Dumbest shit you heard all day?

"You don't need to know them to know they're gay. You can see it on them." - Mom talking the dumbest shit.
"Keep your mini report to 1 page, or else points will be deducted"
I heard a lot of dumb shit for the past week or so, but I'll point out my two main favorites:

"White girls cannot wear "black" hairstyles because that's cultural appropriation."

If you say people who pisses and moan about literally nothing should move on, you apparently got a "superior complex" :kek:
"Yokai Watch will kill Pokemon"

Pokemon Sun and Moon broke Nintendo's history of being the most preordered game. :kek:
Not something I 'heard' exactly, but our school blocked Boogaloo on the grounds of it being a 'gaming' website... What the hell school...
Fuck school

"Critikal is almost the same as Darksydephil"

Yeah, because a guy who always speaks in a flat tone despite having a habit of donating revenue/patreon stuff to charity + having a snapchat and ig for followers is the same as an inept, incompetent, money-grubbing youtuber who has fallen completely out of relevance

FOH dude
"Do you have a boyfriend?"

No - and I will NOT have a boyfriend ever and certainly not after all the scrutiny I have to put up with by so many pissants who expected me to have one and who tried to force a relationship on me!
Sounds fun


So as a project for health class me and Grey have to carry around a hard-boiled egg and take pictures with it almost every hour, including midnight, to 3am, So being the heavy sleeper that I am, I decided my best plan would be to stay up instead of hope that I can wake up. My dad accepted this plan, but...

(mother at 12:13am) "What the hell are you doing up?! You should be going to bed!"
(me) "I have to stay up for this project, we went over this earlier."
(mother) "You could have gone to sleep and set an alarm, don't give me that sh*t!"
(me) "You know I would never wake up to it, besides, I would have been up this late anyways you know that."
(mother) "You should have gone to bed and you know it!" *Walks away somewhat pouting*

Thanks for trying to make my family murder me school, you're really revving em' up!
"You need money to pay for an apartment and they aren't cheap. Your school funds will run out really fast once you spend your tuition and rent. (babbles on about my fatness and how fat people apparently get no jobs or something)"

Me: You do know that I can get a job, right?"
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