DBXV: Universal Chaos

Fygg smiled at that, before noticing Trunks approaching.

"Hey, Trunks." She said.
"Oh, hello there, Fygg." Trunks said, "I see you brought a new arrival along?" 
"Yes, another Saiyan warrior in fact." Fygg replied, allowing Rad'sha to introduce herself.
*Rad'sha glances at Trunks and smiles at him.* "Hello there. Its a pleasure to meet you." She said.
"Likewise. Follow me, I'll take you to meet Chronoa, the Supreme Kai of Time. She is in the Time Nest." Trunks said.

Fygg smiled, following Trunks, before spotting Godel emerging from the Time Nest itself.
Trunks led them into the Time Nest, right as Godel joined up.

"Oh, hey Godel." Fygg said, greeting him.

"Hey," Godel said, smiling as he greeted both Fygg and Rad'sha, "I take it you're back for some Time Patrol duties?"

"Only if it's necessary, I was just on my way here to introduce the new arrival." Fygg said, gesturing to Rad'sha.

Godel nodded at this, before moving to Rad'sha.
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