The Reality Vortex: Shadow Games

Berserk's Team

Vegetto narrowed his eyes into a glare, having finally been distracted from the objective with Malugia's boasting.

"Then go clear out that team by yourself and win, Mr. Creator God. Just don't come crying for help while we take on Clark and you end up a card in her deck."

The Potara fusion glanced up, having not wait for a reply from Avalon and practically ignoring Daiman's meager introduction, to see Berserk starting to activate her stun on Superman. His smirk rose a little bit, his silver eyes turning towards Clark while he was attacked by Spider Chaos.

It's a shame we have to resort to such tricks...but we can battle another time. Hold on Clark, we'll fight off everyone tog-

The sudden flourish of intense heat and wind across the battlefield caught Vegetto's eye immediately, his eyebrows raising at the sight of Mooli's transformation. Vegetto blinked hard, staring over the strange woman across the way with silent shock while the red and golden glow resonated brilliantly off his own silver hair and eyes.

"It can't be..."

Vegetto stood silent for a moment once again, clearly stunned and caught off guard at the recent development, and soon spoke out to no one in particular in his stupor.

"When six...full blooded Super their power into one...the true Saiyan God is born. The real Super Saiyan God...the prophesied rival to Lord Beerus...and the one above all Saiyans..."

Mooli's absurd and strange poses instantly flashed in Vegetto's mind as his right eyebrow started twitching, the growing annoyance clear in his dual voice and his facial expression that slowly contorted into sheer frustration.

"Only one held that power...that all universes. And she wields it like a joke?!"

Instantly abandoning the plan to turn Superman into a card and acquire him for Berserk's team, Vegetto bolted forward in a bright silver gleam of fire; rushing towards Kaiba's team. The silver fire flourished in a dramatic and ominous expulsion as Vegetto landed on the ground; promptly rising to his feet directly in front of Mooli after she finished firing off her small blasts towards Kirito.

The immense heat and fire of Vegetto's aura swirled and melted the ice away as he stared down with an intense glare towards Mooli. The red and golden fire that swirled around Mooli along with the particles of gold lifting into the air around her matched Vegetto's Ultra Instinct in flow, yet radiated very differently in terms of raw power. And even as Vegetto stood towering over the smaller Mooli with a glare to pierce stone, it was very clear that one power was far greater than the other's from whoever watched on in their face off.

A single bead of sweat rolled down Vegetto's right temple, the Potara fusion swallowing hard. But as quickly as the moment of fear had appeared on his expression, Vegetto's face contorted back into one of pure annoyance and frustration at perceived disrespect, glaring down at Mooli once more.

"Who are you?! How did you get that form?"


Cayde nodded at Mooli's point, using the time Victor bought the team with his magic spell to counter the ice and Vortex Man blasting Kirito back, to recuperate and catch his breath. He glanced around, readying his guns as he walked forward while watching Mooli with a confused expression at her near dance of a powerup.

"Oh don't worry, I have a plan for him if he gets summoned. You see...the trick is, he hates low quality food. So all we need to do is throw a bit of soup on his suit and we'll-"

Cayde yelped, the proximity he was in to Mooli as she powered up promptly knocking him on his ass on the ground. He blinked wide eyed, staring up at the newly transformed Saiyan in awe. The immense power drew his attention immediately, the android looking on in disbelief in knowing that at least, one of his teammates was far beyond what he initally thought them capable of.

And as soon as Vegetto landed in front of the two, Cayde instinctively backed up a step. Even with his limited ability to sense energy, Cayde looked on in shock in seeing how massively Mooli dwarfed Vegetto's max power in their current face off. He briefly glanced towards Victor, Omegamon and Vortex Man to see if they saw what he did, but eagerly watched on to see how Mooli would respond to Vegetto's demands.
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Brachi on her turn was observing the initial fights going on, calculating her moves and getting ready to defend herself at a moment's notice, noting Bara was doing the same thing, before the two then charged at each other, with Bara engaging the new form she had obtained earlier, proving to be on equal footing with Brachi for the time being, which surprised the multi-fusion hybrid during their first bout.

Dielec on her turn was observing the fights going on as well, but decided to play itself and releasing several yellow-colored energy spheres that began to bounce around the arena like bouncing balls. While for herself and her current allies on her team, these spheres were harmless and if left unchecked or unattended to, could fizzle out of existence over time. But when it landed on spots where her opponents were currently standing, each sphere in question would suddenly explode in a sudden bolt of lighting as if something struck the target from above, effectively stunning the victim momentarily while also inflicting damage as if it were a strong enough ki-blast.
“Hey, I’m not that young! I’m 21!”

Asher pouted as Clark commented on his age. However, before he had a chance to explain himself, he gasped as Clark grabbed on to him and yanked him out of the way from Omegamon’s Garuru Cannon. His rainbow eyes flashed upon seeing Spider-Chaos get close and unleash a flurry of punches.

“Ruyi Bang!”

Asher called out and held out his hand as the magical staff rushed to his aid. Spinning his staff around expertly, he managed to deflect some of Spider-Chaos’s punches. He needed to get himself and Clark away from Spider-Chaos, or at least give Clark an opening.


On Asher’s command, Ruyi Bang grew longer and longer, slamming right onto Spider-Chaos’s abdomen and into the ground, next to Vortex Man.

“Alright! Take that, jerk! No way you’re sneakin’ up on us!”

As Avalon observed the situation, he looked up to see Berserk. For a moment, he seemed to agree with Vegetto’s plan in getting the Breakers all in Berserk’s hand, but his mind instantly thought about the strong opponents. His eyes then darted to Kaiba, knowing he was a common enemy, then to Coella, having no idea where she stood in this mess.

Vegetto’s plan sounds good on paper… but there’s a problem… All it takes is one strong card to wipe us all out. I don’t see Zenta or Lucifer yet, and who knows what else Kaiba has captured that we don’t know yet…

Avalon bit his lip, carefully thinking about each and every step as well as the rules they were forced to follow.

Kaiba is the main problem, so we need to find a way to get him out of the match as quick as possible… But lumpin’ all the Breakers together under one roof isn’t a good idea. It just makes Berserk a huge target…

He noticed Lilith was one of the players, and suddenly, something clicked.

Lilith…? Why would Lilith play this game and not Lucifer? Hm… Wait a second. Lucifer certainly has the magic to change things around. He’s done it before. He mentioned something about watching the progress of the Breakers. He’s also saved us every time we are in a pinch… Does this mean Lucifer needs us…alive? Avalon’s eyes widen at a sudden realization before staring right at Lilith. That’s it! If the Breakers were in Lilith’s hands, then they would still be okay. If Lucifer needs us to stay alive, then Lilith wouldn’t endanger the Breakers either!

He quickly turned to Berserk and shouted.

“Berserk! We need to focus on stoppin’ Kaiba first! The Breakers need to be split between you and Lilith! That way, it doesn’t matter who wins, we’ll be safe either way! Having all the Breakers on your team will make you a huge target!”

Avalon began to perform hand signs and summon his trusty paper falcon and hopped on its back before flying into the sky.

“If the Breakers are split between you and Lilith, then both of you can gang up on that bunny girl! We just can’t let Kaiba win or else we’re all in trouble!” Avalon gave Berserk a confident smile, almost as if he was thinking twenty steps ahead. It was rare to see Avalon this confident. “Trust me on this!”
Lilith’s Team

“My apologies!” Clark felt embarrassed for calling Asher a child. “That was a good clean hit, young man!” He was mystified by his rainbow pattern eyes; seeing such gives an oddly familiarity. “Right, so we should focus on defenses until we get a good feel on the other opponents—”

The Kryptonian felt a sudden surge across his body. It was a slow chill followed by an electrifying pulse that rendered his entire body paralyzed. “Argh…!” Clark felt the immediate effects and fell to the ground next to Victor. It was fortunate that he fell on his back, leaving Asher to not suffer too much damage from the crash.


Berserk’s Team

“I, uh, I can, uh…” Daiman was struggling to explain himself when Berserk demanded an answer about his abilities. “You see, I c-c-c-c-c-c-c-can im—”

“Enough of this!” Malugia shouted over Daiman once again. He was irritated that Vegetto disrespected him, Avalon flying off and flat out ignored him, and Berserk outright telling him to be a mere distraction. A Creator God, somehow reduced to a mere plaything by a human. To add insult to injury, someone he despises had appeared and changed the nature of the game that he’s forced to play. His annoyance hitting a breaking point, Malugia quietly said: “Impudent mortals. Let me show you just the sheer difference between a mere mortal and a being that shapes worlds.”

The evil god twirls his fingers slowly before a burst of intense evil energy exploded around his floating hand. “Evil Annihilation Technique: Infinite Daggers,” Malugia smiles as he fired the energy towards the ground. Upon impact, it changed into numerous dagger-like energy blades as it burrowed across the arena. It was heading towards Clark and Asher, but it also split into four ways, so it targets other participants. The evil god was clear in his intent to annihilated everyone at once.

The basis behind the attack was simple, but dangerously effective. Because it was imbued with evil arts, it can cut through anything, no matter how matter the durability—or so he claims. The arena, not surprisingly, was started to split the moment it splits into four ways—both Coella and Lilith’s side of the arena was sliding down from the aftereffects.

As it was closing in on their respective targets, starting with Clark, Asher and Victor, Malugia turned his attention to Vegetto. Victory, to him, was completely secured at that point. “Now for my prize—” The evil god felt a sudden rush of wind. He turned to the direction where Clark, Asher and Victor should’ve been destroyed, only to see Vortex Man standing before them. His magical attack was being completely absorbed into Vortex Man’s left eye. Within seconds, the attack had vanished without a trace, although the arena was still partially split.

“What?” Malugia couldn’t comprehend what had just happened.

Vortex Man closes his left eye and turns to Clark. “I won’t let you get taken out that fast, Clark. I still want to see if my skills are up to par with yours.” He turns to Malugia. “As long as attacks are magic-based, I can absorb it.” He pointed to his scarred left eye. “I had doubts it would’ve work since you kept going on and on about Creator God… guess you aren’t really one if I can still absorb your attack. Kind of embarrassing, right?”

“Tch… that’s…” Malugia couldn’t find the words to counter.

The effect of paralysis has a time-limit—lasting about 45 seconds. Clark struggled to stand since his body is returning to normal. “Th-thanks.” He turns to Asher. “You okay, young man?”


Kaiba’s Team

“That damn purple freak…” Kaiba overheard Avalon shouting to Berserk about focusing all their efforts to get rid of his team. “I can affiliate some status on any opponent… and it seems that they last 45-seconds at any given time.” He pondered on how he should use it effectively.

Omegamon dashed right after Mooli fired her energy attacks. He swung his Grey Sword, releasing barrages of flames-like slashes that combined with Mooli’s stray attacks towards Kirito. Before he could pursue further, he was nearly knocked to his ass by the sudden appearance of Vegetto confronting Mooli.

He couldn’t understand what he was talking about, but the Potara fusion’s guard was down. “Should I take a chance?” The Digimon thought to himself. “That could prove to be a fatal mistake.”

The Digimon turned away and used his sword defensively to block Dielec’s bouncing balls. Of course, it immediately exploded upon impact, and released a high voltage of electricity. He fell on his knees as it stunned him momentarily and leaving him open to an attack. “That electric attack…”

“Hey! Scrap metal.” Kaiba shouted at Cayde and pointed at Avalon. “Look at the sky, that purple ninja is heading at our way. Don’t get distracted and take him out!”

“Nu huh!” Spider-Chaos shouted over Kaiba, indicating that he was able to quickly recover after Asher gave him a good clean hit. “He’s gotta worry about me!” The Spider-Man extended his arm forward and released a lilac web that latched onto Cayde’s back. “Time to go bird hunting!” Using his muscles and good form, he swung Cayde around fast and launched him directly at Avalon. “FORE!”

Coella’s Team

“It’s obvious we should go after the Saiyans.” Turles jumped in Bernkastel and Spina’s conversation. “Let’s eliminate them first, then work our way through like dealing with that big mouth “Creator God”. I say we start with Mooli and Vegetto—”

“No.” Spina rejected Turles’ plan straight away.

“No? The hell are you talking about? Can’t you feel that amazing power right now from that girl? Even that Vegetto person is using that silver form I heard so much about back in my world.” Turles was confused about Spina’s rejection since it made logical sense. “You and I both know that if we Saiyans battle for a prolong period, it’s going to end end well.” The Saiyan looked at Spina closely. “You’re a low class Saiyan, right? You ought to listen to someone who knows a thing or two about this kind of stuff. Experience and all.” Turles explained, but he suddenly paused when Spina’s expression changed dramatically. His eyes narrowed when the old Saiyan responded to him:

Spina Rage.png

Turles took a step back. “Uh…” He backed down from talking about the matter. He felt nothing but dread and anger. Rage that could not be described accurately--it was almost nauseating. “Never mind…” He noticed stray bouncing electric balls around and detected that it came from Dielec. “I’ll handle the android.” He didn’t want to take a change to fight Vegetto and Mooli alone—he needed to see what they’re capable of before engaging. He blasted off towards Dielec’s direction. “You’re that android that defeated Omegamon. Alright, I’ll play with you.” Turles fired off multiple energy attacks.

As Turles left, Spina turns to Bernkastel. After his anger towards Turles wore off, he was back to being silent. His face, however, tells a different story. Despite the initial anger, his face is both a combination of panic and rage. As if something about Vegetto bothered him to his core. “Let’s…” He tried to catch his breath. “Let’s fight off Vortex Man and the one called Clark. If that… black ball tries to interfere… we’ll take him out too.”
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Seeing the evil Saiyan approach, Dielec first used an electric barrier around herself to repel the incoming energy attacks.

"Okay then, you'll be in for a shock if you're that confident." She said as a warning rather than a boast, before she condensed the barrier around her into an energy sphere before launching it at Turles, hopping backwards to get a bit of distance in to gauge his movements, while some of her Leaping Thunder spheres were already fizzling out, and one was bouncing towards Turles from behind.
Victor thinks as he jumps after he summoned a feathered serpent that evades Malugin attract "I gest I will just spam summons?" Victor says
"This little one can handle us all if you need a lift.

The ice elementals as they are eating the ice energy seem to be lunching ice shards torts victor's foes with a most of the shards heading torts Malugia.

The Serpent lunches a glob of poison at Malugin as well.

Victor prepares to summon once more.
"Wha?! Wuh-- what are you doing?! Get back here you lummox!" Berserk shouted when Vegetto dashed off in the direction of Kaiba's team. "Aargh, I missed our chance thanks to him! Dammit what do I do..." Berserk chewed on her thumb nail with enragement, looking down in aggravation when Avalon called out to her. She glanced around the field hesitantly, noticing all but him and Daiman are more or less scattered across the playing field.

"Well... alright, I guess that makes sense. If I get focused by everyone at once I'll definitely be out of the game and then it's left up to Lilith if we want a guaranteed fix of this mess. Okay... but you don't have any cover left! There's like a million things going on at once, you could end up pushed out of bounds if you aren't looking everywhere! Aah... your name's Daiman, huh?" Berserk pointed at him with a strict stare. "Do somethin' useful and help Avalon win! I don't care how you do it, but you do what he says and I won't completely thrash you after this is over."
Bernkastel's eyes flicked between Turles and Spina during the exchange, noting Spina's change in body language in being addressed as more inferior. She remained silent and allowed Spina to retaliate against the man verbally; she had no intention to intervene on Turtles's misstep. It did give her slight pause since she never took much stock in the Saiyan hierarchy when the topic came up. Even without that in mind, what she did see from the match earlier didn't put Turles in a higher position than Spina in her mind. Her bored expression said it all. "Good idea. You won't last two seconds in that crossfire even with your biology anyway. Bye-bye."

Her face brightened up considerably turning back to Spina. "I'm afraid I haven't built up the physical strength required to keep up with Vortex Man but I can certainly expose his weak points and give you openings to hit him directly. If we take him down first, Clark is left without an anti-magic shield. Just remember that we might get an effect put on us any moment. It's better to take turns being up-close and far away with one target. If we get separated we'll just divert their path and get back in each other's range. Sound like a plan?"
Vegetto's sudden appearance in front of Mooli caused an updraft of wind to gust around them, although she didn't budge from her spot. For a moment, Mooli stared up at the fusion with a blank look of mild surprise-- but just as quickly her expression became tense, scowling in annoyance while he demanded an answer from her. She let out an amused scoff, placing a hand on her hip and tilting her head to meet his gaze even more directly.

"Figures that Mister Legendary Time Patroller wouldn't remember any of the 'little people,'" Mooli replied, referring to Vegetto with a sarcastic tone. "Never did spare us much of a passing glance. You're still just as comfortable barking out orders when it suits you, though-- I see that hasn't changed." As she spoke, she leisurely took two locks of hair and twirled them between her fingers, a clear taunting mirror of Vegetto's fringe. Even with the disdain undercutting her sarcasm, Mooli smirked in the ensuing pause. "Tell you what, boss. You wanna know so bad? Why don't you find out."

Without giving Vegetto time to react, Mooli swung her right fist toward his face and stopped only inches away, using it as a feint for her left hook-- which she used to strike the fusion dead-center in the chest.
"Oh my it looks like I've gotten a more lively bunch!" Coella laughed seeing Spider Chaos and Turles' interaction with one another. "now now, let's save our strength for the real battle, boys!"

Once the battle began she watched everyone scramble, formulating their plans to win the battle. The witch however was silent, letting her team feel each other out. As she observed Spina's complete display of dominance against Turles, she tilted her head in curiosity. This new fighter seemed to pique Coella's interest. She was eager to see how he would fair in this battle. For now, though, she switched her attention to the other players openly plotting her downfall.

"While being a target doesn't sound too fun, I'm all for knocking out Kaiba kid first." The witch giggled as she scanned the field. Her eyes fell on Mooli and Vegetto. "And I'll start with his strongest. I'll use my status turn to poison Mooloo!"
Kaiba's Team

Cayde blinked, staring up at Kaiba at the sudden urging from the player leading the team. He instantly scowled, throwing up his right hand with only the middle finger raised.

"Piss off bowlcut! Something big is about to happen here and I-"

Cayde yelped, the sticky spiderweb yanking him into the air before he could finish. The android cried out, his arms and legs flailing a bit while Spider Chaos swung him around. He soared through the air shortly after still in shock of what was happening, but managed to regain his focus just in time as he slammed directly into Avalon in the air. The two went flying through the air, leaving the paper falcon behind as they spun round and round from the intense momentum of the impact.

In the midst of their tumbling through the air, Cayde latched his hands on Avalon by the shoulder, and with an empowered surge of unfamiliar paracausal strength, the android rapidly hurled Avalon down towards Coella's team; specifically aiming at Spina and Bernkastel despite having initially been flung forward by Spider Chaos. Cayde still soared through the air, but threw out his left arm. Once more, strange paracausal power erupted from within the android; a green silky energy rope shooting up into the air. Like a grapple, the green energy formed a large orb of energy high into the air; the long energy rope hooking onto it instantly and letting Cayde swing back towards where he threw Avalon. The android spun in the air like a helicopter blade, building up momentum once more and suddenly slinging himself through air above Coella's entire team.

"Sorry kiddos, but I got a date with that free wish! Top fragging damage, coming right up!"

As he spun in the air, the ominous paracasual power whirred like an overcharged engine revving, the threatening power surging around Cayde like a tornado of fire engulfing his body. He spun from left to right, each arm fanning out and hurling down hundreds of golden, fire laced explosive energy knives towards Coella's team; each one with enough power to be deadly all on its own with the android's intention to nuke the entire battleground the team was standing at. Unlike ki or godly ki, however, the knives themselves surged with another strange paracausal power that differed greatly from Cayde's green energy rope; as if two halves of a greater whole yet to be revealed.

"Blade Barrage!!"


Berserk's Team

Vegetto's silver eyes widened slightly, the mention of the Time Patrol alone prompting his curiosity and his confusion all at once. He barely flinched, gasping lightly at the feint of a blow being hurled at his face. He barely even managed to react to the fake strike, let alone the intense and painful punch that slammed dead center into his chest. Vegetto's silver eyes widened to the brim; the red veins throbbing along the outside of the whites of his eyes, and soon the Potara fusion shot backwards from the incredible momentum of the blow.

He yelped and cried out in pain as he tumbled along through the floor, blasting through the various teams and sliding to a halt near the edge of the arena itself. Vegetto panted heavily, his entire body shaking heavily while he struggled to recover from just one single strike.


Vegetto let his jaw hang low, his heavy breathing only intensifying while blood dripped from the corner's of his mouth as he gasped for air. The silver fire of his aura retreated slowly during his struggle to regain control, but as he managed to slow down his breathing and recuperate a little bit from the powerful punch, Vegetto rose to his feet. He shook his head promptly, already significantly shaken and battered, but the silver fire flourished once more in the Potara fusion's determined focus to resume the battle.

He shot forward through the air, closing the gap to Mooli once more. Vegetto roared as he swung at the smaller Saiyan woman repeatedly, his fists flying in multiple directions to try and circumvent her defense while he swung his legs around in graceful, powerful kicks towards his opponent.
“Whoa!” Asher said as he and Clark crashed onto the floor.

While Clark was paralyzed, the youngster grunted and pushed himself up to his feet. His attention quickly shot up to the incoming magical daggers flying towards him and Clark. Asher immediately stood in front of Clark, ready to defend the Kyptonian with all his might. Holding his Ruyi Bang in a fighting stance, he showed nothing but determination in those rainbow eyes of his.

However, his determined eyes turned to astonishment as Malugia’s attack was absorbed right into Vortex Man’s eye. Not only did he end up saving Asher, Clark, and Victor, but Asher thought it was the coolest thing in the world. He quickly turned to Clark who was regaining his movement.

“Your friend is so cool! He just eats up magic like soup! Wicked!” Asher helped Clark up to his feet and stared at Malugia, his face turning to a scowl. “We need to find a way to kick that evil grape somewhere else…”

Asher’s attention quickly went to Turles on the other team.

“And I think I know how!” Asher called out to Vortex Man. “Hey, do you think you can cover me while I get close to that angry magical grape?” Asher pointed to Malugia.

Before Vortex Man had a chance to answer, the youngster let out a small whistle before making a dash towards Malugia. Asher was quite reckless and bold, but he certainly had spunk. He looked up and screamed into the sky.


From the sky came a little golden cloud with a white, wisp-like tail, spiraling to Asher. Asher hopped onto the cloud and rushed right past Vortex Man, heading straight for Malugia at incredible speed. Asher and his trusty Kinto'un cloud appeared behind Malugia and reeled his Ruyi Bang back. He called out to Turles.

"Hey, Turles! Catch!"

Asher slammed the magical staff against Malugia, swinging it like a bat. As he hit Malugia, he flung the mage towards Turles, hitting the Saiyan in the process. Asher laughed as he got his petty revenge against Turles for beating him.

Avalon grunted in pain as he was handled so roughly by Cayde. Once he landed near Bernkastel and Spina, he realized that both could be helpful in his plan. Although they were in Coella’s team, they could still help gather the Breakers while keeping pressure off Lilith and Berserk.

“Bernkastel, Spina! We need to take out Kaiba as soon as possible! If he’s out of the game, then the Breakers will be in a much better position to--” Avalon shouted before turning to Cayde’s attack. “Crap, crap, crap…!”

Avalon flipped onto his feet, quickly reaching into his leg pouch and flung several shuriken towards the incoming attack. He performed quick hand signs and all the shuriken he managed to throw would explode into several hundreds, trying to match Cayde’s massive attack.

“Water Style! Rain of Shuriken!”

Each shuriken was coated in a blue aura and either exploded or deflected Cayde’s attack. However, it was only until he ran out of shuriken. The effect was enough to create an opening for Bernkastel and Spina as more blades showered around them, narrowly missing them.

“We need to help to get Kaiba out of this game! The faster we get rid of him, the easier it will be to get the Breakers out of this mess! J-Just trust me…!”
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Seeing no opening, Kirito leapt toward Omegamon. While still fending off the blasts with one hand, he managed to cut down the paralyzed Digimon.

"Even if I can't do this on my own, I will still help in your downfall, Kaiba. Now give me back Asuna!!!!"

He goes unto a 64 hit combo in an attempt to break through the defenses of Cayde.

"I will not rest until Asuna is safe with me!"
Berserk’s Team

“This doesn’t make sense…” Malugia was lost in thought. “How did this mere mortal manage to absorb my power?” The evil God was at a crossroad of what just transpired in front of him. The Creator Gods are the pinnacle of all existence, regardless of their world of origin. To point it simply: they are the highest form of power. In other words, omnipotent. Yet such a crossroad that befallen on the evil God. The very concept of omnipotent is called into question. And Malugia is unable to swallow such notation.

Lost in thought, Malugia did not foresee the attacks launched by Victor’s summons. He was struck by the ice attacks, but he managed to narrowly dodge the poisonous one. “I’m at my maximum, but I still feel limited. I feel equal among the mortals here.” Suddenly, Malugia’s face distorted once Asher’s Ruyi Bang made impact. “Argh…!” He cringed in pain as made a hard crash against the ground, before bouncing violently. “It hurts… it hurts!!! Is this pain?!”


In the meanwhile, Michael rushed across the battlefield to find Brachi and Bara. Pulling out his dagger, he launched several times in swift speeds against Bara and Brachi despite their battle. For each time he swung his dagger, it leaves a trail of black lights behind. Such tiny particles of black light touched both Bara and Brachi, creating a sudden rush of slices in attempt to slow down their movements.

“Golpe mortal, corte de luz Negra…”


“Okay… um..” Daiman tried to think. “I got it… I just need to position myself…”


Coella’s Team

“Hmph. I don’t need confidence. I’ve seen your tricks.” Turles pulled out a strange fruit and took a bite. “Your little spark show won’t be as effective anymore.” With a small shout, an explosive aura billowed around the Saiyan, then quickly dispersed. Revealing his “Evil Saiyan” state, Turles smirks and positioned himself for battle.

Turles took one step forward and instantly closed the gap between himself and Dielec—outright avoiding the energy attack. Already launched a powerful punch midway through, he struck the android in the face. Forcing her back, the Saiyan pursued. A series of rapid-fire blows followed, Turles jumped back and pressed both his hands together. “Lightspeed Killer Driver!” A ring of energy formed in between his palms. He held in that position as multiple rings formed around it to add more power into it. “Hah!” He shouted, launching the attack towards Dielec faster than the speed of light. It burrows across the field, easily reaching the android.

“Heh, try dodging that sparky!” Turles’ eyes trailed to his left and suddenly something caught his attention. Malugia was bouncing violently towards his direction. Caught by surprised, the evil god collided with Turles. While Malugia stopped bouncing, Turles was flung in another direction until he reached the edge of the tournament arena. He digs his fingers against the edge to prevent himself from flying out of bounds. “Crap…!”

“Ah…” Malugia was in the state of shock. “This… is pain! That damn old man and that kid.” He held onto his cheeks. “I… I need that body. I need a body! Where’s Vegetto?! With a physical body, I don’t need to rely on my magic if that freak can just absorb it all… and I don’t have time to be testing the limits of that trash.” His eyes turned to Vegetto engaging in battle with Mooli. “Evil technique… Transfer---” The Evil God suddenly became engulfed in pure ice and froze on the spot.


Lilith’s Team

“You’re pretty damn good, Asher!” Clark managed to shake off the paralysis. He did a few stretches to make sure his body was still moving smoothly. “Okay… Asher and Victor. We got to prepare anything that they throw at us… even other players. I was a bit lackadaisy, but I’ll take this seriously.”

Vortex-Man turned to the group with a clenched fist. Now that they aren’t a target from Malugia’s, the Kryptonian returned his interest in fighting Clark. “I’ll be your opponent, Clark. I’ll take you two on as well.” He addressed both Victor and Asher.

A massive explosive erupted near them, causing Clark and Vortex man to turn to the direction where Cayde, Avalon, Spina and Bernkastel were located. Above Bernkastel and Spina, was a shield formed by the latter to take the brute force of the blast that Avalon couldn’t block.

“Fine… Watch my back.” Spina agreed to Bernkastel’s course of action. It was apparent that he ignored Avalon’s plan. He vanished, leaving the shield intact, before reappearing in front of Vortex Man with intent to throw a powerful punch at the Kryptonian.

Vortex Man managed to catch Spina’s punch just mere inches from his face, but the old Saiyan used his body to force him back in blistering speeds, pushing Clark, Asher, and Victor away. “Tch!”

“Vortex Man!” Clark eyes flared up, preparing for a heat vision. “Don’t worry, I got your back!”


Kaiba’s Team

“They’re not listening to me at all…” Kaiba figured that would be the case—still, they seem to be intent on doing that wish. He just needs someone to take on Vegetto. Seeing that Coella had targeted one of his own, it was only suitable for Kaiba to return the favor. “I’ll target that hothead! Burn!” A ring of fire engulfed the Potara fusion like a raging storm to burn, and it had an additional effect: it cuts one’s power completely in half.

Omegamon fell on his knees seeing that Kirito was adamant about this person. “If you want to get whoever you’re looking for, then you need to focus on eliminating everyone.” The Digimon dashed after the swordsman, seeing that the latter was pursuing Cadye. “Omega Blast!” He unleashed a powerful wave of attack to strike Kirito.

Seeing that Spina created a barrier to block Cayde’s blast, Spider-Chaos seized the opportunity to fight not just Cayde and Avalon as well. “A creepy robot and a purple guy! Lots of funny looking dudes! Let’s fight!!!!!!” He extended his arm forward as purple webs shot out to latch onto Avalon. Using the Ninja to propel himself forward, Spider-Chaos dashed through the air and tackle Cayde from behind. Both were heading towards Avalon with the clear intent of driving all three of them out-of-bounds. For some odd reason.
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Victor thinks "Good at least everyone is effected about the same by fate. It sucked that I was restricted by such a weak divinity before." Victor says, "That I can do."

The ice elementals seem to be pestering other fighters and aiming to help slow his team's foes.

The Serpent moved in such a way to effective catch Asher and Victor.

Victor summons a group of scarecrows. (Victor did note what they can do before)
Dielec barely managed to raise at least some barrier which deflected most of the attack, though she didn't come out of the explosion unscathed.
"You think you're the only one capable of playing rough, tough guy?" Dielec asked, before she raised her right arm high in the air, firing electric currents in the air for a brief moment... which in turn caused lightning strikes to crash down on Turles from above, while also generating brief electric arcs on the ground around Turles that would also damage anyone except her own teammates on the ground around him, though this would not affect those high enough off of the ground or in the air. Dielec followed it up by charging quickly at the Evil Saiyan while he was sent flying from the initial attack, before she used the Powered Arc Burst attack, charging her energy and unleashing a powerful, electrically charged sphere at Turles which would leave quite the impact on him as if he was hit by one of Piccolo's stronger attacks, such as the Light Grenade, which would likely knock him off of the ledge.

Dielec also took note of Turles eating that strange fruit earlier before he attacked her, and was now pondering for a way to get her hands on said fruit, getting an idea as she began to unleash a few more of her Leaping Thunder spheres, mainly intending to keep other attackers off of her back while also moving to intercept Turles, even with his Evil Saiyan state.


Brachi and Bara both blinked and grunted at this, before both nodded as they both powered up and charged at Michael, with Bara pointing her headtentacle at him and firing a pinkish-magenta beam, aimed for the dagger to transform it into something less harmful, like a soft winegum version of it.

"Let's see if you can fight as efficiently without relying on your weapon as a crutch." Brachi said, moving to punch Michael in the face.
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Kitito dodges Omegamons attack and refocuses on Kaibas side of the battle. He starts to reflect the blasts coming his way, using the flats of his blades.
Coella’s Team

Hanging off the ledge, Turles pulled himself up to avoid being taken out-of-bounds. “What the hell…?” The arena was riddled with battles from each faction, so focusing on one might not be the best approach for this. While lost in thought, several lightning bolts struck Turles. “Tch… it’ll take more than fancy electricity to take me out.”

The Evil Saiyan positioned himself and crossed his arms in defense to withstand Dielec’s attack. It pushed him back towards the ledge once more. “Damn…! Ha!” Raising his power, Turles swung his left arm to change the trajectory of the blast to another direction, targeting Malugia instead. Dielec’s attack struck the frozen Malugia instead, blasting the creator god flying out of the arena.

[Malugia is eliminated!]

Turles smirks while taking position again. “Nice attack, scrappy. But you’ll have to do better than that.” Clenching his fists until the palms of his hands were full of energy. He dashed forward to close the gap between them and delivered a rapid-fire of blows towards the android. He struck Dielec in the jaw—due to his hands being engulfed in energy, it left a powerful explosion when connected. He followed up with a strike to the stomach, then pushed away with a shoulder tackle towards both the poisoned Mooli and burnt Vegetto.

“Evil Storm!” A massive gulf of evil energy flourished around the Saiyan pirate briefly as he unleashed a barrage of energy attacks towards Dielec and anyone else that was in the way—which included Mooli and Vegetto.


Berserk’s Team

Michael was pushed back before landing on his feet. He turned to his dagger, seemingly transformed. “Mi daga se convirtió en un juguete de niño. Después de ver todo lo que pasó, no me sorprende. Esa gran bola fue eliminada... así que ahora estamos uno menos. Un exaltado, un ninja y un niño que tiene miedo de su propia sombra. Lo que sea... haré lo mejor que pueda para matarlos. Incluso si tengo que usar mis manos.”

The masked man clenched his fists and charged at both. He grabbed Bara fist, gripping his hand tightly around her neck. “¿Esta cosa... está hecha de chicle? ¿Cómo puedo quitarle la vida a un caramelo? Esto es Loco.”


Kaiba’s Team

Numerous shockwaves appeared across the skies, all coming from the collision between Spina and Vortex-Man. Despite the rapid-fire blows from the Old Saiyan, Vortex-Man was able to counter just as fast effortlessly.

“Rising Blast!” Spina forwarded his arm and launched a powerful energy wave; Vortex-Man simply reflect it to another direction.

“Can’t get a good read on him. All I sense is pure rage.” Vortex Man wasn’t necessarily struggling in terms of physical combat. There was quite a gap of distance in terms of power between the two. Yet, he still cannot shake this feeling…the feeling of being overwhelmed. The opportunity presents itself for the Kryptonian to rely on any information from Hart once this whole thing is over. Hey, you don’t have to take this too seriously. Why don’t you listen to your friend [Avalon]? Go and help him. You’ll have a better chance—”

Vortex Man’s head whipped back from a particularly hard punch from Spina. It didn’t damage him, but it surprised him at the sudden spike in power at that moment.

“He’s not my friend.” Spina’s tone was harsh. “I don’t give a shit what he thinks. I’m doing things my way.”

Vortex Man crossed his arms with a confused look. “Listen… I don’t know what you’re going through, but I’ve dealt with Gogeta before. Compared to his punches, you—” His eyes narrowed when Spina’s power spike once more.

“Don’t compared me to that bastard.” Spina warned, his words laced with pure contempt. Elegantly moving his arms around, while letting out a Kiai. His signature style, Flowing Strike, came in full force once more. Vortex-Man didn’t understand what was happening, but he knew that Spina was no longer in the mindset to listen to reason. As the old Saiyan charged forward, the Kryptonian did the same. Both clashed, punching each other in the face as a shockwave rocked the arena from the impact.

“Alright, Asher, Victor. Standback. Things will get hot quick! Atomic Vision!” Clark fired a massive eyebeam towards Spina.


“What an absolute mess. Everyone’s fighting but not really…” Kaiba was both livid that everything he had planned went down the drain right before his eyes. “Had this went right… Coella’s luck would’ve been my success to power. None would stand a chance against me. And using the new and improved Coin Gauntlets, the Breakers’ powers would’ve been a no brainer.” Kaiba grinned his teeth. “It’s all that angel’s fault. I anticipate everything… but not the fact that angel would come in and changed the very nature of my game… that I literally made on the spot.” Kaiba took a breath to collect his thoughts. “This battle between us turned into quite a show, but don’t think I’ve given up. Even at things like this… I’ve something planned to ensure my win.”

He looks on and sees that the battlefield turned into a chaotic mess. “I need to do something. Force something out.” Kaiba grabbed several cards from his deck and started mindlessly summoning them. A bunch were among the many spectators that weren’t anything special except for one: Zenta. “It’s a risk but overwhelming everyone with numbers should do the trick! Swarm the area and attack everyone in sight!”
“Oh my.”

Zenta was summoned to the arena. He stood in the middle of a massive crowd of bystanders summoned by Kaiba. The fox tilted his head, being slightly confused at his summoning, but he did not seem too surprised. He stood out like a sore thumb, but in appearance and height.

“Oh, yes, this is Lucifer Morningstar’s little game. Hm, how chaotic…”

As chaos and mayhem ensued around the fox, he barely seemed fazed at the nonsense around him. As people from Kaiba’s side rushed past him, occasionally bumping into him, Zenta stood in ponder of the situation.

However, the moment Kaiba barked his orders, Zenta’s ears perked up, remembering his voice. He turned back to look at Kaiba, piecing together the pieces as fast as he could.

“Ah, so it seems I ended up as a card on your deck. Very well, I shall sit this one out. I will not attack the Breakers on your behalf.”

Zenta shrugged before casually walking towards the edge of the arena, ready to throw himself out of bounds.

“Whoa! Heat vision! Cool!” Asher cheered; his young mind more excited about the all-out-brawl than anything else. “I can help too!”

Asher spun his Ruyi Bang with confidence as he aimed one end of the pole directly at Spina.


The Ruyi Bang extended rapidly, heading straight to Spina and jabbing him right in the ribs to catch him off guard and leave an opening for Clark’s Atomic Vision.

Avalon noticed Spider-Chaos rushing towards him with Cayde. He didn’t have time to dodge the attack and found himself tackled and heading straight for out of bounds. The ninja gasped loudly before throwing his scroll in the air and performing a single hand sign. The scroll erupted into smoke before a paper falcon flew out.

“Get me out of this mess!”

The avian screeched and flew towards Avalon, Spider-Chaos, and Cayde. Avalon held out his arm and the bird grabbed onto his arm with its talons, yanking Avalon out of Spider-Chaos’s hold last minute. He tried to grip onto Cayde to save him as well, but his grip was not strong enough.

The Serpent moves back with victor and Asher on it to get out of Clark's. Victor says to Asher "as long you're dealing anyone that on our team or playing support; then you're doing your part."

The ice elementals are de-buffing anyone that is not on victor's side (think slowing them down).

Victor summons a group of bells like creatures. He thinks "this should help with anything that effects our sides status or any de-buffing. This much should help keep people on my side in the game longer."

scarecrows are just hanging around until they are needed to take a lethal hit or prevent a ring out.
Clark's eyebeam having launched in time with the opening Asher introduced made its way straight toward Spina; yet in an instant, the environment around them instantly was flooded with a black overlay before things seemingly resumed to normal. Asher's Ruyi Bang gave a sudden wobble at the end of it once it let up, then the set of beams struck a large slab of crystal that appeared in front of Spina. The uneven edges diverted some of the light particles but ultimately shattered into countless fragments with Bernkastel in the center.

"My, Spina sure is a popular guy lately... but I can't allow Team Kaiba to win, so I'll play with you two instead." She ran a hand through her hair as the glittering debris fell to the floor and disintegrated. I can't use my usual magic with Vortex Man on the field, but this'll be a good chance to practice going without it for a bit. Holding her palms out limply, a set of long crystal shards appeared between her fingers.


Mooli was adeptly parrying Vegetto's strikes at her until the poison effect was cast on her. "Blech! What the-- blech!" Mooli's complexion suddenly turned green and she looked incredibly nauseous, giving a dry heave in mid-air while coughing violently. Even so, she repositioned her body so that one knee could help block at least a few of the Potara fusion's attacks. Kaiba casting fire on him gave her a long enough window to recover, but as soon as the poison started to wear off there was a slew of Turles' energy barrage headed for them. "Hm? What's that stuff?" She sidestepped around Dielec as she was tackled in their direction, lifting a hand to swat at several of the energy emissions with a placid expression as she watched the blasts pop like soap bubbles. "Hm... this sensation... was he the one with the weird energy from earlier? Best to deal with him quickly before I tire out." Appearing behind Vegetto after weaving through the sudden interruptions, Mooli hooked her leg around one of Vegettos to knock him off-center opting to launch him in Turles' direction by propelling him forward from a quick energy-powered jab of the fist to his back.


"Crap! At this rate, my goose is cooked! Hurry up while I think of something to summon..." Berserk shouted over at Daiman as she searched her hand for anything useful. "In the meantime, uh, take this! Turn that bozo into a popsicle!" She shouted, casting a freeze status on Turles in retaliation for eliminating Malugia.
Vegetto's narrowed eyes began to widen more and more at the repeated parries, each one of his strikes blocked or deflected despite his best efforts. The silver surged, roaring in flames around the Potara fusion in a volatile and desperate measure to compete against the significant power in front of him. Yet as the realization grew that he could not break Mooli's defense, Vegetto nearly retreated until he saw the poison take effect on the Saiyan woman.

He barely had time to react, until the scorching fire consumed him next from Kaiba's attack. Vegetto groaned in pain, immediately dropping to his knee. The pain surged heavily on the Potara fusion, but Vegetto's single minded determination hyper focused on the immediate image he saw before: Mooli had been poisoned.

Nnrgh....I have to strike! It's my only opening!

Launching forward through the blazing storm, Vegetto pushed through the flames with a heavy roar, his right arm cocked back. As Mooli paused and focused on Turles, Vegetto closed the gap in an instant and threw his right fist forward with all of his might. The fist connected directly into the Saiyan woman's cheek, but Vegetto's eyes widened at the same time as the cracking of his bones in his hand rung out.

Vegetto yelped in pain, staggering back with his right hand falling limp and completely broken. Eyes wide in shock, he had failed to realize the additional mechanic of the fire; his power being completely cut in half made him incapable of even phasing Mooli in her current state, let alone struggle to even make a dent in her defenses at full power. He gripped his limp appendage in pain, temporarily struggling until Mooli swiped his leg out from under him, ragdolling the Potara fusion and sending him flying into Turles.

Vegetto flipped through the air at blinding speeds, slamming directly into Turles like a rocket in an instant and bouncing off the other Saiyan into the air. He collapsed onto the ground with a heavy thud, shattering the rock in the ground with his impact and laid on the ground sprawled out. His silver hair reverted back to its normal color, and Vegetto trembled heavily on the ground, struggling to even move from the immense damage received.

Cayde panted heavily, a look of distraught disappointment at the sight of his massive barrage being blocked so easily and effectively.

"Damn! Whiffing the super again-"

The momentary commentary was broken once Spider-Chaos tacked Cayde from behind in the air, the android writhing immediately. His mechanical eyes took in his surroundings first, and he gasped once he realized the direction the three had been flying. Cayde reached up, pulling his arm out from Spider-Chaos bear hug and promptly trying to pistol whip the enemy as he hurriedly glanced towards the out of bounds section fastly approaching.

"Hey buddy wait! You're a reasonable guy aren't you?! Let's talk about this!!"

Cayde turned once he saw Avalon's avian yanking the ninja free. Cayde had reached out, trying to grasp at Avalon but he was too drained to hold on, stuck in Spider-Chaos' hold.

"Crap crap crap crap!"
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