What Grinds Your Gears?

I'm a quiet guy at work, since I really don't have anything to say. But it kind of grind my gears when there's a worker that doesn't contribute to the job, and instead, bumbles around, chitchat and act like a social club. Then employees are blamed for work not getting done because of that particular worker.
Other than the fact that my cat and I've enjoyed yesterday's Pet Summit I was disappointed by the attitude of one of the vets who snapped at me over the vaccination my cat already received at the brgy hall near my subdivision.

06.06.2022 Update: Ants. 🤬
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Doctors that really don't care about your well-being and expressed disinterested in it. Went to a doctor today, hoping to get a referral for an audiologist, and discuss things even further. Instead, doc came in, look at me, didn't even know what a BAHA is (nor Cochlear for that matter); had no idea about Treacher Collins Syndrome and was all "OK. That's it?" as he huff and puff. Soon as I left, he was braggin about how he got all these patients done in such a fast-paced matter. Literally made me uncomfortable as hell. Time for a new doctor or clinic that actually gives a damn
I am going to vent now.
I give a lot. I help people - and if they come to me and are upset and need help - I will do what I can. But the person who asks needs to be able to help themselves, to let me help, and be appreciative - not backpedal, not make excuses for the situation they need help with, NOT drag me into a problem, and actually not want to change that situation.
It is a waste of my minimal time and energy and zaps me emotionally. Especially when it comes to animals, abuse, deliveries, grammar, and things that are obviously “not right.” I will NOT stand by and watch poor behavior. I will abide by wishes to an extent - and I definitely will take action once I get the “please help.”
That “please help” came today from someone I’ve helped for a while and the situation involves the parcel that was supposed to be delivered to his own address. It began days ago and I held back by request - I said I have no money due to the fact that I work every other week resulting in me not earning as much as I used to before the lockdowns. I unleashed today with that “please help.” Then the backpedaling began. Well, the unleashing has happened and the delivery rider decides to deliver the package meant for my uncle to the correct address. I have peace of mind that I finally was able to save some money. My point - do NOT use me to vent about serious issues, and then get upset when I help you, per request. These quotes sum up how I feel right now.
I have no remorse. I have done what is right. People act poorly and are deeply sick - and I will not stand by forever idle. Memo to the people who wish to feed off of me: Be thankful for help, because that help one day may be gone. Don’t abuse those who care. The days of me being taken advantage of are over.
Today I pondered.
It’s disheartening to me the people who’ve come into my life for a short time to use my kindness, stick around for a short time with contact and then vanish. Those who came around just for help with parcels, who need money, or need an ear to listen, then disappeared to carry on their lives and flock to the companionship of others.
It’s this behavior that makes me, and I’m sure others in these shoes, retract from being so quick to share or help.
I am very sensitive to being used and being ordered around. It’s happened severely because of my empathetic nature.
I do not forget or “not appreciate” what people do for me. I also do not seek help just to flee. I try to thank people and keep them in my circle and defend them. I do not forget them. I speak highly of them.
Those who have fled - if they approach me again - I will no longer be as quickly willing to help/give.
10-08-2022 update: Some people should not be working at the establishments such as public transport stations if they don't know how to be patient with PWDs.
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You can double post! I don't mind :)

When people asked me to do something, only for them to say "nevermind". Really ticks me off. Especially when they interrupted me when I'm doing something lol
You can double post! I don't mind :)
Thank you. 🐱

A note to self: When a very brief ex-follower pops up sending you DMs and you promptly delete it like she deleted you after a couple flings, like leftover fries. Ugly lumps of fuck she doesn’t connect with must not be good enough (I love this saying and kept it on hand because it’s true.) She apparently wants more “supply.”

This feeding tube is removed - w_nkst__n. Memo to the superficial person: See ya. Buh bye.

Christ, what a character. Hope you block them and bounce out!!


YouTuber Critics. That's all.
More social media disgust. I've shared two of my latest Shopee finds - one of my favorite couples - and credited an artist who drew them. Instagram flagged my DM instantly saying it could “hurt” other people and to retract it.
So dirty evil accounts and fake predatory profiles are okay but true posts, DMs, and comments are banned.
Couldn't change my complete address in one of my online shopping apps so now I have to wait for the dog food I've ordered online. 🤬
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It hurts me.
I made a comment a yesterday about a former classmate who tried to bully me into being his girlfriend even though I didn't want to and how I was told by my aunt that "Maybe he likes you" and other fallacies. I said it hurt me to see this and that we need to stop this division and lack of common sense. A lady with a cat photo as a profile pic lashed out and said that anyone who doesn’t have compassion for abusers is “emotionally immature” and doesn’t care about others. She said “Maybe have some compassion for her.” and she was gone. I told her in a comment back that this hurt me and she should know me better than being labeled as “emotionally immature.”
My gosh - I had told her about the reality of toxic family cultures and how abusers sucked empaths dry. And I'm "emotionally immature?" I kept seeing her posts but she obviously doesn't follow my posts about my pets. In any event she comes at me again I'll block her. I will not chase anyone. Apparently she faked caring about my aunt. It sickens me what division has happened among people all over toxic relationships and toxic family culture. Truly depresses me and sickens me.


April 3, 2023 Update: When people cook too much rice (the amount I don't need). Since it's just me and my aunt I only cook one cup.
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