The Reality Vortex: Red Reputations

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Lucifer’s eyes widened in astonishment after what Spina did. Once Cuki vanished and Zenta dashing off after Spina, the angel found it difficult to maintain a straight face. “Well,” mutters of chuckles slipped in-between his sentences. “I honestly did not expect that at all. Not at all.”

Only when the angel looked at Vegetto did he let out such an energetic laugh. So much that Lucifer pulled out a handkerchief to wipe away tears from laughing too hard. “What a turnaround! I don’t think my cold heart can take it. Seeing that God flabbergasted was just icing the cake.”

“You think this is funny!?” Detective Spawn struggled to stand, clearly annoyed by Lucifer’s laughter.

“No.” Lucifer’s tone became grim, twisted and heavy. “This is comedy gold of the highest quality.” He broke out into laughter again, his tone lightening up. “I wonder why he suddenly went to Beach City?” The angel fanned himself to cool down, but the more he thought about what transpired, his inability to control his laugh is more apparent. “Is there something important there?”
“Cuki-” Bage called out watching along with the others as she disappeared before their eyes. He stopped when his eyes turned to the ground, noticing the gleam of Panich’s coin at his feet. The saiyan detective reached down and gently picked up the coin. Seeing Panich’s face carved into the metal made him smile. The bittersweet moment only lasted a short time before he frowned, staring directly at the coin.

”Don’t worry… I’ll watch over her for you.” He mumbled to himself. Bage quietly put the Panich coin into his left chest pocket. He turned to the remaining Breakers and hesitated a moment before giving Berserk a hand and helping Avalon up. The fight was over, but it seemed the Breakers issues with one another were far from it. And unfortunately… he wouldn't be around to help. His mission was complete here. Once he finished checking on Avalon, he returned to detective Spawn’s side to help him as well. “Easy Al.” He sighed, trying to keep the other from straining himself due to Lucifer's antics. Bage seriously couldn't read that guy.

Once settled, the head detective sighed again before continuing. “Well, I'd hate to leave you all on a bad note… but my investigation is complete. The source of the disappearances has been dealt with, so I won't be joining you in wherever it is your headed now. There will be millions of people needing help getting back to their homes once they regain their bodies. The agency will need their senior detective back to get everything going smoothly.”

Bage felt bad leaving them like this, but they were their own team. Hopefully they would come to an understanding someday. “… Have faith. I can't possibly understand what you all have been through before all this happened, but take care of each other. Anything can happen in this reality, and you all are bonded by your bad reputation. You all must have ended up a team for a reason. So take care.”

The head detective then looked to his other associates, sighing and dusting the remains of his battered clothing.

"You ready to get going, Al, May? We've got a lot of work to do."
May says flatly "Lucifer despite your questionable since of humor. I will grant the question of your next location is fair." May finishes working on the last orb that could be slaved and sent it too scout.

May orders some the orbs to start to collect the various coins and bring the coins to them. May did say "that is fair we do have a lot of work and I gest this is one the reasons way you wanted my help Spawn."
As Cuki rejected the aspect of Gogeta's death to protect the others, Vegetto narrowed his eyes further. His anger built once more; the rage mounting because out of the immense lie he was weaving, there was some truth that Gogeta had declared intentions to protect the others. The rage halted slightly, however, as the realization dawned on the Potara fusion that once again, Vegetto had led Gogeta off a better path he had found for himself. His mind focused in enough to hear Cuki scold him for Gogeta's death, his frustrated expression still strong to hide the little crack.

Vegetto stared down at Cuki once she finished scolded him, and instead of the mounting anger returning, his gaze softened ever so slightly. His eyes left hers; dodging down slightly and his muscles loosing their tension. The entire response was completely outside of his expectations; to force her to challenge her fears under the threat of pressure had always been Vegetto's misguided teaching style. His mind remained frazzled on what to do; thinking of how to solve the problem and what to do next. The bluff had been called, and Vegetto's mind scrambled to find another way forward.

The numerous thoughts and ideas all became one, however: a singular force of impact slamming into Vegetto's cheek. The Potara fusion instantly crashed into the ground, coughing in pain on the floor. He stared up, barely catching Spina in time to hear the damning words before the older Saiyan blasted through the air.

You're all fake!

The words didn't seem to register in Vegetto's mind in the moment, the man slowly picking himself up and stunned beyond the ability to think. But his head turned, the back and forth between Cuki and Zenta helping him focus on a matter at hand. Vegetto watched on, the hint of shame in his expression giving way in seeing Cuki prepare to vanish and run away.

No no no...don't run away!

However, she vanished, and Vegetto stood still with a solemn stare towards the ground. He barely had time to lament on his shame, however, as Lucifer's pointed and condescending laughter drowned out all other thoughts and noise for Vegetto. Even with his back to the angel, Vegetto could feel the pointed gaze and mocking laughter; having once again played the Potara fusion for a fool in dismantling his own failed ways. Internally, the recognition for his own mistake in approach to get Cuki to stay was like a spray bottle of water, attempting to put out the enormous fire of hatred aimed at Lucifer. Vegetto tensed and struggled; his expression slowly contorting into a furious stare while Lucifer's laughter continued and continued.

At its peak, Vegetto suddenly roared in a deafening scream; his dual voice slightly cracking at the start of it all. Lightning and electricity exploded outwards from around his body; an intense surge of storm force winds bellowing forth as golden energy swirled around the man briefly. Yet as quickly as the tantrum began, the external power receded in an instant after the scream, Vegetto's eyes turning down while he panted heavily; as if the man just vented out the hatred internally. He soon straightened himself up, turning his head towards Lucifer and refusing to look at any others. Vegetto's glare sharpened immediately on the angel; a pure hatred and contempt for the angel having blossomed beyond even what the man felt towards Doom. But without a word, Vegetto shot upwards into the sky; the trail of energy leaving behind showing intent to follow Spina towards Beach City.

As Vegetto shot upwards into the air, Cayde stood still on the ground with the team with his eyes following the bright speck of light soaring through the air. His narrowed eyes softened once Vegetto had disappeared from view, and a slow and warm smile cut through the cold machine's face at what he just witnessed from everyone. Keeping his voice low, Cayde stifled a small chuckle to himself, shaking his head slightly.

"Whew...alright. I lost the more half measures."

Cayde relaxed the grip on his hand cannon, holstering the weapon down to his side while he relaxed his shoulders. His eyes turned down, listening in to the farewell from Bage but looking towards Bernkastel; picking up on how confused the witch was compared to the others. Cayde briefly glanced amongst the team as Bage commented that something must have brought the Breakers together and made them a team; a bond having formed. The android sighed lightly, his somewhat aloof tone serious enough to discern that he wasn't joking.

" someone who's been on a lot of teams...I gotta say, the major thing that separates the good teams from the bad is commitment. And let's face it...none of you guys are committed to one another; most of us are only here because we're useful to each other in a fight. Bonds that are only maintained out of convenience don't really last...this one has only lasted so long because there's been enough reality ending threats to make everyone come together for a similar cause. Now that the big fight is can always choose to go your separate ways."

Cayde glanced amongst the others.

"The way I see it, we got two choices. We can say goodbye and finally move on from this toxic work environment."

The android briefly glanced down towards Bernkastel, before lifting his eyes to everyone.

"Or...we can choose to support one another no matter how bad it gets. You know...that thing you've been doing already for each other...but finally making the decision yours."
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Bernkastel could only watch Zenta beg Cuki to stay, her vacant stare tinged with pity. She didn't muster any further response; there was no need, as there was no undoing what Spina had done. It seemed like Cuki already convinced herself and didn't need much more to push her in the opposite direction.

Even if she stayed it's impossible to fight what can't be seen, Bernkastel thought. Especially when you're also your own enemy. The Witch, for all her misanthropic scruples, saw Cuki's lack of confidence and self-worth clear as day. Her fervent indignation was all but gone-- she accepted Spina's lashing-out as a result of her accursed presence with no resistance whatsoever. Bern knew the truth of course, but she still hadn't a clue as to why Spina acted so hateful. No, she can't be here. Not right now. It's for the best she stays away-- Cuki will be alright now that she knows what dangers lie in wait.

"..." Bernkastel's eyebrows furrowed as she looked away. Her measured justifications for Cuki's departure didn't go unbothered. Even as Zenta helped her up and gave some words of encouragement, Bern couldn't feel very energized by it. Her confusion only grew at such a quick turnaround to his usual serene, level-headed demeanor. The Witch gripped Gogeta's coin tight enough for the knuckles to whiten. "It's fine. I don't think I could have pulled off the illusion if I had gone in knowing he was dead." She paused, glancing at her fist. "Those precious to me..."

Besides Lambda, how do I know who's precious? I can't even put into words why I got attached to Gogeta... she didn't feel the urge to weep. There was just a heavy feeling in her chest, but even that was no more burdensome than the pain she had felt before. Bern silently watched Zenta walk off to Beach City, ever mystified by the man-beast.
"O-oh yeah. You guys have a whole new job to do now," Berserk quietly replied. With the huge mess they'd been dealing with, she forgot Bage and Spawn were just doing their job and moving on to the next task. "Well, I just wanna say you guys aren't totally lame like I first thought. It was actually kinda fun getting to fight with you guys. Too bad."

The Powerpunk was silent for a few moments after Cayde shared his thoughts. For the first time since she had come along, Berserk looked conflicted on what to do. "My sisters probably lost whatever turf they had to this fiasco so we'd all be back to square one. Usually our problems were always city-sized, but I've had a lot of fun with you guys. If I stay though, I can't freeze up when it counts..." the teen trailed off.

"I'm staying," Bernkastel answered after a long stretch of silence. "There are questions I need answers for and promises I can't break. Besides, it's in a Witch's nature to follow where chaos blooms," she said forlornly, not arguing with Cayde because she had similar thoughts before. Even so, she couldn't abandon Spina in good conscience. "I don't understand bonds very well but that doesn't mean I'm opposed to it... not anymore, anyway." Bern stayed put, staring at the remaining Breakers expectantly for their choices.

"What're you thinkin', Avalon? I'll stay if you will," Berserk asked. "Maybe Grandpa'll come around if we work hard and show him how much we can get done as a team? He just hasn't gotten the chance to see us in action yet."
Detective Spawn nodded, turning to Nia. “You’re going to come with us too. We need documentation on this Red King to close this case.” He looked around, seeing the numerous coins shattered about. “And since you can sense the location of Coins, that’ll make our jobs easier. Go with Bage and May; I’ll catch up with you guys in a little bit. I have one last task to do before my mission is finished.” He turns May. “Make sure that rock girl doesn’t do anything strange. Her head is as thick as a … rock.” Spawn realized that he made a terrible joke. “Argh...” The hellspawn dashed forward, heading towards Beach City.

“Phew… You know guys. I’m starting to get this feeling that Vegetto doesn’t like me very much. Isn’t it strange?” Lucifer calmed down, breathing in and out slowly after his laughing attack nearly toppled him. After Cayde shares his thoughts, Lucifer smiles ever so devilishly. “Oh, you already know my answer. And I suspected the others feel the same—even if their actions and words are such contradictions to one another. Now, let’s make haste.”

The angel paused for a second as if something caught his attention. He turned around, only to find nothing in his sight. His eyes trailed around for a little bit, but nothing popped up. “Hm. Anyways, shall we?” His angel wings spread out and flapped once, kicking up dirt and gushing out strong winds.
“Of course, I’m stayin’! Only because I’m not gonna let Boss slap me and get away with it!” Avalon rubbed his cheeks; it stings every time he touches it."

Man, Zenta had to see Cuki leave twice… His heart must be heavier than ever. Avalon was in deep thought. He tried to think of a reason why Cuki was so adamant of not staying with the Breakers, but couldn’t figure out why. However, his concentration broke when Lucifer was practically in tears, laughing at Vegetto’s expense. “Geez, can’t you read the room at least a little? You’re enjoyin’ this way too much.”

“Ah! Yes!” Nia replied to Spawn. “I will be happy to help in any way I can. And I won’t do anything strange!” Her cheeks blushed slightly. After Spawn departed, Nia turned to May, tapping her temple multiple times. “Of course, my head is thick. I’m a Xy’pher, made of the strongest material known to mortal kind in my world.” She turned to Bage and pumped her fist with determination. “I will not disappoint you! I was going to ask to join your agency anyway… I think it is the safest establishment where we can protect these Coins, and make sure it does not fall into the wrong hands.”

“I don’t think that’s what he meant… but that sounds like a good idea,” Avalon added as he summoned his paper falcon. He scrambled on top of it, sitting with exhaustion on its back. “Thanks for your help, Nia! Your odd ability to track down Coins is useful.”

“My pleasure!” Nia said. “As long as we are better prepared for the next time the King comes back, then I will be the best Coin-Sniffer I can!” Nia chuckled as Coins began to rise from the ground and float towards Bage, May, and herself. “I can help repair the agency too. I heard that Gravita paid your establishment a…visit. Still… I can’t believe we beat the Red King.”

Nia, as awkward as she was, formed a huge smile on her face—a genuine one!

“We beat the King! Hurrah! Nia, two; King, ZERO!” Nia cheered out loud, being the happiest she could be now that the King and his carnage was done. She was so happy that she began to moonwalk in the air, circling Bage and May. “Yeah! Yeah! I am performing the famous dance moves of Earth! It’s a celebration!”

“Well, at least someone’s happy at the outcome.” Avalon smiled before petting the head of the paper avian. His gaze turned to Bernkastel, then to the direction of where Zenta vanished. “Hey Bernkastel, you should talk to Zenta when we meet up in Beach City. Let’s catch up to them before things get crazy again.” Without saying much, the ninja turned in the direction of Beach City and gently kicked his heels into the Paper bird. It flapped its mighty wings and lifted into the sky with Avalon in tow, flying at Mach speeds towards Beach City.

The defeat of the Red King not only spelled victory for the Breakers, but ended his reign of terror across multiple cities. The Breakers went through many hardships as they were strung along with the detectives to stop the Red King. There were numerous people that died; multiple cities lost in the process. Yet, thanks to their somewhat teamwork, they managed to save future people from becoming mindless slaves. Although it wouldn’t have a significant impact on their reputation, it still had some positive effects to it.

Surprise to no one, the infamous trio of reporters had captured every aspect of the final battle for the world to see (except the final interactions between the Breakers). Some may believe their efforts were too late, some were grateful they fought as hard as they did. Regardless, they cannot deny their valiant efforts today. The realm of Reality Vortex will no longer be a sandbox for a being who simply wished to see beyond the moon and into the stars. Even though the Breakers had no audience, their spirits lifted at the thought of stopping a tyrant and discovering even more mysteries. What lies ahead for the Breakers? One more adventure to find out where they truly belong in this ever-changing realm.

The end of this adventure only marks the first step of the next one. With no home, or place they can call their own, this will be a true test of their bonds and friendships.

Even then, some of the strongest bonds can't be discovered without getting a little lost...

Monochrome Plains

The aftereffects of the Red King’s Psychic Void had turned this area into a colorless valley. Anyone who enters will lose their colors, replaced with a monochrome color scheme. There were various solid black void-like pieces scattered around the Monochrome Plains; they lead to nowhere. If one were to attempt to enter one, they would appear on the other side of that hole in that area. The missing pieces were scattered across the ground like glass; they are extremely delicate to touch; a mere hard grasp can shatter them.

After some time passed after the departure of both the Breakers and the Detectives, there was a very small pixie flying around in the area. Disregarding the Monochrome schemes; the pixie is sporting a grape-color leather one piece suit, gloves and leggings; chestnut hair, red eyes and pale skin.

“What’s with this place? It’s giving me the creeps!” She zoomed around with her butterfly-like wings. “I know I’ve sensed his presence somewhere around here, but all I see is rubbles and these weird black things everywhere.”

The pixie stopped midair, noticing that aimlessly flying around wasn’t doing her no favors. “This world is messing with my senses right now. Maybe I shouldn’t rush to this place so fast after sensing him once…”

There was a sudden thud within earshot, causing the pixie to turn around. However, there was nothing in her eyesight. “Huh? Where did that sound come from?”

Another thud came again, causing Pixie to squint her eyes. Upon doing so, she noticed a slight bend of space above a pile of rubble, remnants of Doctor Doom’s Castle. “Huh?”

Upon closer inspection, she noticed that a wall of space was being slightly distorted as the number of thuds became more frequent. It wasn’t long until the intensity of thuds became banging, and space stretched outwards. Suddenly, one last shot stretched space far enough that it reached its limit; a fist burst through in front of the Pixie.

“What the?!” Pixie flung back from the sheer power from it and landed on her bottom. “Ouch…” She looks up, seeing a fist clearly present. Once again, Pixie squinted her eyes to observe the hand. “…Is that?”

The fist opened its hand, releasing a powerful beam of light that shattered the wall. The space around it crumbled as a young boy fell to the ground to his hands and knees.

“There you are, Demi-Fiend!” Pixie shouted with excitement.

Demi-Fiend coughed aggressively. After catching his breath, slowly rose to his feet to meet Pixie face-to-face. His eyes widened upon seeing her; indicating that he remembered her from his world. Demi-Fiend looked around, noticing that he was in a strange area; quite different from the one he was in before. He turned to Pixie with a confused look.

“Where are you? How the heck should I know! I just got here. I’m just as confused as you are.” Pixie observed Demi-Fiend’s body and noticed significant scars. “Whoa, what happened to you? You look a mess!”

Demi-Fiend checked himself and noticed some burn scars and claw marks were still present. Even though he’d healed, it seems that some of the damage done to him was permanent for reasons unknown. He shook his head and tried to explain, but no matter what, his voice would not come out. He grabbed his throat, noticing the severe burn marks around it. The best he could do was mere grunts.

“Hmm? Are you okay? Did you lose your voice?” Pixie lifted her finger and tried to heal his body, but it was futile. “Hmm… nothing is working.”

Demi-Fiend shook his head.

“Don’t worry about it?” Pixie crossed her arms. “Well, good thing I’m the only one who can read your thoughts! Don’t worry, I’ll do the talking for you.” She smiled. “I’m so, so glad that I found you! I don’t know where the heck am I. One minute I was with you, then next, BOOM. I’m here. Been a few months here and I still have a hard time understanding this crazy place. But we’re together again, so my despair is no more!”

Demi-Fiend nodded in approval. However, the demon’s eyes narrowed and frowned.

“The Breakers…? Hmm, I think I heard of them? Why?” Pixie asked. “Oh… some of them did this to you!? Heh… guess its time for revenge, hmm?”

Demi-Fiend furrows his eyebrows, accompanied with a smirk.

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