DBXV: Universal Chaos

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*Rad'sha follows both Godel and Fygg. Once inside, she glances around realizing how nice it is on the inside.* "This is totally amazing." She mentioned.
Inside there was a large chamber with varous scrolls all neatly stored away, while in the center of the room was a table which had a number of scrolls lying about. Chronoa, the Supreme Kai of Time, smiled as she came towards Fygg and Rad'sha.

"Welcome, Rad'sha, I presume?" She asked, while nodding to acknowledge Fygg and Godel's presence, whom in turn nodded back.
"Thank you so much for the welcome and yes my name is Rad'sha." She replied as she politely  bowed to Chronoa.
"Pleased to meet you. I'm Chronoa, the Supreme Kai of Time," Chronoa said, "this here is the Time Nest, from where we as the Time Patrol keep watch on the timelines and see if there is anything that will try to disrupt it."
"And while on duty, you get to fight various people whom have tried to interrupt the timeline, as well as various heroes and villains whom may have been affected by the changes in order to get that timeline's history back on track." Godel said.
"With that kind of hostility, this is a particularly dangerous situation indeed. So I see why fighting is a must." Rad'sha said.
"The whole situation is caused by two demons, being the Demon King Dabura and his little sister Towa, along with Towa's creation Mira," Chronoa said, "they've been plotting to revive the Demon Realm using energy they are gathering from these changes in the timeline, or to empower themselves while doing so."

"I thought Dabura fell under the influence of Babidi and was killed when Majin Buu turned him into a large cookie and ate him?" Godel asked.

"That was his original demise, yes," Chronoa said, "but in once instance, Towa used her ways to alter history in order to save him."
"That doesn't sound to good. Now Towa and Dabura could have their chance at creating more chaos." Rad'sha said.
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