The Fairy Forest

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Sep 3, 2015

The Fairy Forest

The Fairy Forest, located on the eastern side of Paradice, near the Soothing River, is the home of fairies and all fairy-like species. The forest stretches about 42,340 acres, an abundance of wildlife, fruits and vegetation. Monsters, on the other hand, can be either aggressive or peaceful towards travelers.

The Fairy Village resides deep within the forest, behind a thick and dense fog, intended to lure humans to different paths in the community. The fairies and other fairy-like creatures are small beings that resemble humans in appearance, but have the magical abilities equal to a powerful monster. They are an all-female species, capable of flight due to wings and leave trails of glitter in their wake—hunters sought for them because it contains substances that can aid in healing potions. 

The first record of fairies in history emerges during AGE 2100, when a Grandmaster and his students stumbled across it during their expedition. According to the Grandmaster of the time, it noted that the fairies are capable of granting wishes of any desires; however, only to those with a pure heart. Further in the detailed report, the Grandmaster noted that the society of Fairies function similar to the humans—making an assumption that Fairies were once young woman—who die a unjust death—reborn as fairies as a second chance. In the last of his notes, he declared that traveling to the Fairy Village is seemingly impossible—acknowledging that the discovery was simply a fluke, travelers attempting to find the village will meet their deaths.

Notable Areas of Interest

The Fairy Village houses all fairies and fairy-like species, and resides deep within the forest. Small, winged-beings, and fickle, the fairies are somewhat peaceful group. They prey on travelers and play innocent pranks to test their might—if they passed, they are deem worthy to take them to the village. If not, the fog the Enchanted Lady will take care of them. The village, riddled with decorations, fruits and colorful vegetation, has beautiful buildings and houses, with lighting powered by their untapped magic.

The Queen of the Fairies lies in the Palace protected powerful elite Fairies. Any travelers, worthy of the fairies, are welcome to meet the Queen and received their blessings. She also allows travelers to take a fairy out of her village for Guild purposes. However, the fairies warned that her wrath is powerful, not underestimated upon, due to being overprotective of her people.

The village has a variety of goods and establishments. The Fairy Shop allows travelers and fairies to purchase powerful wands to perfect their magic abilities. The Wand contains a special property that allows you to use the maximum potential laying deep within you. However, using it rapidly takes a heavy toll on the body. Another establishment is the healing station, which heals someone of all their wounds after a long journey. It is a spa-like area, filled with warm waters and bubbles.

According to a survivor, they tried to search for the fairies—influenced by the Grandmasters’ work—and tried to get the wishes they supposedly grant. However, she noted that the group, due negative thoughts, emotions and desires, got lost in a very dense and thick fog. Unable to distinguish the road and turned back, they press forward until they arrived at a lake—the water was pitch red like blood. The mage named the place as “Blood Lake”. In the middle of the lake, they spotted an erratic woman, dubbing her as Enchanted Lady, which screams so loudly that it sent crows in a panic. In an instant, unable to recall the event, all of her friends disappeared and never seen again.
A man with tentacles for hair and purple eyes thinks as he picking some fruit "people are way to scared of this place. Don't hunt fairies and don't bring any thing your not willing to risk losing." 
A small fairy saw the man that was picking the fruit. As she giggles, she decided to surprise the man by creeping up behind. "You know, such fruits often give people bad digestion just by a touch!" The fairy whispered, making up a lie to startled him.
The man puts the fruit in his bag and says to her unaffected "I willing to get you one as well there more than I need." The man seems to know she lying to him.
"Uhh..." the fairy started to sweat. "N-no thanks! I'm good!" She declined his offer. "But what are you doing here? Are you lost?"
The man says turning to face her "a mix of reason and no I am not." The man looks at her and thinks "had a feeling I was dealing with a fairy."
"W-well, you know those rumors! Can't be snooping around here without a reason, or you'll get caught by the Enchanted Lady!" the fairy tried to play with the man's fears.
The man says "non my reason risk me running in to her or her bloody lake." The man thinks "Odds are even if I stated the fact I a biomancer. It would be nice to get some fairy DNA but the risks are simply not worth it."

A group of men start to move in on the two them.
The fairy's ears twitch upon sounds of footsteps. "Did you hear that? Sounds like someone, no, more like a group of people are walking in our direction." Sweat began to form on her head, dripping down from her forehead to the cheeks before falling to the floor. "Whenever a group appears, I just know that they're hunters! Or those creepy teenagers that like to wreck things." She turns to the tentacle man. "You best find a place to hide, if I were you." She looks up, seeing the tree that was large enough to hide their bodies. "Like up there until they pass us." She flew towards the tree.
The man thinks "To light to have some thing with my time." 

The man oddly is not afraid of the group of hunters. The lead hunter says to the man "Did you see a fairy?" The man says "It matters not if I did or not; I don't I refuse to assist your suicidal actions." The hunter lead tries to strake the man but the man ducks out the way and with the tentacles on his head whip him. The man says "I don't know what is more foolish hunting fairies or picking a fight with me." The hunters start to back up as the lead hunter gets up.

The lead hunter says seeing the men back away "come on we faced bigger ...." The man knocks head hunter out before the head hunter finishes speking and says "sick to things that are not intelligent." The other hunters obey him as they leave.
"W-whoa!" the fairy said, coming out of hiding. "You managed to scare them away! You show no fear!" She praised the man. "What is your name?"
The man says "My name is Vosh, what is yours name?" The man thinks looking at the knocked out head hunter "I good on human DNA for the time being." 
"Alice." the fairy answered. "Pleasure to be acquaintances with you, Vosh." She looks around before returning back to Vosh and thought about something. "Normally, we try to deter travelers from getting close, but you managed to scare away those guys. May I ask what's your reasoning of being here?"
Vosh thinks "She must want more details that what I gave prior. Who knows I may get lucky and gather fairy DNA but I should." Vosh says "I am gathering DNA of different lifeforms, traveling, and testing this body." He lifts the head hunter in the air with out touching him and placing him in an appealed resting position.
"DNA hunter...?" Alice was puzzled by his answer. "Testing this body? Ah... you talk like one of those Empiran folks. Always on and one about science, technology, and future." Alice said. "I don't understand none of that... but since you managed to defeat those goons and scaring them off from my village... I can take you there as thanks." Alice said. "It at least I can do."
Vosh thinks as he puts a note on the hunter once more not touching the hunter "she got the jest and that good." Vosh says surprised after placing the note says "ok." Vosh thinks "Best case I get some fairy DNA to clone and/or splice fairy DNA; Worst case I add to some esoteric knowledge on her kind."
Alice nodded. "Alrighty! Come, come. Follow closely behind me. As we approach, we will be approaching a rather thick, but dense fog. The last thing you want to do is get lost in there." She warned before flying ahead. "So make sure you stay close."
Vox says as he follows Alice close behind her "I think that was a given." Vosh's eyes shift better able to see in the interment they are entering.
As they traveled deeper into the forest, a noticeable amount of fog behind to take hold. It was dense, for an average person, hard to breathe and difficult to see. However, Alice was emitting a light from her body, making it a bit easier to see where they were traveling. 

"Alright, Vosh..." Alice turned around. "Make sure you stay close to me... there always some weird creatures that might come out and attack you." Alice suddenly bumped into a large, sleeping monster that was blocking their path to their direction. It snores loudly, and move his body here and there, and has a scent that was dreadful to smell.

"What the?! What this big thing doing in the way!" Alice said, but she made sure her voice didn't wake it up.
Vosh is following and moves normal despite the fog. Vosh stops behind Alice and says quietly "Its odds are it just a dire boar."
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