Dumbest shit you heard all day?

"If you don't care about representation, it's because you're already represented!"
"I don't know what your talking about" - My entire family when I ask them if they know ANYTHING math-wise... like equations, roots, exponents... and Im here just trying to do pre-calc...
"Um, why are you showing people the pixels you use to decorate your blog that's really shitty you didn't ask thise artists permission did u?"

Why no, how dare I? Let me just GO BACK IN TIME TO 2007 AND ASK. Hope you hunted down everyone on the internet who's reposted a pixel ever
"If you don't like Undertale, it's because you have no heart! You're a monster!"
Nick said:
"But SAO is a good show!" -An uncultured sophmore

Damn I felt that burn

My contribution:

"Onision is funny and understands my hatred of society." -edgy tween fan
Person: *purposely undermines me by saying how much worse they had it*
me: hey tht wasn't okay and made me feel bad abt myself and that you don't care about my feelings at all
Person: "whoa!!! It's just a comparison!!! calm down!!!"

"Your chicken wasn't cooked." - Mom
"It's because of the cheese, it was expired." - Me
"Well, that explains the weird flavor..."
"So it was cooked."
When people think not giving a damn over a fictional character(s) makes you a "monster" :kek:
Not something I heard, but seen. 

One of my labmates didn't know how to use a caliper to measure the diameter of a skull with it.

Sweetheart, you literally just take a ruler and line up the 0" end of it to one of the ends of the legs and measure to the either side. Come now. He showed us how to use one literally 3 minutes prior.
So We were finally moving out of this house and their was little to nothing left in the kitchen except a single package of uncooked broccoli and rice. My brother was going to make it for himself since it was enough for 1 serving then all of a sudden my sister walks in on my brother then says: "Don't cook that mom said she was going to save that for burrito's."

(The one we had didn't even have the cheese flavoring it was just white rice and broccoli)

I don't know of a single mother, hell, or even a die-hard mexican who make burrito's with packaged rice and broccoli alone. Clearly she was attempting to save it for herself.
This was the most retarded lie she has ever told me in this life and to this day I hold her to it still. I ain't ever letting her forget.
The forum saying that there was a new post here when there wasn't...
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