The Arcane Apothecary

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".... We'll take the gold." Lilith said without question. Of course, she would make sure it was authentic gold, but she worked for a witch so creating things from seemingly thin air wasn't a shocking concept. "I will have to ask what the scissors are for though..."
"I thought it was equal trade unless you need more of those yellow bars~ I can supply you with as many as you need~"

Z held up her pencil, tilting her head, almost as if waiting for her to reply. She did, however, sat cheerfully on the top of the jar of wolfbane.
"No. This will be all." Lilith placed the scissors in a drawer at her desk where she tended to handle all the trading negotiations and poked Z's head. "I assume you aren't a witch either? You sure don't look like one. Just what are you?"
"I am known as The Original~!" Z echoed. "But I like the name Z, such a name fits a being like me~! I guess I am a being of wonder, yes~?"

Z floated around of Lilith and gently landed on top of her head, her tiny hands poking at her forehead like Lilith did to her. She assumed it was a way to greet others.

"Now I will be taking that Wolfsbane if you don't mind~"
"It's yours after all." Lilith looked around the shop, but it was just her and Z. She sighed. "Though, it would be nice if we got more customers."

"Lilith, who are you talking to?" Came a lighter toned voice from further back in the shop.
The Dark Gunner and Azura walked into the shop, the Isorian checking his weapons and the Wolver barking happily.

"Alright, alright, what do we have here." He muttered.
"Anything against undead?" He asked outloud.
Z popped open the jar of wolfsbane and plucked out a few pieces of the plant. She opened her mouth and stuffed it with the poisonous plant.

"My, my, my..~" Z said while chewing. It was obvious that she spoke mostly telepathically. "This tastes rather...plain~"
LoopyPanda said:
"Depends on what you're hunting, traveler." Chimed Okawa. "If we've nothing on hand for you, we could work out on making you a potion."

"Just, general purpose undead would be great. Preferably something I could throw at them and make them writhe." The Dark Gunner replied. Azura sniffed around the shop, barking and seemingly happy.
"General usage, huh? Then, I suppose I could create a few potions for you to throw, if you don't mind waiting a bit and paying. Depending on how many you would want, I could create a few that have a widespread effect. It's up to you how you want the potions to range in effect, of course." Okawa offered. "Is that your companion, I assume?" She referred to Azura, not minding since she herself had a pet inside the building.

"You bought all that to eat?" Lilith poked Z's forehead once more, perplexed. Just what was she? "Of course it wouldn't work on you.."
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