Dragon Ball: Galactic Pass

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The other saiyan she was fighting managed to get a few blows in on her, but she gave him several punches to the face afterward to finally knock him out, leaving only the one with the injured leg, "I bet your forefathers would be ashamed of your performance here..." She sighed, "Why don't you just surrender?"

"A Saiyan never surrenders!"

The saiyan Sunris was beating on begged to differ though... "I-I'm sorry!"

"YOU BIG BABY!" The other guy yelled

"You should take his lead, really." She knocked him out with a swift elbow to the back of the neck.
"Since I'm feeling generous today." Sunris started to say, before pushing the Saiyan onto the ground.
"Get on out of here and don't come back attacking me." He said. He raised a ki ball in an attempt to inspire fear.
The guy took the other two and ran off screaming.

"What a bunch of losers..." She returned to her smaller form.
Solaris raised and eyebrow and scratched his chin.

"So you possess an ability to transform into a stronger version of yourself. Interesting." He said.
"Actually it's more like I have ability to transform into a weaker version of myself. The form you saw in that battle was my true appearance, this is just a weaker form to save energy and to hopefully scare people less." She explained.
Sunris shrugged in reply.

"I'm of mixed opinion. Just long as I manage to not get myself killed by being distracted by the forms. Didn't you say you had more plants to put into the ground?"
"I do. Thank you, my friend." She got out her map... "Right around here... there!" She started digging the hole, "So what do you do for a living?"
Sunris helped dig the hole like last time.

"Beg and do physical work for food and drink. I'm not exactly a skilled worker in Solarian trades. Might I ask how you get the food on the table?"
"I do errands for the scientists in the nearest dome. This is one such errand, one that I'm all to happy to do."
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