What Grinds Your Gears?

ShineCero said:
Jesus christ, that person is clearly out of his mind. You did a good job reporting this user and staying away from him.
Thank you. There are others that harassed him too.


I'm having to stop again and think hard about who I share things with, people I have shared personal things with, and thought were confidants and would share words of advice. I'm finding silence now from some people I value input from. I'm also facing what feels like lack of appreciation in another situation and lack of meeting me in the middle to help themselves. I'm nobody's savior, I'm nobody's go-to girl, I'm nobody's miracle worker, and I'm not Superwoman. I will help in ways I feel I'm supposed to in life.
When I offer my help I give 110 percent. I'm a woman of my word and I bust my ass to follow through even when I'm fatigued, emotionally drained, and my plate is overflowing. I put "me" on the back of the shelf to focus on needs before me - the need of someone or something else I feel called to assist. I have learned this level of giving and passion does not come back to me from a huge percentage of people.
Memo to the people who claim to need my help: For crying out loud, at least take the baton when someone is running the race for you - take it and put effort into following through on your end or else you've watched someone wipe themselves out and you don't care.
I absolutely don't ever forget someone who does something touching for me. I can't say "Thank you" enough. My appreciation and respect for them becomes deeply rooted if they stay in my life. All I have ever asked was to receive the respect, trust, kindness, gentleness, understanding, and affection I give. As I've aged I've seen that this will never, ever happen. When I'm drained that this recipient is not helping follow through I'm being taken advantage of and I have to save myself by cutting the umbilical cord. I hate this. It goes against who I am, to let anyone hurt. But someone else will appreciate me. I'm nobody's savior, I'm nobody's Superwoman, I'm nobody's go-to girl, and I'm nobody's miracle worker. People have to want to save themselves too in order to make change happen.
When people come after me and say "this is wrong" but refused to elaborated, don't allow me to correct my mistakes and get an attitude about it. It really, REALLY grind my god damn gears. 

As some of you are aware, I have a genetic condition (that affects my face), so it's not out of the ordinary where people assumed that I'm mentally not there (it doesn't have any affect mentally nor intelligence), and thus, think they're unable to effectively communicate with me. No, do not assumed that every genetic condition somehow makes someone incapable of doing something. And certainly, do not assumed that any mental condition/genetic condition somehow disqualified someone of doing anything. It made required more effort, depending on the condition, but with the right environment, time and patience, they can do it. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, assumed that they're morons because they have one. It's aggravating, grating and god damn annoying.
It really does irritate me when people think mocking my voice is funny. Yes, I'm quite aware that my speech isn't perfect. Yes, I'm quite ware that I can (scratch that, WILL) sound like gibberish due to my condition. Sorry bub, can't help it. So I don't need you to remind me every time you happen to see me at work and "tried" to strike up a conversation with me to drop that tired old joke.

People suck. Lol.
Four days ago I had to be around people who were talking about dogs eating cats and laughing about it and one person saying that he [redacted] a cat. This morning I heard one saying that my cat needs to be thrown away because of his mischief.
I'm staying far away from these people because I'm going to spout off truth that will get me isolated more, hated, scolded, or thought of as "What the hell is wrong with you?"
I saw a post on compassion for animals a social media friend shared. It's truth. My heart hurts to the soul.
What happens if I said their kids, grandkids, and pamangkins who spill something, act out, or tease others need to be slapped, beaten, or thrown out in the cold to fend for themselves? How would they feel?
To them, most creatures are meaningless. Lesser beings than their precious flesh and blood.

ISTG, dealing with my cousins and aunt is like having children who never grow up. I truly want to scream and close all doors and windows. Many would have long ago. I think they are the children - my mom was also one - who G_d intended me to have - not biological kids of my womb.
I’ve been a domestic helper since my grandma died. No, it’s not right. And it worsens as they have health issues and age.

People getting angry about something that never even happen in the first place lol. Older sister out here inventing BS reasons to get angry about :sob: :joy:
Memo to my neat-freak cousin: Why must people be such bitchy clueless judgemental assholes?
Keep your fucking pie hole shut if you don’t know the full story about someone’s situation. I tried helping around the house even if it means washing the dishes and it seems the judgement is flowing. If you don’t know me and my condition then shut your damned narcissistic judgemental mouths. There are few who would go the lengths as I have and do for my home, my pets, let alone wildlife and other pets. You pass judgement on me in this area of life and I will cut you off at the knees.


It's ironic how people who expect me to sanitize packages don't stand up for me when the bullying happens.

I was saddened and had to bite my tongue while at at the ground floor today while cooking dinner.
The boy who was about his grade school age rang the doorbell twice and ran off laughing when I checked who rang the doorbell. The boy never apologized for playing with the doorbell. The boy was healthy and mentally sound. I felt like telling him to stop playing with the doorbell.
If I had a child I would never allow this behavior. This kid apparently is selfish and catered to - no concept of caring for others, good manners, or being considerate of others' property. Peace and quiet mean nothing. 
This is our future and it makes me cringe. When I see parents teaching morals, good manners, and right conduct and the kids acting with compassion and care - I smile and sometimes thank them.
People who are extremely rude and expected you to give perfect customer service afterwards. Sorry, but don't be disrespectful to people that work on your food lol.
My Shopee app has bombed multiple times today.
I reload it. I verified my email, cleared data, and try again. It keeps tanking.

Judging by the Facebook comments I've noticed that the other users had the same problem.
When people tell you at the last minute to get something. Like... breh, don't wait until I'm about to go home to ask if I can "turn around and pick something up".
It's interesting how people say I’m neglecting my pets because I give one of them scritches and he shows his chin.
And her username includes "myfriend."
I told her to piss off.

Go to that link and share your feedback on her ignorance if you so desire: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CbOgtAYAn2g/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

It never fails - the stupid people abound.


Thanks a lot, MetroExpress, for the P2P bus fare now double what they were two or three years ago at this time.
My Php150 p2p bus fare from Trasierra to Palapala is Php240 for April.
I didn’t know this.
How will people during a c_v_d pandemic, with no jobs or lesser pay keep up with this public transport fare during summer? Why would the P2P bus company do this?
I guess I should thank my brilliant gvrnmnt leadership.
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