Things you hate about school?

Yo wtf... nobody should want to be on that show just for the infamy of it

I also hate when the professor makes the test material so extensive that you don't know what to study more so you end up either studying the wrong things or not studying one thing hard enough
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ShineCero said:
I also hates students who never shut the hell up and wants to challenge authority when a teacher is lecturing. It's mainly high school (and especially freshmen year) and never college, but christ :wagh:


I HATE the kids who think they're super tough and cool just because they talk back to a teacher. It doesn't make you cool or funny! It makes you look like an annoying prick. UGH. You talking back to a teacher is such a disrespect to not only the teacher but the students who are trying to learn. 

There was this one incident in my college class (My freshman year) that this one kid would always talk back to the professor or crack jokes during class. It was super annoying and I absolutely hated it. It didn't make it better that the dude has his BFF from high school supporting his dumb actions. One day, a student in my class had enough and called him out. Long story short, it went a little something like this.

Prof: *Talking about stuff and tells Prick to get off his cell phone.*
Prick: Yeah, okay whatever... *ignores and continues.*
Prof: Sir, please get off your cell phone, I won't tell you again.
Prick: *Laughs with friend* Yeah, okay Prof, gimmie a sec.
Chad: YO, get off your damn phone! You're seriously being a little bitch right now.

*The two argue for a bit before the Chad student lays it down on the kid.*

Chad: You ain't funny. Go home with your friend and suck each other off since that's all you seem to do. Anyways, Prof, why don't you just call security, I wanna see them say half this shit to a security, they ain't got the balls.

Since then, the main prick never came back to class and his buddy never opened his mouth to say a word, almost like he was shy or something. Ironic since he couldn't keep his mouth shut earlier...

:pls: Holy shit! Serves him right; shouldn't be talking in fucking class then. Guess he won't be able to graduate in a daily manner if he's dropping classes every time he gets called out.

Like jesus christ dude, if you're going to talk all that shit in class, why even come to the first time? Just ditch or dropped out. Quit wasting other people's time to get an education because you want 15 minutes of fame.

Akiria said:
The people who would talk about their sexual endeavors from the weekend (or even previous night) in normal conversation. 

And, there was also one girl, who, I was in my senior year, and she was a freshman. I was heading to class, and I heard her exclaim to her friend, 'Oh! It's my dream to be on 16 and Pregnant!' and her friend said 'OMG, I love that show! It'd be so cool to see you on there!' I was generally worried for her the rest of senior year

Yikes! Usually people who say that hadn't matured in a timely manner (since they are freshmen), but if they kept that same mindset in senior year... oh boy. Reminds me an episode of Law and Order: SVU.

I know I probably said this before, but I really hate when teacher asks a simple, SIMPLE question and the entire classroom goes radio silent for 5 minutes straight.
When you hit that point where you cannot get up before noon but all your classes are in the morning yet the sheer stress of school wont let you make it.
ShineCero said:
I know I probably said this before, but I really hate when teacher asks a simple, SIMPLE question and the entire classroom goes radio silent for 5 minutes straight.

They don't know the answer man! :wagh: I kinda hate that too. But what I hate more is when the Prof gives out the answer and suddenly everyone goes "Awww!" like they knew the answer. If you knew, then speak up! I fall into this category a lot but it's mostly because I'm not sure if I'm right or wrong.

Another thing: Saying an answer out loud full of confidence only for the teacher to say you're wrong. That happened to me a lot.   :deargod:
People don't fucking look in the school parking lots.

People who drive the wrong way in a one way school parking lot.

People who swerve around other cars in a school parking lot barely two cars wide.

People who get extremely pissed off in school parking lots if you're in they're way.

Generally, these are all the same person.

All of these situations happened to me over 4 years of high school and one semester of university.
Professors that makes unreasonable expectations of students for their essays. There was an English Teacher I had way back when, who practically flunked the entire class (myself included) because no one can read his thoughts on what he wanted. His lessons were drivel, never actually teach anything and expects you to think like him. 

He's pretty much the worst teacher in that Community College by far.
I hate it when I need to do my homework by the damn online course is down for the last 3 days. I'm lucky that I have Monday off, but man, I'm pissed.
After all the stuff @"LoopyPanda" told me about the frat boys and sorority students and the overall "Greek culture", I failed to see why the hell any university still continues to support this type of shit in their institutions. :thinks:
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