DBXV: Universal Chaos

"They have tried several times," Chronoa said, "and that's exactly why we of the Time Patrol are here for, to put an end to their plans. We've already had to deal with their antics back when this place was still Toki-Toki City and, aside from Towa and her creation Mira, we also fought against a Demon God named Demigra, whom also happened to be my rival as we fought for the position as Supreme Kai of Time eons ago."

Fygg in the meantime was catching up with Godel in regards to his duties as Trunks' partner as the forefront of the Time Patrol's investigation team.
"I can see that this job isn't for the faint of heart. Issues can come up at any moment, all must be on alert."  Rad'sha mentioned to Chorona.
"And that's why the Time Patrol exists," Chronoa replied, "we're here to fix those issues that Towa and Mira are trying to cause in any point of the timeline. Even though the Time Patrollers do get involved in various battles in whatever era they arrive in, we must only act on behalf of letting that timeline's history run its natural course, no matter what tragedies may occur there... if a Time Patroller were to intervene in a personal event, no matter how benevolent their intentions, it may cause a so-called 'butterfly effect', as a potential future event may happen which would either render their efforts for naught or even make things worse."
"Oh Geez! That doesn't sound to great either. So extreme to it's very core." Rad'sha mentioned.
"Exactly, so that is why the Time Patrol should be vigilant at all times, and don't act on their own accord." Chronoa said.
*Rad'sha took a quiet moment for a bit to process on what the Time Patrol does on a day to day routine.*  
"Their jobs are extremely risky." She thought to herself.
"To be fair, some battles are easier than others, but it depends at which point in time we have to intervene and the kind of opposition that we're facing," Fygg said, "the battles against Raditz, Nappa and Vegeta when they invaded Earth are easier compared to those against Majin Buu or even Broly."
"Hmmmmm. I've heard about those invaders a long time ago. They were all terrible enemies. Luckily the Earth and it's people were saved" Rad'sha said.
"That is true indeed, but there are still forces out there that will try to disrupt the peace." Chronoa said.

"How about I take you to one mission so you get a glimpse of what we're doing?" Fygg offered.
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