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The Reality Vortex: Red Reputations


Green Jacket
Xy'pher Panich stepped through the portal, glaring at Spina as he wiped his face clean of the blood she caused him to shed. She was surprised the Breaker was still awake after the punch she delivered. She floated closer to him, barely listening to the nonsense he was babbling on about.

The elite narrowed her eyes and watched as Spina's energy blew a gust of wind all around, causing her hair to blow back slightly.

As the older Saiyan charged her, she jerked forward and her body hunched over from the punch. As the kick swing around however, it would crash against her hand and her crystalized claws sinking into his leg.

"You dare to try and lay your hands on my King and now you demand a battle with me?" Panich smirked, "You seem to forget that this is your execution!"

She reeled her fist back and unleashed a barrage of punches on Spina's body and face as she held his calve. Once finished the Xy'pher elite took a hold of his leg with her other hand and began swinging the saiyan at a break neck pace, causing a small tornado to form around them.

"But I'll grant you this last wish before you die, so make it worth my while!" As she released his leg, sending the leader of the Breakers flying through the air before chasing after while shooting ki blasts at him.


Black Jacket
"So that's what all that racket was in here... well, I suppose in their case it was either bad luck or incompetence. For me this is a gamble I have to make regardless of the outcome. Now then," Bernkastel pulled away from Guardian for distance, making a stance to center herself. Gathering her energy from within, the witch began to focus on amplifying her soul's presence into surfacing.

Her body began to emit a faint light as she outstretched her arms into the darkness. Bern's hands lit up with the monochrome energy she'd used on Spina. "I'll pay with ashes; burn the emotions clouding my mind right off my soul!" The energy took shape of fire, spreading out across her body until Guardian only saw it as a faint outline consumed by a gray-white flame. It doused Bernkastel's senses in the dull pain that only numbness could bring. As the flames died out, Bern looked unharmed aside from the pile of glowing white ashes at her feet and the wafting cinders of residual smoke. "It's done... Ready when you are," she plainly stated, awaiting Guardian's next order.

No response came from Bernkastel even as Zenta begged her; she just lay in his arms staring into space without focusing on anything. The only movement coming from her was a slight squinting, mouth pressed in a thin line. This was the longest she had taken yet using Clear Mind.

Berserk slowly scraped herself off the torn-up ground, spitting out a stream of blood. "What's taking so long? We can't get the upper hand with that Walter guy using his portals! Aagh!" Switching the sword into melee mode, Berserk swung it two-handed against a row of Xy'phers crowding around them. The broken exposed wire at the end sparked wildly with her electricity. "Damn it, there's just too many of these things! How are we supposed to get around all this?!"


Red Jacket
Majin Bara then suddenly raised a hand in the air and started firing numerous blasts upward to the ceiling, which didn't hit the ceiling itself however, instead, they moved off in various directions and started to rain down on all the Xy'phers from above, like an assault rain to relieve some pressure off of Berserk and Zenta, with some of the blasts also moving to intercept attacks aimed towards herself at that.

"Remember, Bara," the Majin heard Brachi's voice speaking to her mentally, as if she momentarily fell into a past memory, "there is ALWAYS a path to victory. With your unique body structure, you should be able to improvise on the fly, and set an example for your fellow kin to help in protecting the ones most dear to you. Remember not to lose yourself in the process, not even in the most dire situations, even if you must do whatever is necessary to win."


The Strongest


After getting brutally pummeled rapidly and sent flying by Xy’pher Panich, Spina hurled across the air.

“Dark Energy is growing steadily in her. Heh, consider this as training—”

“Shut up.” Spina’s eyes widened as a thick stream of aura twirls around him briefly. He took a deep breath until his cheeks were full and his chest fully expanded. Mere seconds before Panich’s ki blasts reached their target, Spina exhaled.

Spina let out a devastating, thunderous roar. Like a raging hurricane, massive shockwaves rippling out in front of him to blow away the incoming energy attacks until they vanished into nothing. The old Saiyan moved brilliantly, motioning his arms with such fluidity.

“Flowing Strike: Instant Slayer.” Spina dashed forward, dealing rapid-fire strikes against the Xy’pher Saiyan. Quickly, Spina shoulder bashed Panich, but not enough to put distance between them. Rather, Spina used this as an explicit opening: by grabbing her left, crystal ear, the old Saiyan spun her around, then kick her towards the ground below.

Tensing his muscles, Spina flew right after her. He started to spin around forward so fast that it from a distance, it looked like a ball of fire falling from the sky. Once close enough, Spina extended his body, launching an destructive kick towards Panich.


Below the ground, there was a hint of hellish's energy forming below.
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Green Jacket
The curt and blunt denial ended the negotiation as quickly as it started, in a roaring fashion that should have ignited the Potara fusion's rage. Once again, Vegetto had been denied his will and goals in such a complete rebuttal. Yet instead of the typical rage and unyielding hatred being unleashed without restraint, Vegetto slowly lifted his chin. The confident smirk etched onto his face, his eyes still narrowed but widening slightly.

"Fine...then it all ends here."

In an abrupt flash of golden light, Vegetto's right arm instantly cocked back; his arm muscles bulging. The veins along his arms throbbed and trembled nearly as violently as the ones that quickly overtook the whites of his eyes. The intense seething hatred rapidly boiled over in his face now that the walls were torn down, the unhinged madness rising to heights unseen before in the man. Yet the energy that rose behind his fist and swelled within did not wildly explode outward or tear into the landscape itself like usual tantrums from Vegetto. The golden aura swirled violently as electricity crackled around the Potara fusion, but the ominous and foreboding pressure that truly radiated from the man came from the raised fist.

The powerful sensation that swirled around Vegetto's fist grew not just in a semblance of strength, but one of intense corruption. A sickening pull could be felt from the beings within its proximity; the emotional turmoil of an immense ego so perfectly scorned into pure hatred seemingly infecting whoever was simply close by. Hurling the fist forward, Vegetto roared in a violent yell, the immense strength of will sending his fist flying forward in a bid to fulfill Lucifer's promise of total destruction.

As the fist flew closer, the intoxicating pull grew even stronger. Vegetto's toxic hatred and rage seemed to bleed into Lucifer much like the empathic pull when the fusion invaded the angel's mind; the corruption moving past Lucifer's physical body and deeper into his very soul. If the punch landed, the blow itself would strike not just on the physical angel's body, but at the very energy that powers the angel himself.

The fist shot forward at blinding speeds, milliseconds away from striking Lucifer. Potentially ending the story of the Breakers and the Red King against everyone's will.


The Strongest
Vegetto’s fist caved into Lucifer’s face. His head whipped back, blood rushing out from his nose and mouth. In less than a second after the punch—a deathly chill rushes the area around them.

Spina narrowed his eyes before he could land his attack, feeling that his heart had came to a halt. Moments before the old Saiyan reached Panich, he’d exploded. Immediate after his death, came for the others. One by one in rapid succession, each member of the Breakers dies. Even Detective Bage drop dead, and seemingly exploded afterwards. Cayde’s head flew off upwards the air and landed right next to Vegetto’s feet. In the distance, Superman’s cape is seen floating in the air—meaning that Superman got caught up in that death sentence as well.

After a minute passed, only the Red King, his Xy’phers army, Cuki, Detective Spawn, May and Nia were left unscathed. Bewildered and distraught, the Red King has no one to stand his way in his conquest and his battle against the monster that lurks in the dark above. With the coins widely available to him now, it was easy pickings to turn them into the Xy’phers without worry.

“Ah, that’s just how the story ends. A little predictable, but it happens. I can always seek a better one.” Lucifer waved at the Saiyan standing in the pool of the fallen Breakers. “Farewell.” His wings spread out and flew away from the abrupt battle.







“You’d think he’d flipped out after you said no to him. But he’s standing there.” She paused. “For nearly 30 minutes now.”

“He’ll figure it out. Eventually.” Lucifer lifted the Potara, tossing him to the sea of Xy’phers down the hill. “His mind is simple, embarrassingly so. It’ll take him a while.” His ears perked when the Red King stated that the monster that lurks in the dark and Spina’s energy was similar in the sense. “Hm…”

Lilith nodded once, coming to understanding Lucifer’s statement. The moment Vegetto appeared in front of the him, before he could even uttered a single word in against the angel, he was already put in illusion. While it was real to Vegetto, to everyone else, Vegetto was nearly standing there with a blank face. Lilith shuddered a bit after thinking how quickly Lucifer was able to pull it off without making a single gesture. He has absolutely no interest in entertaining Vegetto—his mind was focus on the Breakers and the downfall of the King.

“Now, young lady.” Lucifer smiles at Cuki. “What are your stakes in this? I hope you aren’t going to sabotage the Breakers because you are still angry. Although, that would be hilarious.”
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Black Jacket
“Shut your mouth, Lucifer.” Cuki dusted the dirt off her shoulders. “I’m fighting for...” She paused when the angel questioned her motives, refusing to answer any further. “Hmph! What are you doing to help us anyway?” Cuki’s tone was cold and harsh, at least in comparison to her sincerity when speaking to Xy’pher Panich. “Scared to get your hands dirty?”

“He seems to be an observant type. Typical... A snake that exploits one’s vulnerability.” As a white mist began to surround the trio, emerging from it was a figure that rested his chin on Cuki’s head. “A mark of one’s cowardice and lack of strength, fufufu.”

Cuki swatted at his misty apparition. “Hush, Byakko. Focus.”

“Oh phooey! Can I not joke?”

Lucifer’s comments struck a nerve in her, but she quickly shook it off. She turned her attention to Vegetto. Since his exit long ago, this is the first time they saw each other again, so Cuki was scrambling for the words to say, but couldn’t anything meaningful. She was a little concerned that Vegetto approached Lucifer with such seething rage. She barely knew Lucifer compared to the Breakers, and while they were unpleasant experiences, she could not understand the Fusion’s rage. She raised a brow when Vegetto spoke of a new deal, not aware of the context behind the proposal. Regardless of whether Cuki wanted to say anything to the Potara fusion, Vegetto stood there like a statue with a blank expression. Seconds later, Lucifer easily tossed him away like a statue.

“Wh-what did you do?” Cuki asked with worry.

Byakko narrowed his eyes. “Mm.”

“What did he do, Byakko?”

“An illusion. Nothing special.” Byakko’s eyes locked onto Lucifer. “Muscle-Head didn’t realize he got caught in an illusion the moment he approached Lucifer. Pfft!”

Cuki frowned and ran to the edge of the hill to see Vegetto falling into the sea of Xy’phers below. She turned to Lucifer, seeing his devilish smirk that he always held. Something about that smirk sent a shiver down her spine, as if something ominous was awaiting her. At the same time, it awoke a latent anger in her small body, one she was unaware she harbored towards the fallen angel.

“I liked him better when he was a baby,” Byakko snickered. “It suits that childish personality more.”

“Byakko.” Cuki turned her back to the angel. “Let’s go.” Without hesitation, she jumped down to chase after Vegetto.

“You’re no fun.” Byakko sighed. He turned to Lucifer one more time. His eyes filled with judgment, then revolt in contrast to the prideful angel before following quickly behind Cuki.

Falling from the sky, Cuki noticed a swarm of Xy’phers climbing on top of each other to attack Vegetto. She needed to get there as quick as possible, since the Potara’s guard was completely wide open.

No...! I’m not going to lose you again!

Tensing her muscles, Cuki let out a powerful roar that sounds like a ferocious tiger. By forwarding her arms, large metallic spikes burst out of the ground rapidly and pierced through the vital points of many Xy’phers. Some managed to dodge the deadly attack, climbing onto the spikes to positioned themselves.

Xy’phers opened their mouths and gathered intense energy. Cuki narrowed her eyes, seeing their intention. She pushed herself, falling faster to Vegetto; she’d bear hugged him and spun forward so she can properly land on her feet. Upon landing, huge amounts of smoke kicked up due to impact, flooding the area to blind the Xy’phers from seeing her. There were a few seconds of silence afterward until a rainbow burst of energy appeared around her and fire.

“Crap!” Cuki crouched down, now carrying Vegetto on her back. Moments before the energy attacks collided against her and Vegetto, she dashes forward in breakneck speeds. Like a bullet, she tore and shattered through every Xy’pher that got in her way easily, but some were still barely alive to feel the devastating aftershock of pain.

“Curious, hmm?” Byakko turned to the trail of broken Xy’phers behind. “Even blinded, they’ll still attack. It’s as if they had extra eyes in the battle.” He paused, without even looking forward. “There’s a big one coming, by the way.”

“I’m aware.” Cuki deadpanned.

A giant Xy’pher appeared before them, cocking its punch and launching forward. “Get out of my sight, scum.” Her tone grew grim as she effortlessly held out her hand to stop the punch. The youngster slowly lifted her face to glare at the Xy’pher before her fingers dug into the fist of the giant Xy’pher. Cuki took a deep breath as she blocked out the surrounding noise, all while gracefully releasing the Xy’pher’s fist. Without warning, thousands of metallic spikes erupted from the Xy’pher, causing it to fall on its side. As it fell, Cuki was able to see Zenta holding onto Bernkastel.

“I see Master and the others.” Cuki said as she stepped over the twitching Xy’pher. “Is Bernkastel still stuck in that trance for that spell?”

“Seems like it!” Byakko chuckled. “If you don’t hurry, she’ll get herself and that disgusting mutt killed.”

Numerous Xy’phers were riddled with bullets thanks to Cayde and his clone army. Tons and tons of shattered crystals flung up that nearly covered the red sky with a rainbow tint for a few moments.

“Simply… amazing.” Nia was impressed by Avalon’s quick thinking and Cayde’s adaptability to understand the situation. A deadly combination between the two if used correctly. “I’ll do my part as well!” She said out loud when it's not really needed.

A crystal projectile pierced through Nia’s shoulder, causing her to drop Cayde and his army towards the ground, the Xy’pher falling right after. She slammed against the ground, and instinctively reached for her shoulder to feel the dagger-like crystal. “W-what?!”

A portal appeared in front of Nia, from it emerged Xy’pher Walter. “The Red King specifically ordered for your head to be served to him on a platter. Don’t resist anymore.”

Nia swung her arm, using psychic powers to lift the debris of fallen Xy’phers at him. Walter let himself fall to easily disappear into a portal. “Damnit—ahh!!” Another crystal blade embedded behind her back. She turned, only to see that Walter already left, then proceed to get stabbed through her torso. Walter did this repeatedly until finally, he appeared in front of her and kicked her through one of the portals.

Soon after, a portal appeared in front of Cayde. Nia shot out and crashed onto the android, Walter quickly emerged from the same portal and looked above. Suddenly, Atomic Flare landed not far from where he stood. Seeing Spina hurling down with an attack, his eyes returned to Atomic Flare, confused at the strange expression on her face. Excitement. Excitement that was strikingly like what Gravita and Eleki held.

“Atomic Flare. Stop messing around and kill him. Our king demands it.” Walter clapped his hands together and placed them through the two portals that formed in front of him. “Please die.” Hundreds of tiny portals appeared around them, firing off hundreds of crystal daggers at rapid speeds.

Nia forwards her arms, forming a barrier between Cayde, a dozen of clones, and herself. “Multi-Barrier!” She shouted. It was a stronger barrier compared to the previously one, but it takes tons of concentration and power to keep it up. And the amount of impact behind each crystal projectiles, she wasn’t sure she can keep it steady. “Cayde, I can’t hold the barrier for long!”

“Damn that portal guy…” Avalon pondered on what to do next. He wanted to jump in, but that would only put them and himself in harm’s way. “How to counter something that can portal anywhere?”

Suddenly, he had an idea after seeing Nia getting toss into the portal. “Why not use his own portals against him…? Wouldn’t they all go back to him? It’s worth a shot, but I need someone to help with me…” He looks around, looking for anyone. Berserk was near Zenta and Bernkastel and didn’t want to risk getting caught by the Red King’s psychic power. “I need someone—”

Avalon’s eyes narrowed, sensing something below Walter, Cayde and Nia. “Spawn…? Ah!” He tapped the paper bird. “Bring me down there, buddy! Quickly!”

Red King was not amused for whatever tactics they were planning. As a horde of Xy’phers stormed to jumped on the trio, the Red King focused his psychic power on Bernkastel, pointing his robe-arm at her. A red hue appeared around the Witch with the intention to twist her in different places, especially her neck. The Witch quickly lifted out of Zenta’s arms and floated directly to the King, where he stared deep into her lifeless eyes.


“Stop!” Zenta shouted, ripping through the horde of Xy’phers apart with ease as he rushed to her side. “Lady Bernkastel!”

Strangely, no matter how much force the Red King put on the Witch, she did not bend at all. Not even a fickle of her hair was affected by the immense power of the Red King’s psionic energy.

“Hmm…?” Red King was slightly confused. “What trickery is this?”

In that brief moment, Zenta saw an opening.

“Berserk, Bara, May!” He shouted. “Attack him now, while he’s distracted!”

Zenta flung his arms to the side and unleashed a powerful shockwave of energy that blew away and destroyed every Xy’pher on either side of him. It gave Bara, Berserk, and May a clearing in order to reach the King with full force. The beast elegantly skipped on the flying rubble, trying to get closer to Bernkastel.


Red Jacket
Seeing the opening Zenta created, Bara immediately capitalized on it. Cupping her hands together in a vein similar to Vegeta's Final Flash, she rapidly charged up a fierce energy beam while also leaping foward to close the distance, not wanting the Red King to pull out any dirty tricks, firing a fierce wave of magenta-colored energy towards the Red King the second she had her feet on the ground, while also leaving the area open for Berserk and May to add in their shots, as if using her attack not just to attack the Red King, but also to ensure that the path for May and Berserk remained clear for them to strike.

While this attack of Bara was known as her 'Ultra Force' energy wave, it should be noted that Bara didn't bother to announce her attack, as if completely averting the one thing some of the others, her friends included, had a tendency to do of calling their attacks before firing. It was as if there was no thought to this and was just picking her attacks that she deemed was best suitable for whatever opportunity arose.

meta knight

Green Jacket
May takes out a sniper rifle with rounds designed to deal with creatures like the king. May takes aimed in order not to hit any alleys and starts shooting like Zenta wanted.

May thinks as she keeps shooting the king "I trust sense the king is effectively a crystal life form these rounds should do real damage if not outright lethal. That and the shots shood not miss."


The Strongest
“Mhm!” Lucifer smiles when Cuki and Byakko jumped after Vegetto. “Cuki got quite a bite.” The angel noticed. “Her appearance isn’t for show.”

“Making a consideration?” Lilith asked.

“Not yet. I want to see what she’s capable of.”


“Well done.” Guardian praise. “You’re only exposed to Clear Mind for a short while, and yet surpassed previous users quite easily.” Her eyes softened. “Even Goku struggled, and he had Clear Mind for over three years.”

Impressed by Bernkastel’s growth, Guardian bowed. “I am Guardian.” She reintroduced herself. “I am the Overseer of Giving. I was task to oversee and care for the Vortex Tree. The tree that contains all lives forcibly out of their worlds. If I wish, they’ll either remain in the Tree, or I can release them onto Vortex, gifting them a second chance in life. Byproduct, any death resulting in a Vortex Coin will alert me. How, when and where they die, even to the tiniest of detail, manifest perfectly in my mind.”

Guardian approached Bernkastel until the gap between them was nonexistent. “It requires a mighty mind to handle the constant influx of information. Which is why, out of all my siblings, I am the most proficient of Clear Mind. Free of the bondage of emotions, I can dissect anything that comes to my direction to the best course of action without a second thought.”

She crouched down and placed her hands on Bernkastel’s waist, lifting her up from the ground. “For example—I’d upped your durability the moment Red King tried to twist your body. This is the strength and power of Clear Mind.”

Her eyes grew colder. “But if you let even the tiniest outburst of emotions, you’ll be subjected to Mind Backlash.” She explains such once more. “Not only you will put the others in danger, but it’ll also result a greater risk of mastery Clear Mind.” Numerous arms slip around underneath Guardian’s dress. “Failure… you’ll simply be another collection of a long list of failures. Never again see the light of day.”

Guardian hugged Bernkastel, but it wasn’t embraced. Despite the invasion of space, none of them felt it had any meaning. If it was Bernkastel was being hugged by a lifeless doll. “Not that I need worry of such. Because of what I’ll say next, you won’t feel a thing. You’ll see to it that emotions are a tool.”

Placing Bernkastel back on the ground, Guardian took several steps back. “You’re the first to each this far. Let’s see if I can push you even further by testing your emotional state.” She raised a single finger, and her tone become monotone and uninteresting. “Gogeta is dead. I’ve sensed his death was done by hands of Clark. He’d kill Gogeta because he believes he was under the influence of Vegetto’s behavior and saw no redemption for it. Vegetto attempted to hid the death of Gogeta from you, but he was quickly discovered by Lucifer and Zenta.” She turned her head quickly to the right. Although the world they were in is cover in complete darkness, she knows that Zenta was nearby. “As we speak, Zenta is holding onto that Coin and plans to give you after the battle.” She turned back to Bernkastel, waiting to see any sort of reaction.


A sudden green hue flash around Nia’s barrier, creating yet another layer of protection. Shortly after, Detective Spawn shot upward. It ripped through the diamond earth with ease as he headed towards the sky, expanding his cloak.

“Go.” Without further instructions, several souls armed with weapons shot out of the from cloak. Each of them heading towards the portal. The hellspawn looked up, seeing Avalon coming in their direction. “Hmph. I know what you’re thinking kid. Better not mess this one up. You’ll get once chance…”

As several of them passed through the portal, they reached the other side and grabbed Walter’s arms, preventing him from opening nor closing the portals.