The Arcane Apothecary

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"I am kinda on a time crunch. Anything you could produce in say a day or such?" The Dark Gunner asked before look towards Azura.

"Azura, it's polite to say hello." He said. The Wolver looked at him and then sent a telepathic message to the people in the shop.

Hello there. Don't mind me, I won't break anything.
"I should be able to do that in a day. Would you want five to seven of those wide range potions, or more than that?" Asked Okawa. She smiled at Azura. "I trust your word. Feel free to look around at your leisure. Petra won't mind." At the mention of the name, came a meow from a windowsill.
"I'm going to assume you don't take crowns or 'shinies' as the Strangers called them, so how about barter for payment?" The Dark Gunner said, reaching into his cloak and pulling forth a handful of ancient coins and small pieces of crystal.

"How much more of this will I need?"
"Hmm... well, I'd like more of the crystals in addition to the coins." Said Okawa. "But more crystals in relation to the coins. I need more of that kind at the moment."
The Dark Gunner and Azura looked at each other.

"I got thing to take care of, if you finish the potions early, give them to Azura. Thanks for the business." He said before walking out.
Okawa cracked her knuckles before grabbing her wand and ambling over to her cauldron. An old tome bounded in leather appeared in the air, flipping to a page to allow her to read the recipe she had in mind.

"Let's see. We'll start with a base..." The witch fetched a thinly necked bottle of Holy Water and began to pour about two cups into the cauldron before adding some kind of strange oil into the mix. "That should do a number for a base. Now, to ante up on the repellant..."
LoopyPanda said:
"General usage, huh? Then, I suppose I could create a few potions for you to throw, if you don't mind waiting a bit and paying. Depending on how many you would want, I could create a few that have a widespread effect. It's up to you how you want the potions to range in effect, of course." Okawa offered. "Is that your companion, I assume?" She referred to Azura, not minding since she herself had a pet inside the building.

"You bought all that to eat?" Lilith poked Z's forehead once more, perplexed. Just what was she? "Of course it wouldn't work on you.."

"Yes, this was to consume~" Z said calmly. "Someone told me to eat some poison because it was tasty but it is rather plain...~ I am quite disappointed by the taste of poison~" Z continued to put more of the poisonous plant in her mouth. "It looks like it would kill should I become human~"
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