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The Reality Vortex: Red Reputations


Green Jacket
"Vita...?" Bage mumbled to himself as if to memorize this name. Someone who could destroy the Ruler of the Vortex seemed almost like a legend being spoken to them. It hardly made any sense as of now, but it seemed that Doom was on a whole other chapter of this mess of a book that seemed to be playing out. Seeing Detective Spawn visibly worried made the head detective wonder if he had any other speculations about what this all could mean. He watched cautiously as Avalon began sizing up the doombot, and tensed once again as the bot began backing away from Avalon and May seemed to anticipate by placing a shield in front of herself

Bage's head swiveled to look at the door as it slammed shut behind them. What..?! Bage thought to himself. He turned back, his eyes meeting the gaze of the bomb before them, only seconds from detonation. "Avalon, back up!!" The Saiyan shouted, stepping forward with his hands already glowing and motioning to surround the group in one of his own protective Ki barriers to hopefully lessen the impact of the explosive.


Red Jacket
Majin Bara also created a large energy barrier around the group as a whole, reinforcing whatever other barriers Bage and any of the others threw up themselves to shield them from the impact.

"You keep making the same mistake other villains keep making, Doom," she muttered, "we are NOT as easily vanquished as you think... only a FOOL thinks otherwise!"


Green Jacket
The Room

As the cubes were pulled along in Lucifer's movement in summoning a variety of suits, Vegetto's attention snapped back to the world before him. The eyes within the cubes narrowed fiercely at the jest, his dual voice flat and curt in summoning whatever defiance he had left.


The Secret Room of Doctor Doom

Despite the provocation of Doom's claim to be above revenge, the lamenting and dramatic explanation along with the bot's consistent third person speech elicited a prompt sigh from Cayde; the android rolling his eyes in accepting the truth he believed in of the bot.

"Yeah...sure...definitely not upset about losing...only amusement."

He turned his head towards the other Breakers with an incredulous look of annoyance.

"This is the guy who nearly destroyed the vortex? Clark really worked for a guy who refers to himself in third person?"

Cayde glanced back without waiting for a reply, however, turning his attention to mention of Doom's plan to work with Valeria. His concern returned once Doom mentioned that it was a shame that the Breakers found him first; the finality of the words prompting the android's suspicion. The door behind the team then suddenly slammed shut, Cayde's eyes widening at a brief glance over his shoulder before turning to Doom.

The android sprung forward in an immediate sprint, and while Bage had commanded Avalon to get back, Cayde had already reached the ninja in the precious time that was given in Doom revealing his bomb before detonating it. Cayde turned with his back to the Doom bot, now in between the bomb and Avalon, before tackling the ninja towards the barriers formed by the team as the bomb erupted into the bright light behind the two.


Black Jacket
Berserk's eyes widened in alarm from the trapdoor shutting behind them, shouting with the others in dismay at the chaos about to unfold. Not skipping a beat to Cayde's swift movements, she took a step forward to catch the ninja and help him in to Bage's barrier. "No worries you're safe. But... oh no! Cayde! He's--"

Damn, this is a dead-end! I can't just stop him from exploding, there's nowhere to go-- Bernkastel looked around with narrowed eyes. Once she realized what Cayde had just done, her expression shifted to astonishment. "Cayde!?" The shock subsided in time for her to throw up her hands and try to help shield him with at least a fragment-crystal dome, but was too late to complete the spell. The blinding light of the explosion overtook everything instead, causing her to shield her eyes.


The Strongest
The Room

“You’re right. Pink and Red are a bit too much. I should go with blue!” Lucifer nodded.

The Secret Door of Doctor Doom

“Shit!” Detective Spawn wasn’t fast enough to create an extra layer of barrier to assist the others. Naturally, his demonic cloak covered him to provide protection against the mighty blast. Last thing he could mustered before the blinding light engulfed the room, was the sight of Avalon being pulled behind the barriers by Berserk, but Cayde was still in the realm of being struck by the blast, but it was too late for anyone to do anything at that point.

The blinding light covered the room, followed by an intense blast that rocked everything. Ceiling collapsed, the debris kicked up in all directions, and the supercomputer badly damaged. Several artifacts were tossed around in the room, and damaged as a result. Doombot significantly downplayed the effects of how truly powerful the self-detonation device is capable of. The entirely of the room had turned into scorching hell.

Detective Spawn opened his eyes. It was a blur at first, but his vision cleared soon enough. He saw the state of the barriers cast by Bage, Bara and May and narrowed his eyes in awe. The explosive impact nearly shattered it. “Bastard really downplayed it…” He thought of Cayde—that blast was truly powerful and could possibly took him out. “Hey, Cayde! You’re alive—”

Spawn narrowed his eyes upon what he saw. Standing before Cayde was the older Saiyan, Spina who did not hid behind the barriers. Instead, he took the brute force of the blast, significantly lessen the damage against the barriers cast behind him and Cayde.

Spina dusted specks of dirt from his bare chest. “Not even deadly energy bombs can kill me.” His eyes were determined as he saw at himself. “This is me…” He whispered to himself.

“…. Clear Mind at your disposable, but emotions blinded you. Let go of that, and you’ll react accordingly.” Guardian’s voice lingered in Bernkastel’s mind. “Another death will come if you continue to idle in the sea of emotions. For he… is on his way there.”

As the embers from the blast seared off his body, Spina faced the Breakers, seeing that the Doombot is no longer presented. “I’ve cooled off enough. I’m going back to that room.”

~ Z ~

Black Jacket
Whelp, it seems that Doom isn’t as dumb as I thought… Big underestimation on my end. Avalon thought, until his attention quickly shot back to the glowing Doombot.

“Oh craaaap!” Avalon said until he felt himself tackled by Cayde. “Cayde!”

As the light grew brighter, it engulfed his vision entirely, blinding him. All the ninja could do was hold his arms out to cover his face. A few moments passed as Avalon’s eyes fluttered open, assuming he had perished from the explosion, but later turned his head. Standing before Cayde was Spina, barely with a scratch on him. In a way, Avalon was in both awe and confusion. Was the blast so weak that anyone could survive it, or was Spina pulling another trick? His suspicions rose slightly as he narrowed his eyes to the older Saiyan.

How can he not have a single scratch on him? Ain’t Doom suppose to be the reason some of these guys got nasty scars? On top of that, he’s just gonna ignore what happened? A shadow cast over Avalon’s eyes as his stare turned to a glare. What is this guy..?

Before he had a chance to dwell on the thought, he decided to let it go for now. He looked back at Berserk and gave her a pat on the back for pulling him in the barrier on Cayde’s heroic action. In a way, he felt in debt to Cayde and Berserk, the turquoise blush on his cheeks proved it. Once again, he felt that his lack of strength and skill was hindering them.

“Heh, thanks guys… I’d be a red splatter on the wall if you didn’t think fast.” Avalon let out a nervous chuckle. “Guess I kinda got ahead of myself. I’ll, uhm, I’ll just stick back next time and leave it to the professionals.” He quickly changed the topic to hide his shaking voice. “Anyway, we should listen to Spina. It’s best to check on Lucifer and Vegetto. Plus, we should see if Zenta is in the room.”

…But forcing eternal life as a means of punishment? …Nothing more than treated as the original, ultimate sin…

…Original, ultimate sin…

Lucifer’s words echoed loudly in Zenta’s mind. Although he looked calm, his mind was racing of everything Lucifer said. The Angel had planted a seed in his mind, something that made him a little restless. Lucifer may not have known it, but this conversation dug deep into Zenta, deeper than any other he’d had with the beast. The beast was still, thinking heavily on the conversation and the concept of how Gods are created and how mortals influenced it.

…If immortality is a punishment, then how long does one have to live until they are graced with forgiveness...?

Zenta’s hands began to shake and the tea inside the cup started to drip out. As much as he tried to calm himself down, he couldn’t. He turned away from Lucifer and faced the wall, giving the Angel his back. While he is aware that Lucifer is no fool, he knew that he could not hide his behavior. He already had an answer for the Angel should he ask or point it out, having a way with words like Lucifer. However, the last thing Lucifer said left him nearly speechless.

…If so, then what is the point of immortality…?

This one sentence made Zenta think long and hard, digging back into the deepest confines of his memories and beyond. While Lucifer meant it as an open-ended question, Zenta felt a need to reply. Before he knew it, he opened his mouth, almost unconsciously, a mere whisper in the silent room.

“…To make me change…”