Dumbest shit you heard all day?

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Okay, I'm double posting because I just heard some more stupid shit earlier this morning on Twitter.

As usual, the natdexxers are continuing their national embarrassment of being the most toxic fanbase that ever grace the earth. Hyperbolic, but work with me here. There were a faux rumor going around about Game Freak supposedly being bossed around TPCi and forced to work 144 hours (I know, I know). Once they were question on this validity, they claimed their source came from a GF employee that post to them on Discord. 

Let that sink in for a moment. A GF employee, who probably doesn’t know a lick of English, is communicating, risking his job, to tell a bunch of strangers on Discord in PERFECT English, to discuss the supposed horrid working conditions that break Japanese labor laws. :kat:

Once they are questioned, they attempt to side-step the issue by saying this is “doxing”, even though they can easily just black out the name to get some form of proper credentials. At least a screenshot of the conversation. Yet, either they denied it by saying “you need to wait” or attempted to scramble for evidence. When pressed that no one buys the shit, they, beaming with absolute confidence to destroy the other side with FACTS and LOGIC, they slide into the DMs of those that didn’t buy their bull by providing an actual name of the person who contacted them: Hironobu Yoshida. Hilarity ensues among them as they finally outed their sources and force them the horrid truth that SWSH are bad games people because big bad TPCi is behind the scene because Nopass didn’t make it to the game (even though Game Freak doesn’t listen to TPCi… it’s the other way around).

Amidst in their confident chuckles, they taunted those that question their “legit” interview with Mr. Yoshida by telling them to ask the man himself. Yet, they afford no links to his Twitter (he doesn’t have one) and strangely enough, failed to offer his discord tag since he’s spilling the beans already. Of course, when one user went to the source and question (before revealing the name of the employee), it turns out that it wasn’t actually an GF employee, it was a Nintendo person that works at a treehouse event… completely far away from GF as possible. But once question, they pulled out Yoshida as their ace and it was a GF employee… :thinking:. Feeling unstoppable they pulled one more ace in their hole… an ID card that showcase Yoshida to prove that he was the real deal.

And that’s where shit crash and burn. :pls: 

The ID card was easily found when using reverse image. It came straight from GF’s twitter when they did a fun little thing of creating trainer cards for themselves. And minutes after when people who have contacts with TPCi, it all turned out to be bullshit and these people filled with pride all erupted into seething anger; “we have been dupe this whole time!?”

And they have the nerve to cry “don’t kick us while we’re down. We just got dupe and you just added onto our problems. We made a mistaken” after obsessing hounding on Serebii owner for not giving any sort of attention to this bull shittery in the first place (and ironically, if this shit were to spread, Mr. Yoshida would been caught in the line of fire and possible job loss over this nonsense).

Naxdexxers have and always lied about practically everything in their movement to justify their irrational hate of the games. Don’t like the games because clampearl didn’t make it in (and for the record, as you’re reading this now, you should realize that spelled clamperl’s name wrong as a joke)? Fine. Ove on and play around game. To make bullshit scenarios, excuses and hacking the game to make it look “bad” to justify that is weak, pathetic and downright sad. Dumb motherfuckers, I swear.

This is why I never believe anything any fanbase says since they are usually 99% full of shit. People often say that DBZ or Sonic has a horrible Fanbase but once every 3-4 years, the Pokemon fanbase throws a fit unlike any other and every single time its the same. Don't be surprised as to how low they'll go. Half of the time they profit on the hate because they're slimeballs like that. I would never take anything these people say seriously.
Yeah, Pokemon fans are probably the worst of the bunch by far, no doubt about it.
"The attack GameFreak has done on the Pokemon Fans is comparable to that of the Holocaust! We must stop corporate corruption! Alone, we are but a drop, but together we stand as a mighty ocean against the greedy companies and their wallet grubbing ways!"

- Twitter (Pokemon Fanbase) 2019 - 2020

~ Z ~ said:
"The attack GameFreak has done on the Pokemon Fans is comparable to that of the Holocaust! We must stop corporate corruption! Alone, we are but a drop, but together we stand as a mighty ocean against the greedy companies and their wallet grubbing ways!"

- Twitter (Pokemon Fanbase) 2019 - 2020


Pokemon fans are an absolute embarrassment.

Muting you now,  because told to fucking shut up, fuck off etc. is not exactly a conversation I want to keep up.

Play your crap Pokemon game, whiteknight your dodgy brand and keep trading in your consumer rights for 'the love of the series.' If it's worth it to you, great.

Own it.

"No man is an island."

And for good reason: I'm shown time and again that people will be pushed aside in a snap of the fingers whether they're part of the family or not. Others are disposable. We fade away.
"Just because a black woman says she experience hate for playing Starfire doesn't mean anything. She isn't special. She needs to suck it up like ScarletJo"

It hadn't been 24 hours yet and white supremacists and loons are going full force saying dumb shit:

"The fact that Chauvin was found guilty of this but OJ Simpson was found not guilty of deliberately murdering two people is just absolutely insane. The literal definition of systemic racism. Chauvin never would have even been charged if he was black."

When people say Dr. Gero killing someone by squeezing their neck like a balloon is not "evil enough" because, and I quote, "they're not enough because they're not evil. What humans call "evil", a robot might call "efficient". And on top of being a robot, he's also a martial artist. He has a warrior mentality, and some warriors are more brutal than others. We need to see them torturing the character for them to be evil".

Holy shit, some people are fucking weird, man.
"Journey to the West was inspired by Dragon Ball Z!"
"Goku was the original Sun Wukong!"
"Books are going out of style."
"Journey to the West is all about Sun Wukong, no one cares about, Tripitaka, Zhu Bajie, or Sha Wujing!"

Anti-vaxxers storming a building from the BBC to protest against their beliefs that the BBC promotes vaccinations...

... not knowing the BBC had relocated from that building to a different site EIGHT YEARS AGO!

It just proves to me that anti-vaxxers can't be bothered doing proper research and asking people like scientists and other people with degrees in that field whom have knowledge and experience in the subject at hand and instead prefer to do their own 'research' by simply looking for those bits of information that fits with their points/stances, and by spreading this around they are guilty of spreading misinformation.
The level of confidence, if not exhaustedly naïve at best or dumb at worst, by appealing to Eiichiro Oda in order to get your videos restored, and foolishly have the arrogance to called for a boycott over Toei Animation products lol. So many people either have the lack of knowledge nor insight of what actually fair use and copyright, that its a shame lol.

Don't use copyrighted materials in your works. Unfortunately, that's reality until (UNLIKELY) laws regarding it will change.
"Is there food?"

It's as if I'm having kids that never grow up.

6/11/2022 update: Calling someone a "Marites" like a toddler. It's like saying "Cootie head!" and running in order to avoid getting their asses kicked by the person who is right.
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