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Dumbest shit you heard all day?


The Strongest
Ever had those feelings? Ever read/heard someone talking/texting and you look of what they're saying and you pull a face and be all


"Whelp, there it is. The dumbest shit I heard all day"​

If so, post the dumbest shit you heard all day! ​

~ Z ~

Black Jacket
"The Civil War wasn't about Slavery!" - 10 Grade History teacher. God bless my sanity.


Black Jacket
Reading the text convo someone uploaded that their friend was dropping high school because Arin Hanson did it and he made animations (but he hasn't made a new animation since the Starbomb video... or art in general) and that they could have their own animation studio... being self taught w/o any completion of high school...

And tumblrinas defending said stupidity because the friend was in the wrong for criticising them and nicely asking how the hell they would afford food as a self taught freelancer (read: freeloader since they probably would rely on mum and dad)


The Strongest
Saw this in a reddit thread:

"Had this girl in one of my high school classes enlighten everyone to the fact that, "blind people can drive, if the seeing eye dog is in the car."


Green Jacket
(Me to John at Grey's house)"Lets take Mathew's swords, tape these spare glow sticks to them, and go outside in the dark and fight with them!"
Actually went about it with a hint of brains but still a completely idiotic idea, and yes, it is as awesome as it may sound