"
"You got some mighty balls to speak to me like tha-" The Punk stopped himself mid-sentence. "Hey, somethin' cookin'." The Punk said after smelling something burning. He looks down, seeing that his shoes were melting away. It causes him to jumped from the hood, leaving behind his shoes and landed on the ground on his butt. He grabbed onto his feet and started blowing off of it. "Fuck! That burns! You need to fix that car yo!" Tears started to form around his eyes not only from the burn but also Asuza's insult but tried to hold it in to avoid the audience from seeing it.

He stood up, while struggling, and pointed his finger at them. "I don't need your stinkin' car anyways! It can't handle a man like me!" He turned his back on him, awkwardly limping away. 

"Finish him off!" Rider shouted at Byll as he closing the gap between him and Lyrik. "Don't get cocky kid! Just because you got that new power doesn't mean you're are even the same level as us!"
Damn, I gotta hurry and find a way out of here! Lyrik thought to himself. 

"W-We need to get out of here!" Nicori said scared.

"I know! I'm trying to find a way out!"

"There is no way out..." Byll rose from the ground and held out his palm only to have an explosion of orange smoke engulf the two. His smoke would paralyze anyone who took even one breath of it in a few minutes.

Lyrik stopped before Byll and pulled Nicori's face into his chest so he wouldn't breathe in the fumes. Lyrik dashed away from the smoke but it was clear that he took a whiff of them chemicals. He managed to escape to safety and dash away from Byll and the group. The man made no attempts to follow Lyrik because he knew his chemicals would kick in and paralyze him in just a few minutes.

"He should be out in about 3 minutes..." Byll said while walking back to Robotto and Rider. 

As Lyrik moved through the dense city, he felt his body slowly get numb and his powers fade away. He was unable to run as fast and he struggled harder and harder to move. He did manage to go a bit of a distance from the group but eventually he stopped in the middle of the street and placed Nicori on the floor. 

"You need to run kid, I...I took in those chemicals and I can't move as much." Lyrik said while falling to the floor. "Just run and hide!"

"But... what about you?" Nicori frowned. "Y-You're a cool hero!"

"I'll be fine, just run off and find some help!"

Nicori nodded to the man and ran off and down the street, zipping through narrow alleyways and in between buildings.

Oh man! I need to find 'Suza!
Vox thinks "even that hero was brighter than this punk." Vox asks "are we finished with this hopefully only act."
The people who witnessed the "supposed fight" between the punk and the new crew generated some few comments.

"They managed to scare off the punk. They mean business."

"Don't wanna mess with those folks. New elites for the Boss?"

"I want her to burn me like that..."

"At least we didn't have to go too far," Liza nodded at Vox and Asuza's statement about leaving this place and search for Nicori. "Alright, the big boss should be in the tallest building. We can't bring the car in so, we simply have to find another way to enter it." Liza started up the car again, only to failed. When she got out of the car to check the engine, it appears that it was destroyed. "How the heck did that happened?"

Bob examined the situation, seeing the hood had small holes. Upon inspecting, the engine seems to be riddled with acids. "It is possible that the shoes that punk wears are filled with acid. Guess he got us good! Though I could have sworn he was crying a little..."

"What about the kid? We're supposed to get him and bring him back to the boss!" Robotto said. "He could have easily just let the kid go and run off! That just an inconvenience and makes the job harder!"

Giga Impact appeared in front of Nicori instantly, grabbing him by the shirt collar. "Sorry, you were going somewhere?"
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