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No More Heroes

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The Strongest

Please Read the OP! This contains crucial information!
Are you sure you read the rules?
Did you actually really read the rules?
It's probably better if you read the rules!

General Rules
  • This is an Original Roleplay. Meaning, do not bring elements from existing fictions. 
  • This is based on my story, No More Heroes: Outcasts. Think of this RP as an "Alternate Universe"
  • Specials are Humans. There are some key differences between the two, but they're humans nevertheless. 
  • Do not introduce your "new story" as an arc without approval. If you have an idea of a Mini-Arc, you must speak with me about it on whether or not it can be added in (to keep the flow of the story). 
  • Don't distort things that were already established within the role-play. The only exception is a retcon; however, I'm the only one who will be doing it. Small scale retcon can be considered if it doesn't affect the story at any way. It's easier to keep consistency, ya know?
  • Don’t try to make everything too convenient. 
  • Make sure everyone has a chance to post! You can also use the quoting system if you're a bit behind and want to respond the character directly.  
  • If you haven’t posted for x amount of days, I’ll bump you up in a PM. If you still haven’t posted after I informed you, you will be placed as "resting" and your character will simply be taken over/idle. You can come back when you have the time, however. 
  • Feedback is important! I cannot help you with your concerns of this RP if you don’t come to me
Character Creation Rules:
  • You're allowed up to 10 OCs in this roleplay! If you're a newcomer of this RP or RP in general, it's recommended that you start off at-least two characters. If you can handle using multiple characters, than that's fine as well. 
    • Temporary Characters: Character(s) that only appeared for a single arc. These will not affect the amount of OCs you've created. They will have their backstories and powers already assign to them. When an arc calls for temporary characters, they will be placed here. If you wish to take control one or more of these temporaries when they're made available, simply asked “I wished to played this *insert character name* for this arc in this thread. 
  • You can be a Hero/Anti Hero, Neutral or Villain/Anti Villain.
  • You can change the status "Hero/Villain/Neutral/Vice Versa" of your character, if you feel that they will change throughout the story.
  • If one of your character(s) dies, you can replace them with a new one. However, you need to get them approved.
  • If your character survives the destruction of Lost City, their appearance and powers is changed/upgraded (Whether minor or major).
  • Do not include overpowered abilities, unless he/she has a big weakness. For Main/Mini Villains, they can have strong abilities, but not impossible to beat.
  • You can only have ONE Power, for your character. The only exception is when your character is a resident of Lost City and survived the nuclear explosion. This will bump them up to TWO powers. However, usually these two complement one another and needs to be depowered/balance. 
  • In order to reduce the rate of repeated powers, you cannot have a power that was already use two times. For example; if a fire power was taken, twice, it cannot be used ever again. Also, when using the same power, it has to have different variations. This is an attempt to bring out your creativity.
  • List of Current Powers:
    • Pyrokinesis (Giovanni), Ice Manipulation (Cernia), Elemental Manipulation (Selene), Poison Embodiment (Yoon), Enhanced Strength (Xavier), Darkness Manipulation (Lissette), Shadow Manipulation (Ryder), Invisibility (Dead Eye), Gryokinesis (Raimundo), Enhanced Speed (Xavier and Raimundo), Telekinesis (Naolyn), Flight (Ian), Electrokinesis (Jay), Illusion Manipulation (Leo), Animal Transformation (Celeste), Material Manipulation (Gryffin), Sound Manipulation (Vinci), Metal Exoskeleton (John), Telepathy (Dakota), Weather Manipulation (Heather), Earth Manipulation (Ebonwu), Astral Projection (Ebonwu), Metal Manipulation (Penelope), Neural Impulse (The Mask), Regeneration (Nessa), Rotten (Rosalina), Claw Retraction (Faraday), Dimensional Manipulation (Kira), Enhanced Senses (Ian), Typhokinesis (Gunsmoke), Biochemistry Manipulation (Ray), Imaginary (Daiman), Chemistry Manipulation (Ayawamat), Limiter Removal (Nessa), Teleportation (Susie), Power Replication (Shojo), Portal Creation (Susie), Skin Hardening (Faraday), Mind Control (Raster), and Body Manipulation (Tico)
  • List of Powers not available for used: Enhanced Speed
  • Banned Powers: Omnipotent, Omnipresence and Omniscient, Absolute Immortality, High-End Reality Warping, Instant-Death, Life-Drain (Death Version), Invincibility, High-End Intangibility, High-Level Space/Time. This list will be updated over time.
  • Limit: Your character will have a limit. Your character cannot do things and never gets tired. Or having enough energy to do tons of things without getting tired.
  • Semi-Retcon: You can now "reboot" your character. Only for minor things such as age and the sort. Anything that happens in the plot, cannot be reboot (Dead characters can't be revived and the sort). If it doesn't involved the plot in general, it can be rebooted. Characters that barely appeared or didn’t appeared, can faced reboot if needed.
  • Need help figuring out your power? Check the Power Wikia!
  • Have Fun!

Current Arc: Phase Two - "Hero"

It has been a month since the Busters were ambushed by the United Nation's Special Squad; now the Busters crashed onto the UN's New base and rescue their friends. However.. it seems that Commander Axe has something in store...? The Busters not only have to defeat the UN from capturing them but also stop the Axe's plan.


The Strongest
[For Veterans, please read the updated summaries and changed events here!]

Zuleka raised a brow of the change of Giovani's sudden's outburst, as she'd slammed into the wall. For a moment, she stayed in that place in order to grasp the situation of what just happen. Pulling herself out, she narrowed her eyes to witnessed the differences of Giovani's state; his body was glowing with some strange aura, and his pupils were missing. "That strength.. throughout this entire battle, the boy shouldn't even tickle me, yet that punch earlier.." Zuleka stopped herself from finishing her sentence. She stood tall and looked onward to Giovani, sporting a smile. "Now that's what I'm looking for, boy... I don't understand what the hell just happen just now, but I see you still got some fight left in you." 


Nessa narrowed her eyes as a burst of lightning zoom across the area towards him. She ready herself for a moment and dash away right before the lightning hit her. Her body appearing to be moving much more than before; the tone of her muscle began much more profound. The expression of her eyes became more narrowed and her afro is standing more regularly and sharp, spike-like style. She threw a punch towards Jay, aiming for a uppercut. Yet, she didn't use her left arm; she used her right arm, the one that was completely tore off by Rosalina from the Sounders incident. It has seem to healed...!? 


Daiman continue to hide in the shadows. "Okay, Dead Eye seems to be using his surroundings in order to catch his prey much more easily." Daiman thought. "However, we can use that as our advantage as well..." Daiman looked up the ceiling and sparks an idea. He formed two giant hands towards the ceiling and begin tearing it apart. "Naolyn, let's shower the area like falling arrows!" 


"Man.." Tomy caught his arm. "Seems that I still have a long way to go, huh? Well.." Tomy attached his arm back in place; he moved it around a bit to get the clinks and bolts working properly, giving out a "noise". "Next time, I will give you a run for money, Xavier. With that said, let's find those buddies of yours, eh?

Meanwhile.. Jacobs seems to be walking down the halls. "Seems I've lost sight of Tomy..."Jacobs wondered. "He couldn't have gone that far, anyways." 


Red's body transformed into a literal machine gun. She wasn't going to go down that easily as her friends, did. "Let's see which is stronger, a bunch of rocks or bullets that can pierce through anything!?"Red shouted as she fired a storm of bullets among the earth formation. "Purple and Blue, don't worry. Just hang in there!" She screamed. 


Axe dragged the pipe across the floor as he gain closer to Faraday. "Betrayal? Hardly."Axe said. "It's simply small sacrifice in order to accomplished a long term goal. Don't worry though, your dedication to the team won't go to waste. You'll be a excellent "part"..." Axe raise his arm, sporting a sinister smile. "of my dreams.." as he swung towards Faraday's head.

(Mother's Sanctuary)

Raster followed behind Kira, as Kelly takes them to her little area that she regularly hangs out at. She'd stopped for a second, only turning her head to the side, looking at both Raster and Kira. "We're here." 

~ Z ~

Black Jacket
"Totally! I'm on it Daiman!" Naolyn turned to Dead Eye and smirked. "Take this! The Dai-Lyn special! Thousand Falling Arrows!"

Naolyn lifted herself from the ground and quickly held her hands out to Dead Eye. The ceiling that was falling and broke into many pieces stopped in midair. She took a deep breath and began to punch the air, each time she punched, a piece of debris would fly to Dead Eye at nearly a blinding speed. She let Daiman continue breaking the wall while she threw hundreds, even thousands of pieces of debris at Dead Eye. During that, her eyes were blank since she focused primarily one Dead Eye. She screamed.



Ryder returned back to Cernia after his fiasco with Faraday. He knew Faraday would live but he only hoped that he would make the right choice and leave them alone. He was roughed up and wondered how Cernia and Tico were doing. The Cernia shadow he had disappeared, its time running up. Finally, after a moment or so, he appeared out from the steam and in front of Cernia. He didn't do anything at first but quickly ran up to her and lifted her in the air, spinning her.

Tico released himself from Cernia's arm and hugged Ryder. He seemed to have been really worried about him. Overall, the group was back together and that what seemed to calm both Ryder and Tico down.

"Ryder live! Ryder guess!" Tico said while wiggling Cernia's arm.

"What?" Ryder asked.

"Cernia use Tico-Cannon! Cernia super smart! Steam turn to ice! Cernia boom-boom!" Tico then turned to Cernia. "Cernia super good with Tico!"

"Hey, let's save the talking for later, I'm pretty sure your friends need our help, Cernia." Ryder said, looking down the hall from where he came from.


Black Jacket
Cernia giggled being lifted into the air and spun around. "We can't go anywhere if you don't put me down!" She hugged her arms around Ryder's shoulders so she wouldn't fall, but blushed a bit. "Y-yeah, you gotta put me down...!" Cernia didn't seem to immediately register how closely they were hugging, and she was mainly used to hugging Naolyn. "Myeh! I'm super tough anyway!"

"Hey it's them." Gryffin said; he and Celeste had traipsed down the hallway after leaving Jess and Aya behind.

"Heyyyy!" Came Celeste's voice. "It's the lovebirds!" She gripped her shoulder as it throbbed in pain from the running and movement. "Shit, that smarts..."

"Hey, it's Gryffin and his friend!" Cernia said to Ryder. "How'd ya find us?"

"We just got done with Skeletor. Booked it outta there before Aya decided to do something about it. And we found a big ice wall." Gryffin said. "She won't bother us now. Hopefully. That woman's got some crazy in her." He rubbed his neck.

"But! We nabbed some of her toys, so we've got some help for a little bit besides our powers." Celeste and Gryffin held their pistols up. "Though they don't have much in them left... I think."

"What'd she do? Your nose is all bloody and your shoulder's messed up too!" Cernia said.

"Ah, it's nothing." Celeste winced. "Guess you guys got cornered by one of the Rats too."

Yoon watched the earth wall as Red rained the blizzard of bullets upon it. "If she's aiming for just the wall, she'd be open at the sides if one of us came out the side before she could react... where's Rai?"


"Good thing we ended the match there... there's no way my arm would have held out much longer." Brick's cybernetic arm had the majority fallen off.


Blue Jacket
"I'd certainly love to see you try! To think that a few robotic parts could improve one's strength that much.. In a few years, those replacements might even be able to match my strength!" Xavier let out a hearty laugh as he started walking. "But yeah, let's find my friends and take Axe down.."


"Don't you try to justify your damn actions by calling it a sacrifice...." Faraday lurched forward, his claws in his right hand extended. He was supporting himself with his left hand, so he didn't use the claws in that hand.

"If Ice-girl and shade-boy didn't come along, I would have definitely chopped you to hell right now.." He growled.

Grey Star

Red Jacket
"I apologize for the damage, it needed to be done." John said, walking away from the battle with Brick and deeper into the U.N.

"Perhaps my father could repair it. Perhaps there is a rocket-teer robot wandering New York, with his demolition and desert brothers."


Blue Jacket
The temperature continued to rise and Gio's body continued to glow.

"Have everything in your life taken away by force, have your kind dwindled to a handful!" he grit his teeth. "I've been wronged by you dogs for the last time. And your debts... must be paid!"

He clenched his fists and let out a loud roar.


His body released a blinding shine and a powerful heat burst. When the shine faded Gio was standing staring at Zuleka. His pupils returned and had a fiery look in them, his hair was slightly standing up, his arms had become volcanic, and he had a dark expression on his face. He was emitting a red aura from his body.

"You're finished."


Jay was sent hurdling towards the wall again. He landed on his back and he was getting angry. He tried to power up more but the power band was hindering him.

"Why can't I power up!?" Jay yelled angrily as he stood up. "And how did you get so strong!? Did you keep your power in that big stupid hair of yours?"


Dead Eye's eyes widened.


He tried to escape but ended up getting hit by the falling ceiling and the debris thrown at him. He was on the ground and continued to get pelted. His armor was protecting him but he still grit his teeth in pain.


Raimundo had left the others and was running up to Red's side with tremendous speed.

"Hey, do you mind if you stop?" he said as he jumped towards Red and sent a punch towards her.


Bomb Soldier walked through the halls.

"Still no sign of any Buster. I wonder how the others are doing."


Blue Jacket
The bullets pierce Ebonwu's Rock wall and strike his skin directly. They bounce off, leaving cuts along his body as he sees Rai run to her side.

"The earth is a powerful ally you do not want to cross. Before I continue, let me tell you who you're fighting. A nuclear bomb struck my home, laying the beautiful earth to waste. My friends avoided the main explosion by creating barriers and teleporting...I think. Anyway-" Ebon starts.

He slams his foot and thrusts his arm up, causing a pillar of earth opposite Raimundo and makes a target symbol out of it.

"Anyway, that explosion that destroyed our home? I slept through it. Soundly slept through it."

Chris found a boat for his new friend and himself.

"I commandeered a vessel for us!" he announces from the pier.
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