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White Void

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The Strongest

A world of nothingness….

Fairy Queen, Vosh, Alice and Canca crashed onto the ground.

“Ouch….” Canca said. “Is everyone alright? Still kicking?”

“Yeah…” Alice pinched herself. “Yeah, still alive.” She noticed that they were in a completely, void less space. Perhaps, that is inaccurate. Everything was pure white, but there were multiple bubbles around them. Each bubble contained a group of people within it. Curious, Alice went to one of the bubbles and examined it. “What is this?” Alice tried to poke it.

The Fairy Queen helped Vosh up from the ground. “You’re okay, Vosh?” Her ears perked when she heard Alice checking out the bubbles. “Wait! Don’t go around and start touchin—” 

Alice poked it, leading the bubble to pop. Suddenly, Whitney, Kiki and her faithful companion, Hatty, Broly, Agatha, Silver Gunner and Edge-Man, came out and crashed onto the ground.

Edge-Man, with Kiki on top on the back of his head, opened his eyes quickly. “Damn… what the hell happened? One second I was fighting Broly, then all the sudden, a sea of darkness just rain down and… man, did a truck landed on me?” Edge-Man turned his head, seeing that Kiki was sitting on him. “H-hey! Get off!”

Broly’s body was frozen, but his head was moving around. “What is this? Where am I?”

meta knight

Green Jacket
Vosh says taking the help to get up "I am a live and by the sounds we have more than just us hear."

~ Z ~

Black Jacket
Kiki landed on Edge-Man, her dress ruffled and her undies exposed slightly. She groaned slightly before rubbing the top of her head and realizing she sat on top of Edge-Man. She yelled when she noticed her undies visible and quickly jumped off of Edge-Man, fixing her dress. Hatty floated down with Whitney, landing gently so Whitney would not have a crash landing. Hatty released Whitney and looked around, confused as to where they are.

"Hey, where are we? What did you do, Kiki?" Hatty grumbled. "I've never seen this place before..."

"I didn't do anything!" Kiki said with red cheeks. "The last thing I remember was a wave of darkness and now we're here. Do you think Broly killed all of us and now we're dead?"

"No way, Broly's still frozen over there." Hatty pointed to the Saiyan. "...Wait, Broly's here too?!"


Black Jacket
Whitney took off Hatty and returned him to Kiki, looking around nervously because they were standing in a void of white for miles. 

"This isn't Futuropolis... what the heck is going on? Where are we? Where did everyone go?!"


Blue Jacket
Silver Gunner landed on the ground next to the group. He stood up and looked around the area.

"Larry, am I dead?"

"Vitals signs at normal levels. You're alive and well." the AI responded.

Silver Gunner looked around the area trying to scan his surroundings but there was nothing to scan. All he could see was white.

Silver Gunner's helmet started to change. It disassembled itself as the nanobots relocated to other parts of the suit revealing the face of young Caucasian man.

"Where the hell are we?"


The Strongest
Edge-Man rubbed his head. “Okay, who’s the bastard that did this?! I’ll arrest them!” He turned to Solver Gunner. “Back me up!” He took out his blade and turned to Whitney and the others. “I don’t know what kind of bag of tricks you pulled out of that ugly hat, but you’re going to pay!”

Alice raised a brow. “Hey! Quit yabbing! I was the one that released you!” She noticed a giant buff man with his body frozen. She got closer to see if he was still mobile, but Broly went for a bite, causing her to fly back to Vosh in fear. 

Edge-Man narrowed his eyes at the small fairy. “And now you using a fairy!? First you took my summon, now you’re using these kinds of magic. You are a troublesome group!”


“Fairy Queen… what is going on? What did you do?” Canca asked.

After the Fairy Queen made sure Vosh was alright, she saw a group of people that appeared near Alice. She was sweating after exhausting all that power she’d displayed earlier. “I was blessed with the ability to counter the power of the Retcon Dragon. He was designed to restart anything while I recovered those during the reboot process. I managed to salvage everything, the best of my ability, from Booga and then some and placed them in a hibernation bubble to keep them from being fully erased.”

Around them, there were countless of hibernation bubbles that maintained groups of people that were saved from the reboot process.

“And the white space?” Canca looked around

“The result of our collision, it reduced the world we lived into a white void… planets, stars, celestial bodies, all of them are nothing.” The Fairy Queen explained. “Usually, I do this for small areas… but for the entire universe… it drained my body heavily.” She made sure everyone around her heard her. “Sorry if this was all of the sudden… there was a mage that used some strange magic I never seen before… so this was a last resort.”

meta knight

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Vosh [font=Tahoma,Verdana,Arial,Sans-Serif]says to the group summoned by Alice "I hope the gravity of what has happened to convince you lot place your fight on hold and/or do some thing foolish."[/font]

[font=Tahoma,Verdana,Arial,Sans-Serif]Vosh asks the Queen "so what is next?"[/font]

~ Z ~

Black Jacket
"This wasn't my magic or Whitney! I.. I don't know how we got here! Just relax for a second, Edge-Bully! We should listen to what these new people have to say."

Kiki listened intently to the Fairy Queen and her friends, nodding and agreeing to everything she did not understand.

"Hey Hatty, what's she talking about?" Kiki turned to Hatty who floated nearby. 

"Hmm, let me think..." Hatty scratched the edge of his hat. "I don't know anything about this 'rebooting' thing, but I do know something about the Dragons of Booga. It ain't much but I think they're very powerful creatures that protect...something. I've heard of a few but I have never heard of this Retcon Dragon..."

"So if I get this correctly, based on what that fairy said... Our universe is gone?! B-But what about our home and everyone in the Sisterhood?"

"I don't think the people themselves are gone." Hatty pointed at the bubbles around them, careful not to touch them. "The magical powers of that Fairy saved a couple of people, as she said. Looks like we got dragged into a bigger mess than Broly."

"Oh, Cinnamon Sticks! Broly's still frozen!" Kiki rushed to Broly and leaned down to his head. "You sure are in a pickle, Broly. You have to promise to behave yourself and then I'll set you free from the ice. And quit trying to bite people, it's not very nice!"

Kiki waved her wand around before letting the tip glow with a slight red aura. She tapped the ice that encased Broly, letting it melt so that he could escape. She turned to Whitney, urging her to come close to her. "You should stick by me, Whitney, I'll keep you safe from that bully Edge-Man! Errm, but it sure looks like we're no longer in Futuropolis anymore. It could be dangerous here..."

Hatty floated around, staring at the vast bubbles that held several groups and fights. He didn't want to touch any, fearing he might summon the wrong group of people. He came close to the other group, Alice, Vosh, and the Fairy Queen. The talking magical hat waved his ribbon arm, trying to make peace.

"Rest assured, I doubt any of us will be fighting in here. Well, maybe Edge-Man, but he's nothing to worry over." Hatty turned to the bubbles floating around them. "You mentioned that our universe is gone... H-How did this happen? Is this White Space left of what was our realm? Who's responsible for this? We have to stop them!"


Blue Jacket
Silver Gunner's eyes widened a little as the conversations kept going on. It was so baffling to him.

"Wow, that's a lot to take in right now. I was literally taking a nap until the saiyansicle over there started going berserk."

The armored hero let out a deep sigh as the nanobots across his body started disassembling. The suit had been reduced to a small touchscreen watch on Silver Gunner's arm. Silver Gunner was now wearing a baggy blue hoodie, sweatpants, with sock and slides.

"Well, either this is a crazy drug-fueled fever dream or this actually happening. Either way I'm just gonna sit back."


The Strongest
“Uh, that hat is talking to us.” Alice blinked once.

“I mean, we seen weirder things. We’re in a white void after all. Probably someone associated with the Magic Schools.” Canca answered.

The Fairy Queen nodded. “There was a mage named Negative who appears in my chambers. He used the Merlin’s Staff and summoned the Retcon Dragon, the legendary 7th Dragon who has the ability to reboot anything in its sights.” The Fairy Queen tried to catch her breath; using all the energy worn her out significantly.

“And because of that, I had to do something drastic… the universe, space, time, everything had been fractured and resulted a white void, null of anything. So, as Vosh said, the next thing I need to do is restore the universe… and bring things together piece by piece… assuming it isn’t too damage from Negative’s influence.”

“And what about Negative? Did he disappeared too since you didn’t save him, right?” Alice asked.

“Yeah, since I didn’t intend on saving him, he should be reboote-“ Fairy Queen heard a malicious cackle from afar.


Broly came out of the frozen prison and moved his body. He stared at Kiki who scolded him about his behavior. “Insect.” He uttered, before raising his hand in the air. Without hesitation, he swung his arm to Kiki’s direction, flinging her to the other side. “I don’t know what’s going on, but I will paint the white area with your blood. You shall be the first one.” Broly pointed at Edge-Man.

Edge-Man gritted his teeth. “Why the tell did you unfreeze him you damn dope!?” He said out loud. He griped onto his blade. “Even when everything is supposedly gone, you still want to fight!?” his ears perked at the sounds of a maniacal laughter from afar.

Broly turned his head slightly, seeing Negative, along with the Retcon Dragon standing behind him. “Who’re you?

Negative narrowed his eyes. “If you guys are about to have a nice bout, I’ll join. Don’t worry, I’ll make your death painful as possible.” 

The Fairy Queen narrowed her eyes upon seeing Negative still around. “How!? You should be gone!”

Negative tabbed his temple twice. “You have to do more than that to erase me.” He looked around, seeing all the bubbles floating aimlessly. “So, you managed to salvage people from that pathetic planet and then some. How nice…” 

He raised his finger to one of the bubbles. “Perhaps, I shall destroy one of them…”
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