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  • Yo Meta! Just to clarify, the death sequence is actually an illusion that Lucifer put on Vegetto. None of that actually happened 😂 (rest assured, any deaths I’ll do, Ill let you guys know ahead of time)
    Since we're nearing the end of this arc, I think this is a good opportunity to discuss your character, Cross, and slowly bring him back into the next arc. You've made vast improvements in your posting, and I think we have enough content to explore whatever possibilities you wish with Cross.

    Let me know if you're interested in bringing Cross back and ideas you made have!
    meta knight
    At this point I 50/50 on bring Cross back. If I, do it will be more as an avatar of Cross.
    Yo, Meta Knight!

    Hope you like the new forum software, lol. Time for bigger and better upgrades ;)
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