No More Heroes: Rebirth [Ended]

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Sep 3, 2015

Please Read the OP! This contains crucial information!
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Did you actually really read the rules?
It's probably better if you read the rules!

New kind of human beings that have appeared within our society. Humans capable to doing extraordinary feats, something that only occurred in the media of fiction. Abilities that enables to projected fire from their bodies, able to manipulate various things from a simple flick of their fingers to the extent of their will. There were many names for these kinds of “human beings” that have appeared in our world. In recent times, they’ve settled onto the term “Specials” to describe these powerful humans. Originally just occurred at rare moments in history, have becoming more and more common in the population. This led to panic across the world; the more specials that are born, the higher chance of destructive people that go on a rampage. The paranoia fuels their fears and hatred, in order to avoid being “overrun by outsiders”. 

Responding to criticism and fear, the United Nation, backed with many countries’ support, decided to crack down and control the situation, in order to ease the paranoia world-wide. They’ve expected that discrimination will occurred; thus, in 1980, the construction of the largest city in United States was started and finished in 1983. It was stated to be a paradise, a place for specials to have full support from one another, while giving humanity enough time to find the middle ground between the two sides. However, it triple the rate of fear; it increased further discrimination. Specials that “hurt” humans, will be hunted down and thrown into the city. The city that once flourished with books have been lost after being cut off from the rest of the worlds by military of the United States; education, support from families, and everything of the lively hood of getting a “good life” was ceased. The first 3 years of what it seem was “paradise” was nothing more than a ploy to the eyes of specials. The world doesn’t care for them, they only wished to lock up the “monsters”. After years of abandonment from the rest of the world, residential specials have renamed the place that had succumbed to ruin state, as “Lost City”, where Specials are forced into the environment of survival of the fittest. 

However, despite the gloomy and toxic environment, some specials somehow managed to escape the city. Few went towards their families, whether they returned or killed was never determined. Though a majority of them that have escaped, simply wanted to cause havoc and mayhem to let out their frustration. To counter these Specials, the UN supplied United States military around Lost City to implement tough laws for these “acts”; even punishment people in Lost City for Specials’ mayhem outside of it. This also led to the creation of the stereotype that specials are starve for destruction. 

However, there is an organization within Lost City, which dedicated itself to combat against the stereotypes and bring prosperity to Specials. Its calls itself the Heroes Buster Organization; they’re determined to create a world where Specials and Humans alike can live freely in peace and harmony without violence. They tried to capture out-of-control specials to return them to their homes so they won’t get punished for their crimes.

General Rules
  • This is an Original Role-Play - Do not bring existing elements from fiction for your characters/stories.
  • This is a sequel [and soft reboot for Veteran Players] to the original No More Heroes (AF) & No More Heroes RP.
  • Specials are Humans. There are some key differences between the two, but they're humans nevertheless. 
  • Do not introduce your "new story" as an arc without approval.
  • Have an idea for a mini-arc? Discuss it with me and we'll get you set up.
  • Don't distort things that were already established within the role-play without permission.
  • Don’t try to make everything too convenient. 
  • Make sure everyone has a chance to post! The quoting system is extremely helpful if you fall too far behind.
  • If you haven't posted within a week, your character will be controlled by someone else or become idle.
  • Feedback is important! I cannot help you with your concerns of this RP if you don’t come to me
Character Creation Rules
  • You can have up to 10 OCs.
  • Your character can be a Hero-Anti-Hero, Neutral or Villain-Anti-Villain.
  • You can change the status "Hero/Villain/Neutral/Vice Versa" of your character, if you feel that they will change throughout the story.
  • If one of your character(s) dies, you can replace them with a new one. However, you need to get them approved first.
  • If your character survived the nuclear destruction of Lost City, their appearance and powers is changed/upgraded [minor/major]
  • Do not include overpowered abilities, unless he/she has a big weakness. 
  • You can only have ONE Power, for your character. The only exception is when your character(s) survived the destruction of Lost City. 
  • This will bump them up to TWO powers. However, usually these two complement one another and needs to be depowered/balance. 
  • Your character does get tired from using too much attacks/energy and stamina issues.[/color]
  • In order to reduce the rate of repeated powers, you cannot have a power that was already use two times and has to be different variations.
  • Need help figuring out your power? Check the Power Wikia!
  • Have Fun!
Repeated Powers/Overpowered Abilities
  • List of Powers not available: Enhanced Speed, Super Strength
  • Banned Powers: Omnipotent, Omnipresence and Omniscient, Absolute Immortality, High-End Reality Warping, Instant-Death, Life-Drain (Death Version), Invincibility, High-End Intangibility, High-Level Space/Time.
Retcon: For Veteran Players
  • Zeke and Dakota never existed in No More Heroes. They're never did a damn thing. Oh, and go fuck yourself, Vegeta1.
  • Ian was killed during the conclusion of Jay Arc, by taking Jay's ultimate attack, rather than Daiman. 
  • Weapons such as guns and the sort, can harm/killed Specials.
  • However, specially made weapons to combat Specials is still preferred as they're faster and hits harder.
  • Zaion is retconned to be younger than Leo by 2 years. 
  • Haruki Hayato and Kiyoshi Hayato are removed from the story.
  • Times, Dates and Locations are updated. This will bump everyone ages upward/downwards. 
  • Edward Stewart is stated to be a former member of the United Nation Special Squad
  • Eon is no longer the brother of Daiman, but rather his cousin. 
  • Mother is stated to be a former member of the United Nation Special Squad
  • The Fate of Rosalina is switch from dead to "Unknown"
  • Zaion's Form is now called Limitless Zaion

The conclusion of the United Nation Arc has finally come to the end. We shall start anew, finally new and refresh on Boogaloo! This is the second part of the No More Heroes: Rebirth. New things/events are changed to exclude any problematic things and plots. However, this is more for the Veterans. Thus, with that said and done, let's continue with a new era of No More Heroes!​

 The United Nation has fallen, the Busters had managed to save their friends from being consumed of the newly built Origin Sphere, said to able to consumed the lives of specials and use their abilities. Commander Axe's conclusion of providing peace, was to eliminate self-thinking, self-reliance and independence; to ensure that extremely powerful specials can be dealt with, whenever they appeared. However, this is nothing more than a ruse to create an authoritarian society. He assumed the Busters are extreme profound in their abilities, able to tackled on things far greater, ever since their clash with Zaion Bane and Leo. With them under his disposal, no one would opposed him. This led to them being kidnapped and exhausted until no more, so he can easily placed them in the machine, created to take advantage of the origin sphere. That plan would never come to fruition thanks to the efforts of Busters that didn't get captured and broke their friends free, thanks to the training by a woman called Mother, who runs a sanctuary underground in Romania.  Although the United State Commander, General Buck wanted to arrest the Busters, he abide to Zuleka's decision to take in the UN for their crimes against "humanity" in order to wipe the blood that occurred in United States land. With their friends saved, they returned, the Busters that are aware of Mother's Sanctuary, underground in the Outskirts of Călărași, Romania, are taking the rest, to get away from the drama and chaos that occurred. ​

Vacation Arc

[Continuing from where we left off, Raimundo is currently floating the Busters, including the Special Squad that are currently knocked out, with the exception of Jess, to Mother's Sanctuary]  

Nessa was observing the ocean as they cross. "Man, lots of water.." Nessa turned up to the others, checking to see if they're alright. "So, who is this Mother person, anyways? You guys mention the name quite a lot."

Daiman is still currently knocked out after taking a blow from Zuleka. However, he was moving around a bit, seems to be having a nightmare. In his head, imagery occurs of something of a man that has his face blacked out and the phrase is heard: "We shall walk down this path, together."

Jess was holding onto Aya, short for Ayawamat. "Tsk, I can't believe this. Reduce to being shove in the trash with the busters!" She moaned. "And Mother!? What are ya'll? Children!? Maybe you guys need a mother so you won't keep getting into trouble and getting all up in everyone's business!"


[Mother's Sanctuary]

Mother was reading a book for Heather. It was one of those books written by Dr. Seuss, Green Eggs and Ham. Though, she'd overheard Raster talking to someone and decided to closed the book. 

"Heather, looks like we got company coming. You can go if you wish." Mother said to Heather. She gets up from her chair, and heads towards where she heard Raster's voice, to meet the newly two strangers that arrived in the sanctuary. "Hello, new travelers. I'm Mother. May I help you with something?"
"Quite the mouthful." Raimundo chuckled as he continued to carry everyone across the ocean. "Mother is an older special. She's like a caretaker as well as a guide to helping us out with the shenanigans we got going on."

Gio was silent the entire ride. The whole Axe thing bothered him a lot.

Daiman could have ended that dog's life so quick. he thought. Revenge over reputation in anything. He's just gonna laugh at how we spared him. 

Gio sighed. He looked down at the ocean below and immediately looked backed up. Water terrified him. Flying over the ocean was making him feel sick.
"Come on, Skeletor, it can't be all bad. Maybe Mother can teach you how to use your inside voice and some manners." Gryffin said cynically. He was less than thrilled that Jess was this awake. 

"Yeah, she helped us with teamwork and the place ain't a dump like the last places we stayed at." Celeste said. "We aren't really professional Street Fighters or anything, but man, she packs a punch! I definitely wouldn't piss her off." 

"Mother sounds like a nice lady for the most part." Cernia gazed down at the ocean with awe, as it had been forever since she last saw such a vast body of water. Eventually, she noticed Gio's obvious discomfort. Though she hadn't said anything to him since the close call back at the base, she wondered why he was fixated on staring elsewhere. "You okay, Gio? You don't look too good."

Yoon listened intently as she kept by Nessa, occasionally glancing over her shoulder to check on Daiman and then Xavier.
Poor things. I hope they'll be alright.


"Yes, we've been searching for you, Ma'am. I am Magness. Chris and I have traveled far to meet you." Magness states respectfully with a bow. "I heard about your sanctuary, and wish to lend a hand with my healing abilities to any other Specials you take into your care. Before we journeyed to Europe, there were few and far between people I could aid, since I lack the resources and support to have a clinic." His expression was forlorn. "Much less a clinic in cities that do not welcome Specials with open arms." Magness's face brightened up again gesturing towards Chris. "Chris is a friend I met along the way."
Ebonwu sits in the middle of the land, legs crossed and eyes half open.

"I apologize, small speedy one. Once my energy has returned to me, I'll aid you in carrying such a heavy burden. My supplies have run low, so I can't close this wound I received from the chimera we fought before...though it is nice to see all of us breathing." he says with a tired smile.

"I'm on a journey to find a friend of mine from Lost City. I met Magness on the way and we've been close since. I'm honored to meet someone so highly regarded for their kindness." Chris says.

His expression softens and he holds out his hand.
Nessa was intrigued by this "Mother" character they were describing her. She must be a wise woman to be able to provide them the sheer skills save us in such short amount of time..! She thought in her head. "No worries, we'll be on our best behavior." She overheard Ebonwu, and placed her thoughts into the matter. "Ebonwu, don't push yourself man. You did a lot in the battle that save our skin. Just enjoy the ride and the view of the ocean, and take it easy. We all need too.. Oh!" Nessa seem to think of another question. "Are there a lot of specials in this place that we're going?" Nessa asked. 

Jess's face was bright red when Gryffin referred her as Skeletor. Tears began to formed around her eyes, but she hasn't start crying yet. "Maybe Mother can teach you how to eat a proper diet!" Jess shouted, trying  to counter his insult. 


[Mother's Sanctuary]

Mother held Chris' hand, and place her other one on top of his. This is Mother's way of accepting them into their community. "Chris and Magness. You must have had a long journey getting over here, in order to provide help and need for us. I think that itself, shows compassion and strength of your character." Mother praised. "You are very much welcome to this Sanctuary, as all specials are, regardless of their background and history." She emphasized. "We have quite a handful of specials that are in need of healing, having you would benefit the community." She said to Magness. She turns to Chris. "Do you believe your friend is in this sanctuary? I can help you with anyway you can. What does he look like, sir?"
"Yeah dude, just take it easy for a bit." Rai said. "I got this don't you worry about it." he chuckled. I'm gonna be pooped when we get back home. he sweat dropped. 

Gio looked over at Cernia. 

"Just a little seasick." he said while still trying not to look down.
(I'm taking over Naolyn, Ryder and Tico until 7/17, when ~ Z ~ returns from her trip)

Naolyn was in awe when they were flying over the ocean, feeling the breeze. It's been quite a while since they last felt a soothing sensation. She also remembered that she was going to prepared gifts to her friends when they returned to Mother's Sanctuary. However, after overhearing Nessa's question in regards of "lots of specials in Mother's place", she'd grew nervous. 

"Well, there is a lot of them, but uh.." Naolyn shutter in her last sentence. 

Ryder, recovering from the battle, raised a brow. "Oh? Is something wrong?" Ryder questioned. Tico was on his side, checking out the clouds and the birds flying.

"It's not that there's anything wrong, but.. I think Celeste is on the money with this." Naolyn suggested. "You guys gotta be on your best behavior.."
"Grr, Same goes to you!" Gryffin retorts, looking the other direction. "Hmph!"

"Oh... you could try closing your eyes?" Cernia suggested to Gio, glancing at Ebownu with a worried look. She was distracted with her own thoughts at the moment though.

"Yeah, they aren't all peaches and cream like Mother is. Let's just say they're expecting you lot." Celeste grunted, keeping her eyes on the skyline. "Mother's approachable though." 

"Hopefully we can get some of us immediately treated too." Yoon said, seeming to be optimistic about Mother for the most part. 

"I would be happy to assist in healing the injuried then." Magness smiled again, looking to Chris as to whom he was searching for for so long.
Ray feels the notes and thinks "good there still there. something tells me that i will have a lot reading to do once i have time to do so."
"Expecting us huh?" Nessa was in deep thought. Judging from their reactions, it most likely not anything good. We should keep our toes on this, Mother person who we do anything offensive to her and the people there. "Yeah, there probably a lot of specials that can heal in some fashion in one way or another, right? Can't be relying on Ray all the time." Nessa responded. 

"Hmph!" Jess turned away from Gryffin. She noticed Ray doing something. "Hey! You! You're that guy who likes healing people, right? I saw Zuleka giving you a lot of eyeful when she was going on and on. You got something to hide!?" 


[Mother's Sanctuary]

"You have my gratitude, Mr. Magness." She turns to Raster. "Raster, would you take Magness to the facilities where specials are currently being treated?" 

"Of course." Raster replied. "I'm ready when you are, Magness."
As Naolyn flew over the ocean, she came a little closer to Gio and flew under him. She toyed with him but was super happy that he returned. It was obvious that Gio was going to be annoyed by Naolyn once they land but after being apart from him for so long, she's actually grown a bit.

"Gio-Senpai!" Naolyn smiled. "I got a ton of stuff to tell you! But first things first! You gotta be on your best behavior when you see Mother. She's super sweet but... the people around her are really protective of her. Even we started on the wrong foot.." Naolyn nodded to the half that were with her. "Just... try not to lash out, okay, Gio-Senpai?Besides, I hope you were training a little bit while you were in jail, Gio-Senpai. Don't tell me you're flames are all burnt out." She teased him.

It was obvious that she was trying to get his mind off of the water below them.


Ryder listened to Naolyn and took a special heed to her words. He wondered about this Mother person and tried to think up as to who or what she is to the others. The other half of the Busters seem to really like her, despite them saying to be careful. The thought loomed in his head before Tico broke his line of thought.

"Ryder okay?" Tico questioned.

"I'm fine, just thinking a bit." Ryder chuckled. "I'll be fine, Tico." Ryder turned to Cernia and floated above her while Tico began to whistle a catchy tune to try and make the mood happy for the Busters.

"I.. Uhh.. I think you were great fighting Axe and stuff." His cheeks turned red. "But--uhm, I think we should listen to the other Busters about not stepping out of line."
"Of course not." Gio said. "Now that I'm back seems your little vacation is over. Hope you're ready." he chuckled. 

"Don't really know how long we'll be flying." Rai said. "Gonna be honest I'm kind of flying blind here." he smiled nervously.
Ebonwu smiles, then briefly knocks back out.

"So high up..." he mutters to himself.

"Well, he's a big guy. Dark skinned with a mohawk. Always dressed like a shaman and never really spoke much. Always smiling though. He helped me with the crops for Lost City before it went down. You two would probably get along." Chris explains.
"We'll just try and remember the land marks. We got Ray with us after all." Celeste says to Rai. 

"Tell that to Tico! He's the troublemaker." Cernia stuck her tongue out at Ryder playfully. 

"It's good to not be going somewhere out of necessity to hide for once. I guess." Gryffin said, more to himself than the others.

"Alrighty." Magness turns to Chris and pats his shoulder. "I'll catch up with you soon, Chris." He smiles before going with Raster. "Lead the way."
"We're moving away from the United States.." Nessa look ahead. "I'm assuming the location of Mother's place is somewhere in Europe? It should only take a few moments considering the speed Rai is using at the moment anyways." Nessa turns to Celeste. "Where is Mother's place exactly?" 

Jess squinted her eyes, staring at Rai. "Hmph" As she turned her head around and place her focus catering to Aya. "Wait, what about the rest of the squads? This is the good job to drop'em in the oceans!" Jess smirked.


[Mother's Sanctuary]

Raster lead Magness to a building where specials are receiving medical treatments. He stopped in front of the door and turns towards him. "They are weary of strangers, touching them and the sort. In fact, we have a special that came in here recently and nobody has been able to assist without her freaking out." Raster said. "I'm sure if you treat them kindly, they're grow fond of you."

Mother placed her right hand on the bottom of her chin, rubbing it gently. After a moment of thinking, she look at Chris. "I'm afraid that person you described isn't here, from what I seen. You might want to ask around to see if they seen someone like that, but if he's from Lost City.. he might've died." Mother was blunt at the last sentence.
"I'm totally ready, Gio-Senpai!" Naolyn cheered. "I got a cool new trick up my sleeve! I also wanna show you a little gift I made during the time you guys were away." 

Naolyn frowned slightly, thinking about how lonely she felt but how she got a stronger bond with the other Busters thanks to this gap she spent away from her friends. She knew that when the arrived back in Paradise, she would have to apologize to Daiman for being so mean to him. Regardless, she obviously grew from the scared child that she was to a more mature person. She looked at Gio and felt her eyes water up. Regardless of how much she has matured, she really missed Gio since he was like a father figure to her.

"You know... I really missed you, Gio-Senpai." She sniffled. "I thought that something really bad happened to you and the others. I was more scared than I ever was before y'know. I thought I wouldn't be strong enough to help you or the others.."


"Tico will be on his  best behavior." Ryder glanced up at Tico. "You're a trouble maker too, Cernia." 

Ryder realize what he said and instantly waved his hands, trying to defend himself. 

"Errm! I mean it in a good way! It makes you who you are!"
Ray says to Jess as a matter of fact "As far i know they will be getting the same TLC as your boyfriend once we get to Mother's."

Ray seems to be watching the groups.
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