Dragon Ball: Galactic Pass

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"At least you seem to think highly of me. A lot of people just run and scream when they see me," She half-joked.
"I suppose you've got me there. A Saiyan usually doesn't run from much. Thanks for your help in planting this little thing." She buried and watered the sapling. She kissed him on the cheek, "I suppose I'd better go off to my next destination. I've got three more of these to plant before the day ends, and then I have an appointment to help a beekeeper."
"If the populace generally runs from you, perhaps I could stick around. Not like I have anything to do." Sunris replied. He rubbed his cheek and a curled into a fist.
"Thanks for your help. What did you say your name was? I'm Kaliro~!"
Some time during their planting session, three saiyans decided to try to mug them, "Give us your money, or we'll have to rough you up a little!"

"You aren't very smart, are you...?"

"Hey, You ain't Freeza 'imself. We ain't scared a you, punk."

"Sunris, Shall we teach these ruffians a lesson?" She bowed at him.
Sunris pulled the hood over his head grinning. He then concentrated in and heat into his fist, before running at a Saiyan and upper cutting him in the jaw through his Blast Fist technique.

"With pleasure!"
She herself morphed into her true form, growing twice in size and fairly greatly in power before punching the living crap out of one of the other two's faces and smacking the other around with her long tail. "Eat this, Saiyans!"

"Oof! Ow! Ah! I didn't- Ow! Know this- gah! Chick could- Ouch! Transform- Oh, that hurt!" One of the said during the beat down before blasting her with an energy shot.

"Gah! Two can play that game... but I think you'll find I sting more!" She fired a death beam into one of their legs.

"My leeeeeg!"
"You think for some of the last of our kin, you wouldn't be so suicidal?" Sunris mocked, taking the Saiyan he had hit and began to punch him in the face.

"Now say your sorry and I'll only break one of your legs."
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