The Reality Vortex: Shadow Games

Tournament Arena

“At least you’re aware of my status,” Malugia responded to Victor. “But your judgement will be your undoing. Rest assures though, once I become victor of this little tournament, I’ll obtain a body worthy of assessing my abilities to a higher potential.” A big smile appeared on his face. “Perhaps I should take yours, old man?”

“Uh, if both fighters are ready—” The announcer interrupted Malugia, but he was suddenly blow away by a powerful gust of winds.

“Pipe down, mortal. A god is speaking.” Malugia swiftly moved his hands around as magical orbs appeared around him. Filled with evil energy, the “evil god” turned towards the audience. “Previous fights were on the soft side. I’ve set to change that. There’s no rule against killing. Bare witness of how a Creator God truly fights, and perhaps maybe that all of you will quiver in fear.”

Facing Victor again, Malugia flicks his fingers at Victor. “I am Malugia, an Ancient God of Evil. I represent evil in all capacity. You’ll be the first stepping down to my ascension, and once I reach my full potential—none will stop me. Not the Breakers. Not that damn Dark Saiyan, and not even other Creator Gods. Evil Outbursts!” A horde of black orbs flung towards Victor, bombarding everything in sight.
Victor says as he summons a seraph "I just an old summon so all you get would be a decrepit old man. I guess the old do have a duty to the younger generations."

The seraphim conters Malugia aura completely wend it came in the arena. The Serap blocks the blasts with a shield made out of strong light.
Victor says "I guess it's our turn." A group of sealing chains that are conquered by the Serap are heading torts Malugia real body. Victor seems ready for the next move and is preparing a new summon.
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Bernkastel's expression was blank and unreadable. She was rendered speechless by the picture, and all the things Asher had told them. Even if she had an inkling he had a connection to Zenta, this was never something she could have fathomed. There wasn't any doubt with the picture, yet even then it felt like Bernkastel was looking at a completely different person. Of course, they never did inquire with Zenta about his past life, much less the one he shared with Cuki. Nevertheless this was a shock to her and Spina.

"That's right... even if he wasn't paying attention, he had to have sensed you here." Her brows furrowed, seemingly quite bothered by all this. "Why hadn't he said anything?"

There's no way she'll recognize her own kid if she doesn't remember a thing about her old life. The way she is now? Forget about the whole idea of meeting. What do I do... this is the worst time for such a chance occurrence to happen. Bern's thinking was soon interrupted by the next match going way off script by one of the challengers. She didn't feel all that threatened however, instead seeing it as a case of a blowhard looking to use smallfry fighters as a false advantage. "Saying all that while facing an old man... that's almost laughable. We'll see how the old guy fares. If he dies, we might have to do something so we don't deal with another Xypher crisis." The Witch didn't seem to be in much off a hurry despite this suggestion, however.

"Well, I couldn't just time-travel willy-nilly! I had special permission that only a select few get to have! It's strictly forbidden for anyone else because of how careful you have to be. Step on a butterfly during a mission to fix a bad timeline, and poof-- you created a new future twenty times as bad and have to fix that one!" Mooli explained rather diligently. "I doubt they'll miss us for a good ten minutes while we go take a look. Could be nothing, but if it's something I would hate to walk away... keep close to me." Deciding to sneak closer to the noise, Mooli began hovering slightly so her feet wouldn't touch the ground when going around corners. She used the edges of the stands' tents as cover.
Tournament Arena

“Aiming for my hat…?”

With a flick of his finger, the evil god created a wall of darkness before him and stopped the sealing chains. “Is that so? Perhaps you’re not worthy for me to take over your body.” Malugia pointed at the Seraph. Using bits of his magical powers, the summon beast exploded into particles with ease. “But your death will be a worthy spectacle for the audience.”


Gambling Room

“Whoa, did he take over that girl?!” One of them gasped.

“What did he mean by Creator God? I’ve never heard that term before.”

Chance slammed his fists against the table with glee. “Brilliant! This old coot won’t stand a chance in hell against a Creator God!” He turns to Coella with smugness coming in full force. “You best withdraw now… we’re talking about a Creator God. Not just your over-the-mill deity… but the fathers of Gods. The one above all!”

Seeing the confusion among few regarding Creator Gods, Chance took the opportunity to give explanation about the subject. “Before we’re dragged to this world, every single one of our worlds had someone in a higher status. Some kind of deity or higher power if you say. Gods, divine beings, however you want to call them. They usually governed the world, or even the universe.” Chance smirks. “But there’s one being that’s the step above all of them: Creator God. A being with immeasurable power. Immeasurable intellect. The one and only. Omnipotence if you will. They created their worlds in their images and everything with it. And all beings in that world, including gods, bowed to this singular entity. None can surpass them.”

Chance turns to the battle between Victor and Malugia. “You should be honored seeing one in person! They’re usually only in Omnipotent City. They rarely, if ever, leave because they don’t want to be associated with mortals—from their worlds or others. For one to appear and participate in this battle,” Chance turns to Coella once more, practically snickering from excitement, “any bets on the old man, you are guaranteed to lose. There is NO CHANCE you’re going to secure this victory.”


Tournament Arena

The announcer slowly rose from the ground. “Tch…” He cringed in pain after taking the blow from Malugia. “Hey! What’s the big idea?!”

Malugia simply looked at the announcer with contempt. “Silent!” The evil god shouted, causing the announcer’s lips to be forcibly sealed shut. “Only sounds I want to hear is despair from the audience.” He turns slightly towards the audience, notably the Breakers. “There is someone in the audience who heart is filled with toxic evil… but he’s not here. I’ll fish him out.” Malugia turns to Victor. “But I’ll have to establish the greatness of my power.” The tiles around him suddenly flung out towards Victor. “I hope you have more summons!”

As tiles slammed onto the old man, Malugia formed a ball in between his hands. “Evil Spherical Claws.” The evil god dashed forward and launched a series of slashes.

Tournament Souvenir Stands

Following Mooli, Daiman was still impressed with the fact that she could time-travel. Sure, she couldn’t do as she pleases, but it was still cool. “A real-life time-traveler…” Upon reaching the source of the noise, both would see Kaiba standing with a card in his hand. “Whoa… isn’t that the president of the tournament?! What’s he doing there?”


Kaiba was reviewing the Avalon card. “Seems decent. Got a lot of special abilities on this one.” He pocketed the card. “What’s the status of the tournament? Is Coella still winning?”

“Tournament is going fine, sir. Though it did seem to go off script. Coella is still winning quite easily.” A blank humanoid responded to Kaiba’s question.

“That damn Witch…” Kaiba raised a brow. “Off-script? What are you talking about?”

“One contestant bailed after his battle, and another one is threatening to kill the entire audience. Claims to be a Creator God.”

“Always one…” Kaiba sighed. “But a creator god, huh? What about the rest of the Breakers?”

“Still watching, sir.”

“Excellent. Let’s head there. I’ll capture them, that creator god and everyone in the audience too. Can you imagine? A creator god and the Breakers as my cards? I’ll be practically unstoppable. Oh! Any whereabouts on Gogeta? I captured Vegetto, but I can’t find that other one.”

“None. We don’t see him anywhere.”

“Damn, my collection is going to be a mess without him.”


“Did he say he’s gonna turn people into cards?!” Daiman thought he might’ve misheard him.
Brachi watched the battle unfold in the arena. She already felt bad vibes coming from this 'creator God' as he referred to himself as, but she remained silent, unless the audience was in direct danger, ready to deploy a defensive barrier whenever it was needed.

On her turn, Bara understood what Brachi was thinking, as did Dielec whom was watching this from the waiting room, both ready to do their part.

"I have a feeling that this isn't your usual tournament," Brachi muttered, "under normal circumstances, such beings whom have killing intent would be disqualified... ugh... this brings back memories of both the Cell Games as well as that one tournament where Videl was brutalized against Spopovich... wish the people would have either disqualified that brute, or let Gohan kick his ass to high heaven and beyond..."
Victor summons an earth elemental to block the tiles and it absorbs them. The elemental blocks the claws using the tiles. The earth elmental forces Malugia torts the sealing chains that are heading torts Malugia.

Victor says in a tone of an old person teaching a child as he changes positions "Sadly for you Malugia even if you were in your prime, I would not fear you let alone now." Victor simple did not care he may be facing a sealed god.

Victor seems ready for his next move and summon.
Asher’s attention quickly shifted over to the chaotic nature of the fight. He lifted his arms to shield himself from the strong gusts of wind caused by Malugia. He did not seem to be a fan of Malugia and his evil ways, frowning as he mocked Victor and threatened to take his body. Asher crossed his arms over his chest, narrowing his rainbow eyes at Malugia.

“That one seems like a jerk. My bet is for the old man…”

Asher’s ears twitched as he overheard Spina and Bernkastel mention that they knew Zenta and Cuki.

“Oh, so you know my mom!” Asher smiled proudly. “And grandpa is here too?! Awesome! Now I just gotta find dad…”

Asher listened intently to Bernkastel and Spina as they spoke about his grandfather, Zenta. Zenta was not able to sense his presence? Asher knew his grandfather was blind, but he would never fail to single him out from a crowd.

“Grandpa couldn’t sense me? That’s weird. He’s always able to sense me no matter where I am. That’s not like him at all…” Asher turned to Bernkastel, tilting his head. “Maybe he was distracted? Where did he go?”

Zenta’s attention shifted towards Berserk, hearing her shallow and rugged breaths. He remained silent for a few seconds before his face shifted to a neutral expression. He did not know what he could do for the girl other than bring her back to the Breakers. Even then, he was unsure of what they could do for her. The beast could sense a similar energy in Berserk that he felt within Demi-Fiend, and it made him curious.

She’s alive, but barely… Did Lucifer really try to kill her? No, that would go against what he wants. Berserk is undergoing a change, as he said, but why? Did she truly ask for this…? Zenta pondered to himself. Or did he seek out Berserk as another student?

Zenta then turned to Lucifer, a smirk growing on his face as he grew excited at the thought of what Lucifer said.

“A person among the Breakers who can satisfy my needs? Do you mean Spina?” Zenta knew something odd was happening to Spina. His behavior, his actions, and especially his words. “He has been acting odd as of late. I assume you see something I cannot… Indulge me, then! What will Spina grow into, Lucifer Morningstar…? Will it be something spectacular?
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Coella looked on in awe as the next couple of contestants came out. As Victor and Malugia were introduced she allowed Oliver to pull a random name out of her hat once more.

"Ahhh this one should be interesting." She giggled to herself before being met with Chance's outburst. She remained silent through the bit, listening as the gambler praised the God. She rose a hand to Oliver, stopping him before he could leave to take the paper back to submit it. The room fell silent as Coella stopped her random bet from being placed.

"We should be honored, you say? None can surpass them? My, my, I must I commend your confidence even after such a loss. But to challenge my luck is not something I take so lightly." Coella's smile now seemed dangerously calm as her eyes looked up to meet Chance's.

"Whatever world they reign from makes no difference. Lady Luck is always present. None can escape her. Not even me, if you can believe. So let's put Malugia's omnipotence to the test."

Coella turned to Oliver, finally.

"Forget whatever name is on that paper, please, dear Oliver. My bet is going to Victor. And I'll wager everything I've got."

After the declaration, the room suddenly burst to life as many of the gamblers frantically ran to change their bets. Coella never revealed who she would root for so this was a chance they didn't want to pass up. As the room around the turned into chaos the lucky witch sat back in her chair, turning her cold eyes back to Chance.

"I wonder... whose power will overcome the other?"
Tournament Arena

“I don’t know her at all, but I’ve met your mother.” Spina was brutally honest with that answer. While he was paying close attention to the battle unfolding in the arena, the old Saiyan continued. “Your energy… is all over the place. You’re inconsistent.” He recalled the conversation regarding Alter beings. “No wonder the damn dog couldn’t sniff you out. You don’t have any recognizable energy for him to pick up on.”

He shifted his focus to the battle below. “I don’t know where the dog ran off too. He’s probably busy sulking about your mother for leaving again. If you want to find him, how about you go fetch him?”


The collision between Victor’s earth elemental attacks and Malugia’s claws resulted in a sporadic explosive. “Fear…?” Malugia tumbled back. He sensed the sealing chains heading towards him from behind.

“Do not mock me, old fool.” Malugia stood up and grabbed the upcoming chains. With a powerful grip, he smashed them into nothingness. “I was the pinnacle of evil. I harbor the very foundation of such concept. Evil at its purest, rawest form is liberation, free of everything. If I was in my prime, Omnipotent City and the entire world would fall to its knees. Let me demonstrate of what a fraction of my power this body can do.”

Green flames burst on his right hand; Malugia’s eyes changed colors. “Submit.” With a single word, Victor’s body would become heavy and force him to the ground. The evil god started to sweat due to using excessive amount of power, Malugia continued. “A fragile body like yours cannot handle the pressure of my magic. That’s the downside of a mortal body. But if one was exposed to the influx of evil, it’ll resist and become strong. That’s why I seek the toxic Saiyan’s body.” Malugia stood in front of Victor with anger in his eyes.

“Play your next trick, Summoner.” He raised his hand in preparation for Victor’s next attack.

Gambling Room

“Y-you!” Chance felt embarrassed that Coella is going to bet everything on this battle. “Are you an idiot!? This is a living, breathing, Creator God! Victor is going to get crushed! Don’t tell me your arrogance holds no bounds?!” He turns around, seeing the battle unfold. “Malugia! Win this!!”

Tournament Souvenir Stands – Clothes Shopping

Lucifer was silent upon Zenta asking what he knows about the old Saiyan. “I cannot answer that. While I pride myself to obtain knowledge, the situation with Spina is beyond my scope.” The angel admitted as such. “Even when I confronted him in Rogue City about the paths he’ll choose, leaves little information I can convey from.”

The angel pauses for a moment upon seeing Berserk’s situation. “But his power grows at such an exponential rate. I’m sure you noticed this as well, Zenta. His battle with that gravity fighter was just an appetizer of what he’s capable of. Give him time, and he’ll become the fighter that you seek.”
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Victor more stumbled to the ground and then casts a swap spell. Victor switches places with the Searif. It relaunches the chains once more. Somehow those chains seem far stronger than the ones that the Searif first conquered. They start to rush to capture Malugia once more.

The earth elemental to make shore Malugia can't get away or to get near victor once more.

Victor says as he starts to release a magical presser on par of Malugia as he stands once more and oddly it seems like he not even trying to that hard "I gest I can play your game. " Victor's magical presser seems like it's made out of other magical pressers but despite that they seem unfired. What Malugia finds tearing is that a number of the other pressers seems to be of gods on par with him at his prime or greater.

Victor says "To your statement about not able to handle your magical presser way would I need to. I may be old but I not that frail not to be able to handle something on part of some my summons." Victor thinks "I must be getting soft if I let that cheap trick make me actually stumble."
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