DBXV: Universal Chaos

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Sep 4, 2015
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It was another day in Conton City. Fygg, one of the Human Time Patrollers hailing from a different timeline than Universe 7's residents, arrived in the city by flight, feeling refreshed as she had taken a bit of rest from her duties as a Time Patroller, having participated earlier in a tough Raid Mission. The city seemed to be at ease, with Time Patrollers going on and about with their usual business. Fygg was dressed in her usual outfit, beinjg a purple ninja-type gi with the pants similar to those of the old King Piccolo, while her boots and gloves were like of Vegeta from a timeline where the Z-Fighters fought a parasite, a machine-mutant-based super android and so-called 'shadow dragons' created from the Dragonballs' negative energy, or something along the lines.

Taking a seat on the edge of the fountain in the central plaza of the city, with shops and stands surrounding it, Fygg wondered whom she will hang out with today, not having heard much of her personal idol, but she assumed she had her own businesses to attend to at that time.
A while later, Rad'sha made her way into Conton City. She to came from a different timeline. As she walked looking around this new found area, she spots another person not to far in the distance.

"Hmmmmmmm. Very peculiar scene and it seems I won't be by myself either."  Rad'sha thought.
Fygg hummed to herself as she checked her scouter for any news on unusual activities. So far everything had remained at ease in terms of antics of the Time Breakers... and yet this seemed to unsettle her... as an adage goes, too much quiet means a lot of trouble brewing...
Rad'sha continued to observe her surroundings until she got tired and found somewhere to rest for a bit.
Rad'sha turned her head and noticed another person coming towards her. She even had a bit of a smile on her face as the person approaches.
"My name is Rad'sha and its a pleasure to meet you as well."  She said as she bowed.
"It may sound strange but somehow I was traveling in my spacepod and suddenly my coordinates were off. I didn't know what it was to cause such problem. I did whatever I could to get everything back to normal but it felt like something was pulling my pod. To make a long story short, I found myself a few miles away from Conton City and this is where my journey ended." Rad'sha replied.
"Thats good to know my friend. If it wasn't for you, I'd probably still be wandering around looking lost." Rad'sha said smiling.
Fygg smiled as she floated up as she turned towards the area which held the Time Machine Station.

"Here is the Time Machine Station," Fygg said, "it is here where we can go on various Time Missions, train together or even challenge other Time Patrollers to fight. As a Time Patroller, we are tasked with keeping watch over the timelines, and ensure that no one tries anything funny such as altering events that could have lasting consequences in the long run."
"Keeping watch I see. Sounds like an awesome plan." Rad'sha mentioned as she slightly rubbed her chin.
"Up on the hill to the left," Fygg said, pointing the location out, "that is where the Time Nest is located, as well as the main residence of Chronoa, the Supreme Kai of Time. Her job is to watch over the timeline, and if anything gets out of place, she is the first to know about it. We as Time Patrollers can enter various points in the 'main' timeline in order to fix potential disastrous changes made by outsiders, known as 'Time Breakers', but we are strictly prohibited from making changes to the timeline ourselves, no matter how noble our intentions are. The Time Patrol is simply there to ensure history runs the course the way it should be, even if it invites tragedy on some for when certain events are on a personal level."
"Thats a lot to have on our plates though but it is sufficient to hear and these Time Breakers sound very troublesome."  Rad'sha said.
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