The Arcane Apothecary

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The Arcane Apothecary
Welcome to the Arcane Apothecary, a local magic shop located adjacent to the outskirts of Magician Square. It is owned by a mage named Okawa, formerly a ranked wizard of the two most renowned Magic Societies in Paradice. This enigmatic woman has put her skillset to great use in bringing Paradicans a modern twist on tradition; although the store’s front looks deceptively like a candy store, one can clearly see the vast arrays of books and oddities lining the shelves further inside. Being one of the few legitimate stores in the area that provides a wide variety of magical services at a price that a bit more expensive than the shady 'deals' one may find at the Square, you have guaranteed satisfaction! The storefront has a wide collection of items to pick from off the shelves and buy upfront, while the 'working' half of the store is tucked away behind a wall of bookshelves to allow for more complex activities such as potion-brewing or item enchantment as a private space for Okawa and her assistants to craft more shop items. Customers cannot access this closed-off area.​
Even though she is the owner, Okawa has been known to step out every once in a while on errands or on 'official businesses' that require her services. But worry not, for the store remains open with her trusty shopkeepers: Lilith is a mysterious woman rumored to be an exiled demon that is indebted to Okawa, but she isn't much of a talker because of the treatment she gets by customers who've never seen a demon before. Lilith is trusted with keeping inventory, and brewing potions and other consumables. The other shopkeep who recently started working is named Noelle, a purple humanoid monster girl with fangs, pointed ears, and large bat wings sprouting out of her back. Noelle is the far more social of the two and is seen at the front more often than Lilith because she is more approachable with customers.​


Unlike the typical potion, Okawa has taken classic potion brews and converted them into edible candies that are far easier to carry, and tastier too! Modernized techniques thanks to imported technology from Empire State make these a bit more potent than your average potion or elixir; of course, not every recipe has been able to be converted from its potion form so don’t hesitate to approach Okawa for a special concoction upon request.

Lollipop Elixirs: $2 per lolly, $15 for 10 lollies

  • Pink Heart - [Health Restore]: Contains a teaspoon of berry-flavored liquid elixir within the core of the heart-shaped lolly. Restores health gradually, healing wounds over time. Recommended for use during rest after or before battle.
  • Purple Butterfly - [Mana Restore]: Gradual restoration of magical energy over time of consumption, but immediate chewing will bring instant results. Also tastes like grapes!
  • Blue Shark - [Endurance/Stamina]: Shaped like a shark with Sour Raspberry flavor. Chew immediately for a burst of stamina and increased endurance.
  • Toy Robot - [Durability]: Increases your ability to withstand attacks to your body (except for status effects). Unfortunately, this one tastes like iron and lime...
  • Antidote Lolly - Amber colored and transparent, used to cure a variety of poisonings caused by venom, toxic vapors, and poisonous berries. Tastes like lemon.

Other candied recipes (prices vary):

  • Red Gummy Sharks [Speed] - Sour Cherry flavor. Grants the chewer a temporary burst of increased speed and physical strength.
  • Hot Cinnabombs [Fire]: Red spherical hard candies that taste like cinnamon and anise. Causes the user to feel almost feverish, but grants them resistance to the cold. Good for traveling cold regions and as a protection against the freezing effects of ice magic along with fire resistance. Also cures chills. Chewing multiple in a row allows for you to breathe actual fire, but only occurs once and leaves you unable to do this again for some time by making your mouth feel numb.
  • Currant Lozenges: These dissolve almost instantly and coats your inside with a healing salve, for a near-instant closing of scratches and wounds that aren't too deep. Minty fresh with a hint of berry.
  • Blue Mist Cream Soda: It deceptively looks like a fun raspberry-flavored treat to sip on a hot day, but it's actually a Freezing Potion! One can drink this to temporarily have Freezing Breath, which can freeze an enemy in place. Alternatively, hold it in your mouth without swallowing for a more potent freezing liquid for more versatile use. You can also shake the bottle before throwing it for a wicked surprise. Stays frozen out of its bottle for up to 3 hours.
  • Super elastic bubble gum: Blows fantastically large bubbles that are difficult to pop and sticks to most any surface. It's mostly sold for the novelty, but has its uses for sticky situations. The possibilities are endless!
Other Services:
  • Tool/Weapon enchantments: Okawa can grant a variety of enchantments to a weapon or artifact of your choosing, by boosting its power, efficiency, durability, or other effects. In certain circumstances, Okawa may place a curse on the object if you so desire. Either way, this service tends to cost a pretty penny.
  • Potion brews: There are a variety of potions available such as Invisibility, Liquid Light, Liquid Fire/Ice, etc. These are brewed mainly upon request because Okawa only makes potions with a specific effect that cannot yet be achieved with her modified methods.
"Oh... This place holds several unique things~" A voice echoed. "Might I buy such things~?"

A small jar of wolfsbane began to float in the air and seem to head to the door.
"Hey! No shoplifting!" Lilith's arm reached out and snatched the jar. Okawa didn't seem to be there in front of the shop, so her assistant was managing it for the time being.

"Paying ain't running out without doing it." Her tone was sharp.
"Oh my, please forgive me~"

The voice seemed to be coming from no where since there seemed to be no one in the shop.

"How can I pay for such an item~? What can I offer~?"
"It's called money. If you don't have any, then leave." Lilith kept looking around trying to find the source of the voice. "If you're using an invisibility spell, you aren't getting away with shoplifting that way." She seemed annoyed she couldn't find them. "Unless you want a word with my boss. She doesn't take kindly to thieves either."

"Or," she paused. "You got something to exchange in return. A whole jar of wolfsbane isn't cheap."
"A spell~? I need no such thing to turn myself invisible~ I thought the creatures of this realm would be able to see me~"

Finally, the creature speaking appeared. She appeared right in front of Lilith's face. She was very tiny, able to be grasp by Lilith's hand or stand/sit on her head.

"Someone told me to purchase something poisonous~! Might you have some poison~?"
"Depends what you're going for. Wolfsbane can kill humans with just a whiff, but most of our customers aren't exactly human. A whole jar of it is overkill. And we can't have it out except behind our counter." Lilith explained, squinting at the little person. "You don't look like.... well, anything. You don't look like one of those sprites or fairies. Tiny."
"I am no fairy, creature of this realm~" The creature moved back, making her tiny frame more visible to Lilith. "I am known as Z~!"

Z landed on top of the counter and stood just a little over the jar and tapped at it.

"But I require your most poisonous plant~ I will pay with whatever you wish~"
"This is the one that's most poisonous, I suppose. This jar is supposed to have 10 bundles worth, so that would come to just about three Galleons. Or you can trade something for it. Which I suppose, in equal value, could be the worth of a few precious stones. Quartz and the like." Lilith offered.
Z clapped her hands and a large blue pencil appeared. She began to draw what looked like a bar of something. It was transparent until she finished. That's when Lilith finally noticed what it was. A large bar of solid gold landed on top of the counter. She soon began to draw what looked like a pair of scissors, which also dropped with a thud on the counter.

"Would this suffice~?" Z questioned. "I know of no precious stones unless you mean a stone princess~"
".... We'll take the gold." Lilith said without question. Of course, she would make sure it was authentic gold, but she worked for a witch so creating things from seemingly thin air wasn't a shocking concept. "I will have to ask what the scissors are for though..."
"I thought it was equal trade unless you need more of those yellow bars~ I can supply you with as many as you need~"

Z held up her pencil, tilting her head, almost as if waiting for her to reply. She did, however, sat cheerfully on the top of the jar of wolfbane.
"No. This will be all." Lilith placed the scissors in a drawer at her desk where she tended to handle all the trading negotiations and poked Z's head. "I assume you aren't a witch either? You sure don't look like one. Just what are you?"
"I am known as The Original~!" Z echoed. "But I like the name Z, such a name fits a being like me~! I guess I am a being of wonder, yes~?"

Z floated around of Lilith and gently landed on top of her head, her tiny hands poking at her forehead like Lilith did to her. She assumed it was a way to greet others.

"Now I will be taking that Wolfsbane if you don't mind~"
"It's yours after all." Lilith looked around the shop, but it was just her and Z. She sighed. "Though, it would be nice if we got more customers."

"Lilith, who are you talking to?" Came a lighter toned voice from further back in the shop.
The Dark Gunner and Azura walked into the shop, the Isorian checking his weapons and the Wolver barking happily.

"Alright, alright, what do we have here." He muttered.
"Anything against undead?" He asked outloud.
Z popped open the jar of wolfsbane and plucked out a few pieces of the plant. She opened her mouth and stuffed it with the poisonous plant.

"My, my, my..~" Z said while chewing. It was obvious that she spoke mostly telepathically. "This tastes rather...plain~"
LoopyPanda said:
"Depends on what you're hunting, traveler." Chimed Okawa. "If we've nothing on hand for you, we could work out on making you a potion."

"Just, general purpose undead would be great. Preferably something I could throw at them and make them writhe." The Dark Gunner replied. Azura sniffed around the shop, barking and seemingly happy.
"General usage, huh? Then, I suppose I could create a few potions for you to throw, if you don't mind waiting a bit and paying. Depending on how many you would want, I could create a few that have a widespread effect. It's up to you how you want the potions to range in effect, of course." Okawa offered. "Is that your companion, I assume?" She referred to Azura, not minding since she herself had a pet inside the building.

"You bought all that to eat?" Lilith poked Z's forehead once more, perplexed. Just what was she? "Of course it wouldn't work on you.."
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