The Reality Vortex: Shadow Games

Clark took on the attack from Zenta’s energized bullets, resulting in a series of massive explosions. “…Listen buddy, you know exactly what I’m talking about.” The Kryptonian emerged from it with a stern expression. Taking another step forward, Clark easily shortened distance between Zenta and himself.

“I don’t care about your little lover’s quarrel with that fella, but acting like a rapid animal with no regard for its surroundings is absolutely unhinged. Doesn’t matter if they died or not, its poor sportsmanship. They haven’t had a chance to show off, but you cut them down as if they’re pests…. No…” He turns to Avalon, seeing him scared out of his mind. “I can deduce that Avalon and Zenta came from the same universe if he’s reacting like that.”

After hearing Zenta’s reasoning for feeling this way and being free, it was all too familiar to him. “I get it, you got power, these people are probably not worth to you except that one guy. Trust me, I’ve been there. I know someone who was on a similar path a while ago. But right now, you’re out of control. You are not getting your fight with Lucifer. You’re fighting me.” He held out his hand over Zenta’s head, putting some power into his index finger. “And saved the ego; if you’re that adamant about fighting him, you’ll need to put up a better performance.”

Swiftly, Clark finger flick Zenta’s forehead, pushing him back through several meters away in blazing speeds.

“Avalon, get a hold of yourself son. Whatever you are feeling, leave it. You want to beat Kaiba’s team? Then let’s keep the eye on the ball, alright? Back me up whatever you see and opening for you can chimed in. There’s no point in making conversations with him; he’s determined.”

Once more, Clark blasted off towards the beast quickly. Clark cocked his right arm back and launched a powerful punch to his stomach, followed by an uppercut to his jaw and a forward push by slamming against his chest, resulting in a destructive shockwave from each of his attacks. “Seems he can manipulate my energy attacks, hmm.” Using a single finger, he pointed at Zenta. “Super Air Strike!” He repeatedly jabbed his fingers, resulting an air-like attacks on Zenta’s body.
Victor summons what at first looks like a normal flower. Victor thinks "this should restrict and/or end any one not on Lillith's team once it fully comes into play" Victor jumps on the feather serpent and looks for fights that he needs to concern himself with.

The flower starts to change the arena as it grows.
Mooli trailed not far from behind Vegetto with Daiman still in her arms when Lucifer stopped to speak to him. She gave a puzzled expression between them, thinking it was some kind of new surprise rule Lucifer placed on the game again. Her confusion, however, grew seeing different rays of light appearing from the Breakers-- towards herself. Mooli yelped and turned to try to outspeed it, yet the light still hit its target.

"Daiman!? Are you okay? Whoa--" his completely limp body slipped from her grasp, prompting her to try and nosedive for a rescue but he quickly fell out of her reach. Mooli had no time to think of what to do next since Lucifer knocked Vegetto right into her. "Hey! watch where you're-" before being cut off by their impact exploding with a supernova. The flash and smoke cleared to show a singed, but still living Mooli whose entire body was pinned against Vegetto's back. "Going. Ouch." Slowly she unstuck herself from him to put out the little bits of her hair and clothes that were burning. "When did that rule come into play!? Oh well, must be something to do with what Bat-Man meant earlier. So, what's the plan now? It better not be anything other than kickin' his butt cause Daiman didn't get sent to time-out for nothing!" She stated pointedly with her hands on her hips.


"This kid's still running around? I'm impressed he's stayed in this game longer than the clown who beat him up in the tournament." Bernkastel floated down to where Asher was playing with Spina but she seemed hardly concerned about it. "Give us a moment to discuss something."

"Spina, I don't think I can fix that magic acting on you. It's only a hunch but I'm thinking Vortex Man must've learned it from absorbing my magic energy before with that weird eye of his. Eliminating myself or Vortex Man might make it wear off, or maybe it'll never wear off unless the magic just fizzles out on its own. Zenta and Lucifer are occupied for now, but it seems we need to pick one or the other to tip the scales back into our favor." Bern crouched as she pondered, propping her head up by resting her elbows on her knees. "So what are you thinking of doing?"
“What an interesting turn of events; too bad you’re doing the same routine as usual.” A voice lingered in Spina’s head after Bernkastel pressed him for an answer. “Everyone is showcasing their abilities while you’re stuck here getting jumped on by some brat. How embarrassing.”

“Shut up.” Spina mumbled under his breath.

“I’m starting to think this was a mistake. Each of the Breakers had resolve and desire they wanted to achieve, regardless of their morality. Each of them… capable of achieving that level of power. You are still in the same position you were months ago—years ago. No matter the powerups… its futile. Your destiny is nothing more than simply to lose. Perhaps that Vortex-Man is right. Should’ve napped that Gogeta instead. What did Vegetto say again… you’re better off being under his boots.”

Spina dug his fingers against the dirt as he became much more agitated. “I said shut up.”

“What’s the point of giving you the roadmap of power if you’re going to lose, cannon fodder? Was that brief instance of power against the Red King nothing but a mere fluke?”

The old Saiyan slowly stood up despite the rapid punches from Vortex’s Miracle Punch still in effect. His voice was breaking, resulting in a much sharper, raspier tone. With vigorous anger, Spina shouted as loud as he could: “I said… SHUT UP!”

A flourish dark energy billowed around Spina. It was a nasty aura—different from usual “evil aura” that the Breakers have come across throughout the years. Indeed, this was the same “intense state” that Spina took on towards the end of the fight against the Red King. It cannot be sensed but its pressure can be felt, it was rather heavy and nauseating. As his battle cry echoed across the battlefield, sharp, jagged crystals were forming on top of his many scars across his body. When the effects of Miracle Punch attempts to continue, Spina let out a shout—filling the intensity of the scream was such “killing intent”. Somehow, it dispelled temporarily.

The question Bernkastel asked: what will he do? The question caused him to pause for a moment. A question itself was outright alien to him. It wasn’t the first time he was asked for his opinion, but it was often dismissed or undermined because many assumed that he was simply out of touch. The look on Bernkastel on asking such a question was genuine to him—at least that is what he feels.

“Fine. Let’s remove everyone but ourselves.” He crossed his arms, increased his mass and spread his arms wide within a second. “Away with all of you!”


“Simple tricks,” Lucifer snaps his fingers and turned Dielec’ balls of energy and turning them into blue butterflies. “Attack…” The butterflies turned red instantly and attacked Brachi, Bara and Dielec. There was so much force behind their attacks, rapidly ping-ponging them around back and forth between.

Lucifer jumped another rock and stared at Victor. “High King.” The feather serpent Victor rode on exploded violently, and the old man was frozen mid-air. “Rest assure, sir, you’ll be helping with the young ones.” He flings Victor towards Mooli and Vegetto at rapid speeds. “Just a little more… hmm?”

The demon senses a strange pressure coming near him as everything around him becomes dark. “Killing intent… Vegetto? No, this is much intense. Zenta…? No…” A light formed in front of him, generating an explosion at point-blank range.

Spina had unleashed a deadly explosive of energy everywhere. Anyone in his vicinity was a target: barring Bernkastel, Zenta and Superman. Bypassing their senses and speed at any capacity, a light will appear in front of them and explode violently, generating heavy amount of damage.
More flowers start to grow out of the cracks of the arena. Victor is sent flying but was able to replace himself with one the flowers. Victor replaces himself with one the flowers near his location before he was blasted.

Victor says Lucifer "I get that one way to speed up that process." More of the arena starts to resemble a field of flowers. Any one near the flowers will notice them trying to grab them besides those on Lilith's team.

A flower that replaced victor hits Mooli. The flower that hit Mooli roots grab Mooli and starts to drain him.
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Zenta snarled under his breath as Clark flicked his forehead, sending him back. He skidded to a stop and bared his teeth. He was annoyed that he was being held back and prevented from fighting Lucifer when that was all he wanted to do. However, his annoyed snarl turned to a hidden chuckle as Clark mocked Zenta for needing to put a better performance.

You know the struggle of being held back, Kal-el…? Then perhaps, we have more in common than I presumed…

While Clark struck Zenta’s chest and jaw, the beast slid back even more. He stood dangerously close to the edge, just a few feet from being disqualified. A white aura began to manifest from the ground Zenta stood on, swirling around the beast like captivating wisps. The immense pressure he gave out began to shake the ground he stood on, sending the rubble into the air, where, upon contact with his energy, incinerated to nothing, not even ash remained.

As the air strikes hit Zenta, he showed no signs of dodging or evading, as if gauging the amount of pain he can take. Zenta began to laugh before opening his arms, taking more and more until the aura surrounding him started to swirl towards his hands. As the air-like attacks rushed in, Zenta jumped high in the air where he disappeared only to reappear behind Clark.

“You want a performance?” Zenta said, grabbing Clark’s shoulders. “So be it!”

Zenta’s knee launched out, slamming against Clark’s back. His knee was covered with volatile white energy, and upon impact, sent a shockwave across the field. A burst of energy escaped Clark’s chest, his own energy, from the impact Zenta left on his back. Zenta took the moment of shock to kick Superman up into the air. For a brief moment, Clark was unable to move, his energy scrambling to compose itself from the attack, as well as physically recover from the knee to his spine.

Avalon watched as Zenta appeared in the air with Superman, kicking him around and appearing before him only to kick him again.

“H-He’s playing kickball with Clark! I gotta do somethin’ or Clark’s in big trouble…!” Even though Avalon wanted nothing more than to help Superman, his body was frozen with fear. “Ugh…! But standin’ here ain’t gonna help anyone!”

Finally, Avalon broke through the fear he was in and performed handsigns before tossing his scroll in the air. A puff a smoke appeared a large bird appeared, rushing out of the smoke and directly to Zenta in hopes of causing a distraction for Clark to regain his bearings. Despite its size, the bird was very nimble, instantly grabbing Clark out of the way from another one of Zenta’s kicks before flying away.

Oh? I don’t think so…”

As the bird flew off, Zenta turned to the avian as he slowly fell. He flung his arm downwards in a slicing motion. A highly concentrated, and razor-thin line of energy formed from the swift motion of Zenta’s hand. It was barely visible, even to the trained eye. In a flash, the paper avian holding Clark was sliced in half, dropping Clark. Avalon’s eyes widened, having no idea what happened.

“What happened?!”

“Simple energy manipulation and transfiguration…” Zenta said, appearing behind Avalon. “I can harness and manipulate energy from all around me, not just those I fight. Now then, are you going to interfere with me again, Avalon?

“Hey, my grandpa is a million times better than the angel dude!” Asher said proudly. “But he does look tough! I bet if we team up on him, we all can gang up on grandpa when we win! Let’s do it!”

As Asher cheered in his ignorant bliss, he noticed Spina charging up his attack. He poked his head with his staff once more.

“Hey, what are you doing, gramps—Waaaah!” Asher quickly flew back from Spina’s massive attack, barely having time to slam his Ruyi Bang on the ground to prevent himself from falling out of bounds. He held on to his staff as hard as he could, watching Spina's attack unfold. “Whoa! Cool!”
Clark landed next to Avalon with a loud thud, shaking the arena now transformed into a flowerbed thanks to Victor. “Phew…” Letting out an exhausted sigh, the Kryptonian patted Avalon on the back as an attempt to knock some sense into him. “Hey,” Clark was concern for his wellbeing. “Why are you sweating so much? Do you need a break?”

Avalon’s reaction confuses him; almost as if he was afraid of something about Zenta. While he agreed that butchering people was out of line, he honestly couldn’t see anything else that would rattle a person to that extent. He doesn’t know Zenta on a personal level, but he can sense bloodlust. Perhaps that’s what Avalon is sensing?

Turning his head slightly to see what was going on behind him, to nobody’s surprise, everyone was targeting Lucifer. Seeing Victor’s flowers trying to grab anyone, he wondered where Vortex-Man had gone off too. “He wasn’t eliminated… Oh! There he is…”

Clark returned to Zenta with a smirk. “Well, looks like your fight with Lucifer won’t happen anytime soon. They’re getting their licks first… and by the time you somehow get past me, he’d already been eliminated.” He placed his hand on his chest. “But that was quite a performance, Zenta. Have you ever had a spar with Vegetto? I think he’s dipping his toes into that area…”

After composing himself, Clark took another battle stance. “Avalon won’t interfere. He’s going to assist the others. It just you and me, big man.” Less than a nanosecond after stating that, Clark closed the gap between Zenta and himself. Upon his arrival, the Kryptonian had already driven his punch in Zenta’s torso. “Atomic Son.” He sent he beast flying back and gave chase. In brilliant speeds, Clark forced him back even further with a shoulder tackle. He dashed around against the flower field, kicking up burnt flowers in the process. “He’s an energy manipulator… he’s obviously pretty advanced if he’s using this efficiently.”

Pointing his finger at Zenta, firing a single air bullet towards him to force him still. Crossing his arms together, Clark shouted as a series of rapid-fire punches erupted on the beast. Each punch is capable of detonating stars. At the end of the attack, it exploded into a massive hypernova-like explosion.

“If you can control energy, let’s see if you can bend this!” Clark’s eyes shined brightly, with cracks appearing across his face. “Atomic Vision!” He fired a massive amount of power from his eyes towards the beast in blistering speeds just mere inches from his face.


Lucifer emerged from the instantaneous light blast. “Hmm, that was quite troublesome. I couldn’t detect that…Fufu. Spina and Bernkastel… those two…” The demon pointed at the two. “High King—” The Demon narrowed his eyes, realizing that his magic attack didn’t activate. Rather, it was then redirected. “My magic is being absorbed?” He turned around, seeing Vortex-Man with his injured eye opened.

“Finally, you let your guard down.” Vortex-Man said, absorbing his magic into his eye.

“Oh…?” Lucifer seems intrigued.

Vortex-Man smirks. “High King!”

The High King struck Lucifer, causing him to be flung back. Vortex-Man set his sights towards Mooli and Vegetto. He didn’t want to help the latter, but everyone was needed in hopes of knocking Lucifer out of the ring. Opening his eyes again, he absorbed the magic that created the flower and released both. “There’s your chance! Take him down!” He shouted.
Victor says, "Ok but I will note that its best if we work with others." Victor thinks as he picks up a coin of the feather serpent. "They get that all of them are life forms of some kind." Some roots are absorbing what they can form the chunks of meat of the serpent.

A vine pulls Lucifer farther in the ring in order to prevent lucifer's ring out.

The arena is becoming more and more a field of flower as the water elemental starts to help grow the flower. Victor summons an earth elemental to protect himself and help the field grow.

Wend Vertex-Man drained energy form the flower noticed that very little energy was absorbed form the flower, that the Flower that he removed was in fact a flower of some kind not some energy construct.
Bernkastel kept her eyes trained on Spina during the long stretch of silence, staring up with a surprised yet calm expression at his following outburst. Observing the shift in his appearance and the pressure being exerted over the area, the Witch remained unmoving. Only during the mass barrage of explosions ringing out did she slowly rise to her feet. In that moment where everything was blinding white with pure black shadow, Bernkastel stood alone with only her observations of everything around them.

Normally, the sight of these changes alone would signal trouble and prompt a compensation to 'correct' any potential misstep. Yet, a small smile rose to her face instead. There wasn't a sense of fear or apprehension in her mind, or at least she didn't feel enough suspicion to deny Spina's objective. "Alright then. Sounds good," Bernkastel replied in a relaxed velvet tone as her tail traced lines in the air with playful curiosity.

"Just make sure you survive until then, kid," she warned Asher but given how he was nimbly maneuvering his way around things, she didn't feel terribly worried yet. "Because once those two are dealt with, I'll be playing to win. Let's go."

The explosion of light left behind Mooli with her arms crossed shielding most of her face. Her pink glasses were cracked with extensive scorch marks smoking along her limbs; she wasn't fast enough to have evaded the attack but despite her face being scrunched up from the stinging pain, she still had her sights set on taking Lucifer down.

Mooli reeled her arms down to her sides, her aura of flames blazing further in intensity and leaving a crater of dry, burnt flowers upon takeoff. She didn't want to waste a vital opportunity again; Vortex Man had sent Lucifer flying in their way with his back completely exposed in their direction, a rare opening point considering most attacks until now were primarily dealt facing Lucifer's front body. I don't know if I'll have much time left with this form. Definitely won't be able to throw him out of bounds in one go either. I gotta make this count!

Mooli flew with both arms forward and began to spin as she blazed through the air. The fire of her aura started to flicker wildly around her silhouette, curving into a spiraling arc around her body before it morphed into two; one remained a stream of crimson while the other gleamed a bright platinum hue like sparks unleashed from frictioning metal. Much like Vegetto's Dragon's Fist, the flames morphed into dragons, gliding through the air following the arms of their caster.

"Twin... Dragon... Strike!!" Mooli's battle cry echoed as she closed in on Lucifer, slamming her fists into the sides of his ribcage-- the impact between two flying objects meeting from opposite directions produced a heatwave radiating with a gust of wind. The dragons streamed down her arms to disperse at Lucifer's sides, coiling their bodies around the set of wings on each side to reduce his mobility significantly. With their heads at the end of the wingspan they each turned to bite down on his forearms for whatever crushing damage they could inflict on his current physique. It was a ridiculously risky move since Mooli's wrists were bound by their tails and her feet were planted flat on what little ground remained. This guy looked scrawny and twiggy but he's built like a statue! My arms feel like they're pincushioned with needles! the Saiyan grit her teeth, sucking in air as she lifted one of her legs back far as possible before swinging it out to produce new momentum.

"Hnnnraaaaaghh!" Mooli shouted under the tremendous strain her muscles had to endure while supporting herself on one leg-- the grip her Twin Dragons held to swing Lucifer's body over her head and back down headfirst onto a nearby rock in hopes he'd be too stunned to move for a few seconds. "I can't hold him forever!"
While initially caught off-guard by the attacks, it was Bara whom suddenly liquefied herself and engulfed both Brachi and Dielec before shrinking back into a ball form at which she began to glow, her outer 'shell' momentarily hardening to become a shield for the three to give them ample time to recover.

Said shield then started to glow yellow as it began to charge up an electric attack, at which Dielec then emerged while shooting lightning bolts in nearly all directions to strike at those butterflies to stun them, which was her Lightning Crusher attack. Bara then used Dielec as a conduit to use her Transfiguration Beam on the attack, causing the yellow bolts to turn purple and changing said butterflies into needles, at which Brachi then used an invisible Kiai with some form of telekinesis to hurl said needles back at Lucifer in their own attempt to aid Mooli, using the needles to pin Lucifer down in their best way possible, while at the same time ensuring none of the others were caught in the crossfire.
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