Los Demonios

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"W-Well... I wouldn't say they're nutjobs. Red and Orso are my good buddies..." Lyrik frowned slightly but he seemed to brighten up a bit as soon as Rider mentioned that he would get stronger. "But yeah! I wanna get stronger so I can help out Red and Orso!"

Byll scoffed under his mask but listened to Lyrik.

"Well, Rider's right about getting stronger with us. We're a bit harsher than the pansies in Hero City but that's why we're far stronger..."
Another figure came in in the room. It was a robotic man, who looks to be damaged. 

Rider turned to him. "Robotto, the fuck happen to you?"

"None of your business, that's what." Robotto said. "I managed to locate the kid, he's currently in Paradice. We need to get that ba-" He noticed Lyrik. "Who are you?"
Lyrik blinked at the robot and bowed his head, removing his hat.

"Errm, I'm Lyrik. I come from Hero City to learn to get stronger with heroes like you guys." Lyrik felt out of place around these people but he felt as if he'll grow use to it. "Mr. Giga said I'll learn better and faster with you guys. I just wanna be strong enough to help out my buddies Orso and Red."

Byll turned to Robotto and seemed to gesture to him to play along.

"Aw man, that kid still in danger?" Byll eyed Rider, glaring at him to tag along. "Man, I think it'll be a good chance to have Lyrik save that kid, don'cha think? Lyrik isn't as scary looking as me and Rider isn't good with kids. Maybe Lyrik's friendly face will slip through the enemy and bring that kid to us?"
Robotto was confused. Why the hell are they allowing someone from the Heroes Organization of all things, in this city? However, he quickly noticed Lyrik was falling for this, so he took Byll's advice and played along.

"Yeah, the child is still in danger. I just encountered a fucking lunatic with one eye and a rapid flea mutt trying to save him, but they proved to be too powerful for my taste." Robotto turns to Rider. 

"Why the hell did you go? If you were there, we could have even the playing field!"

"I thought distracted." Rider said. "I was chasing down some demons and managed delivered the final blow. However, one of them ran away. I was going to chase after that one, but Byll came out of nowhere and-"

"Rider. That's nothing more than excuses. You want to play "hero", but you worrying about stupid demons! We had a kid to 
save" here!" Robotto pointed himself. "See the state I'm in!?"

Rider didn't say anything against that.
"W-Well, tell me where this kid is!" Lyrik said bravely. "Maybe I can slip through the enemy and save this kid you guys are worried about. I'm pretty cool with kids so I don't think this will be a problem. I-I know I can do this mission."

Lyrik nodded to the group and seem to wait a response. 

Byll stared at Lyrik and then eyed Rider and Robotto.

"Well, what do you guys say? Think he can bring back the kid safe and sound so we can return him to his parents?" He continued to play into the lie. "I'm sure the parents would be so happy to see their little kid back."
"I don't know where the kid is, other than the fact that he's probably still in Paradice." Robotto said. "And I ain't going back there to risk anymore damage to my body against those freaks protecting him."

"A machine that riddled with fear?" Rider said. "What a surprise.."

"It's not fear, you dolt. It's called having some damn sense." Robotto turns to Lyrik. "You need to prove to us if you're even capable of doing a simple task before going off." 

"If anything, let's wait until Giga Impact retu-"

Giga Impact returned to the group as the doors opened. "Lyrik. Come with me. The boss wished to see you."
"R-Right!" Lyrik bowed his head to the group and trailed off with Giga, leaving the room. He was nervous about meeting the boss but he wanted to make a good first impression.

Once Lyrik left, Byll turned to face Robotto and Rider, chuckling.

"And here I thought that Rider was the dumbest person I've ever met." Byll coughed and laughed at the same time. "This kid is a true riot. He honestly thinks we're heroes. We should play our cards right and maybe we won't even have to look for the kid."
“Hey, if he managed to get the kid and avoid that lunatic, I’ll be for it to sending him to do the job.” Robotto stated. 

Rider didn’t have anything to say. Though he was slightly ticked off that Byll was insulting him.


Giga Impact turned to Lyrik. “Listen. Don’t do anything to make a fool out of yourself. You hear?”
"Oh, okay." Lyrik nodded to Giga, being slightly nervous about meeting the boss. "I hope that your boss likes me tho'. I think your friends like me already since they think I can get some sort of kid."


Byll took in a deep breath and looked over at Robotto.

"Maybe he'll snag that kid and take the worst of that One-Eye monster. That way we don't have to keep playing this game forever. Looks like a win-win if you ask me."
Giga Impact smiled slightly. "Interesting, I think those guys have the right idea." 

Before long, they entered in a mysterious room where everything was black and filled with wires. No windows anywhere. Light was practically nonexistent, expect for the singular spot. There was a man sitting on a throne, who's face was covered in scars and bruises. His appearance seems to give the impression that he'd very, very old.

"I bring you, Lyrik, sir." Giga Impact took a knee before the man.

"So.." The man's voice was rash, deep and cluttered. "This is the person you wished to be recruited under our ranks, despite being part of the Heroes Organization?" He turns to Lyrik. "What rank are you, boy?"
Lyrik felt cold and very nervous when he was finally before the boss of the new group he had befriended. He bowed his head respectfully to the man and noticed how dark the area was. He was going to question is before the man asked him a question.

"Errm... I'm just a C-Rank." Lyrik said in a low voice. "I want to be strong enough to help protect my friends Red and Orso.."
"So, you're fresh blood in the organization. How interesting." The man turned to Giga Impact. "And you're saying that he may be useful in obtaining the child?" 

"Yes... if we can rely on him, rescuing Nicori will be a simple breeze..." Giga Impact responded.

The man smirked. He turned his sight onto Lyrik. "What are you abilities, boy?"
"I.. I--erm, I use music to influence my movement. My body is very flexible and can contort slightly if needed." Lyrik nodded his head. "I've heard a lot about this kid. The others said that he needs to be saved from some sort of.. One-Eyed monster."
"Music.. I'm very impressed." The man stated. "Yes... the boy is very important. It is essential to complete this mission before chaos rained down.." Man coughed a bit. "Come closer, boy."
Lyrik hesitated but he walked closer to the man. He looked very nervous, thinking that the man might pull something on him but thought he'd risk it if he ever wanted to get stronger.
As Lyrik move closer to the man, his face became more revealing. His eyes were blackened, body was riddled with wrinkles. His back was connected through several tubes, pumping tons and tons of liquid onto his back every time he took a breath. He reached for Lyrik and pulled him closer so their eyes meet.

"So, you wished to find the pursuit of power in order to become stronger? Is that what you want, boy?" The man asked.
"I do... I want to be stronger so that I can help protect Orso and Red..." Lyrik said shyly but he then grew confidence in his voice knowing his determination to help his friends.

"And when I get stronger, I want to get back at that mean green-haired muscle guy. Gosh he was a freak..."
"Then I can grant you that desire." The man touched Lyrik's nose, and an sudden burst of energy radiated throughout his body.
"W-Wha?!" Lyrik started to glow and he felt the power surge through his body. He stared at his hands and touched his body, trying to see if everything was okay. He stared at the man and took a step back.

"W-What happened?"
"I have temporarily provided an power boost that surge within your body. Your abilities will sky-rocket beyond levels unimaginable." The man said. "However, if you are able to succeed this mission, I will allow you to keep the power, permanently." The man smirked. "Surely, this would be music to your ears, I presume?"
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