Things you hate about school?

My ethics professor had an hour and 15 minute lecture that was a thinly disguised rant of how the entire class is noting but moral failings, our entire generation is effectively mentally disabled (he said we’re not using reason to decide our lives), and spoke about another uni professor both walking around nude in their house and encouraging incest. The same university.
Oh yeah! I gotta tell you guys about geometry class one year!

The way our Geometry teacher let us do work is, after he taught the lesson, we'd split into groups of 3, and he'd hand out the homework and the answers. He gave us the answers, because he wanted to see our work, and how we arrived at the answer. 

Simple enough. 

The two girls I was paired with were notoriously getting poor marks on all their homework, because they just copied the answers straight from the answer sheet to the homework, no work shown whatsoever. They decided they were sick of getting poor marks. I always got high marks because, like a normal person, I did what the teacher asked of us and showed the damn work. The two girls decided to start copying off my paper. When we got in our groups when class started to go over the previous night's homework, they'd wait until I had to go ask the teacher something, and would copy my work from my paper to theirs. It infuriated me, but, I couldn't prove they were doing it. And, on the days where I didn't ask the teacher something, they'd get poor marks from no work shown. 

On one of the days that I didn't need to ask the teacher something, however, one of them just straight up took the paper off my desk, and started copying it. Infuriated, I immediately took it back, crumpling it slightly, but, eh. I didn't care. Conversation that happened then is this:

Me: You can't keep copying my paper. I'm sick and tired of it. You're in 10th grade. Act like it.
Girl 1: Give it back! I need to finish!
Girl 2: Yeah! I and I haven't even started copying it yet!
Me: I'm not giving it back. It's my homework. Why do you need it? Just show the work yourselves. 
Girl 1: But the work is hard! And he just gives us the answers anyway! I don't see why we need to show how we got it.
Me: If you're having trouble, ask Mr. Riggleman (the teacher), or even call Ask Rose. I'm tired of you two copying my papers.
Girl 2: Well, you're in our group. That means you should help us!
Me: Yeah. Help you. Not let you copy my paper 5 minutes before he collects it. 
Girl 1: Just let me finish copying! I only got down, like, half an equation!
Me: Nope. ANd, goodbye ladies. I'm going to go ask Mr. Riggleman if I can switch groups, because I'm done with you both. 

And that's exactly what I did. And, after I showed him that they had been copying my work, with the girl only having 1 half an equation down, and he saw it was the same as mine, he switched me groups, and the girl  they got instead of me let them copy her papers, no problem. 

So. They didn't learn anything. But, oh well. They weren't my problem anymore, because I got away from them.
People whose cars have no mufflers and so rev up their engines in the parking deck to show how big their genitals are and it can be heard across campus because vibration amplification.
I hate classes that expect so much out of their students. These are the classes that expect you to do a billion things for one simple argument essay. I understand that you have to prove and validate your point/side during an argument, but I hate it when the professor makes an easy essay into something that takes more than a week to finish. 

"Okay class, you have a 500-word essay due a week from now. Please use a minimum of two credible sources."

Me: Huh, okay, not bad. I can do thi--

"However, you need to go to the writing lab and get at least 3 stamps from the tutors. After that, You need to bring me a physical copy and submit your actual essay online. Your essay must have a 1/4th-inch border all around. Only the actual part of your essay will count for the 500 words. Sources, title, name, and the cover page will not count towards the 500-word count. You cannot submit an essay more than 4 pages long and you are not allowed to use the same sources for future papers. Any questions?"

Me: Aw fuck.
One of the things that annoyed me about school is the complicated redundancy of getting sources, but only if they're books only. Then expect you to power read through 10 books in within 3 weeks to support your paper.
Being stuck in a group project where everyone except 1 person doesn't reply to your GroupMe messages, and you all agree in-class to make a shareable Google Docs and powerpoint, nobody has added fucking anything, and the presentation is due 5 days from now.

And worst part is you can't do any of your own work because your part is dependent on the others' being complete
Working at your old school and seeing how much its improved since you were there...
Bumping this up.

One thing I dislike about online discussion forums is where there is a required date to turn in your work and you missed it not once (which is okay, things happened), but you missed it so many times that you have to beg the professor to give you a extension through Zoom conference. I know people have a lot of stuff to do, but oof, sounds like the class isn't make to stuff if you can't turn in your work in time :pensive:
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