The Reality Vortex: New Roads

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Sep 3, 2015

The Reality Vortex

A strange world where the impossible happens. Eons ago, a celestial object called daffodil star produced three seeds into the Abyss of Darkness. By absorbing the Dark Energy around them, they would grow into Cosmic Plants and create their respective worlds. However, a war broke out between them for sole domination.

In reaction, the daffodil star produced a fourth seed, Jinaira, into the Abyss of Darkness to discourage in-fighting. However, upon completion, Jinaira didn’t participate in the war and created his own world instead, leaving the fate of those worlds to their destruction from the war.

Jinaira was more interested in creating his ideal world than some squabbles between Cosmic Plants. Since his creation was supposed to disrupt in-fighting, he was not granted the ability to create life. Thus, Jinaira designed his world to do the impossible: bring all beings from other worlds into Reality Vortex.

Thus, the birth of Reality Vortex was born. It was a world supposedly where all beings erased from existence gathered. There is no sense of time, scientific laws nor physics, no logical reasoning; it’s all a jumbled mess. It is the last destination before permanent, true death. Once someone enters Reality Vortex, they cannot leave under any circumstances regardless of battle power or ability. To drive further home, Reality Vortex is enclosed by a powerful barrier that prevents anyone from leaving the world itself. It also protects the world from the endless sea of Dark Energy; otherwise known as the Abyss of Darkness and a creature that lurks within.

Jinaira’s world was barren of life—it is exceedingly rare for anyone to be erased from existence. He’d attempted many times to forcibly will beings into this world—no matter their origin but failed each time. One day, a mysterious man appeared: Doctor Victor von Doom. He was in shock that someone appeared in this world and observed him. After days of studying the Doctor and his futile attempts to escape, Jinaira introduced himself to him. However long their conversation, upon Jinaira coming in physical contact, it overloaded the Doctor with Dark Energy and seemingly destroyed him. Displeased that his once chance to figure out what causes people to appear here, Jinaira leaves and seeks shelter at his manor.

Doom survived the encounter, and the influence of the Dark Energy invaded his mind. Unknown to Jinaira for a brief period, Doom built a machine capable of bringing beings from other worlds into Reality Vortex. Accomplishing this goal drove Doom to seek something greater: merging all worlds into one, where his rule is law.

Although time does not exist in Vortex, eventually, the Breakers formed. They were aided by a strange entity known as the Voice, a spirit guide of Reality Vortex. They were promised that if they obtain a device known as the “tools”, the Voice will help them escape Reality Vortex and return to their home universes. However, these tools were currently in the possession of Doctor Doom and must defeat him to get it. After a cruel battle that erupted between the Breakers and Doctor Doom that left half of the group permanently erased, the Breakers gave the tools to the Voice as promised. In a twist of fate, after Voice gained his physical body, double-crossed the Breakers. He was only interested in regaining his body and reclaim his place in the world—revealing to be its Creator God. He cleaned up the mess from the final battle and established a New Reality Vortex (Reality Vortex v2). Afterwards, after giving them pity points of returning two people erased from existence, force the Breakers to “clean up” the act in the world as he himself take shelter to Vortex Moon.

Now the Breakers are left with a dilemma where they cannot return to their homes, and live in a world thrown into chaos.

Premise: Three years have passed since the defeat of Doctor Doom and the creation of the new world. The Breakers were forced onto a job to clean up the mess of the new world, now populated with new people from different worlds. Due to the establishment of time, society was established rapidly, and people began to adapt to the unfamiliar environment thanks to the assistance of the Breakers—the group was essentially seen as Legendary for their work and their showcase of skills in battle. In fact, rumor has it that the Breakers eliminated hundreds of foes in a single strike—this deter some people from picking fights against them. Others, especially Ultraman, took it as a challenge.

Time and time again, the Breakers faced plenty of enemies that challenge them for battle; considering the god of this world appointed them as overseers, if they defeat the Breakers, they can control the city to their liking. Yet, no enemy was able to break through the absolute monstrosity strength the Breakers had over them. To the eyes of the people and enemies, the Breakers was seen as an unbeatable team, but behind closed doors, they were falter. Vegetto had resigned and left the apartment, disappearing into the Reality Metropolis (formerly Reality City), while others are still copping with the loss of their loved ones.

Now, the Breakers are getting new recruits under ranks and request from people to solve an issue time to time. Ultraman, on the other hand, saw that the Breakers had no desire to rule the city and simply idling by as the days passed. If the Breakers won’t bring order to the chaotic mess of the city, then he shall take the job. However, no one would take him seriously in the horde of powerful figures in the city—if he defeat the Breakers, they have to listen to him. Thus, Ultraman head towards the Breakers’ headquarters, Cuki’s Apartment Complex, now absorbed into the city, and challenge them once again with a live audience—this time, it won’t be a repeat of the last few fights throughout the years.

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Reality Vortex Rules
  • The Breakers are the main characters of this story.
  • You are only allowed up to 4 characters to play at once.
  • You can have characters shift from Main Role to Supporting Role.
  • You can have a character leave for a period.
  • Nearly all rules that originated from the character's original world do not apply in Reality Vortex.
  • Death is not possible in Reality Vortex. If a character’s body is completely destroyed, they will turn into Vortex Coins.
  • Only one character has the power to erased beings—and that belongs to the Voice. If the Voice erases you, this is a permanent death.
  • Be courteous to other players; do not metagame, make your characters have extensive knowledge, etc.
Rules are subject to change in the future
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Ultraman kicked down the front gates of Cuki’s apartment. Beaming with confidence, the man left heavy stomps on the floor, leaving an imprint of his foot as he walked towards the front entrance. There was a growing pressure of people gathering near the gate, all of them in their gossip of what is about to transpired.

“Is that Ultraman? Is he going to challenge the Breakers again?” One of them said in a whispered tone.

“Yeah, you’d think he learn by now, but he’s still going to try. Can’t say I’m not impressed with his determination.”

Ultraman turned his head slightly to the left, noticing a horde of people gathering behind him. Turning his attention to the front entrance, he tightened his chest and took a deep breath. “BREAKERS! GET OUT HERE AND FIGHT ME!” He shouted at the top of his lungs. “TODAY IS THE DAY I SHALL GET VICTORY OVER YOU! The city is in complete chaos out here! A dog eats dog world out there where the strong strive and the weak have to suffer! I have grown tired of your inability to submit some kind of order here! If you won't do it, I will! AND-”


Inside Cuki’s Apartment, the old Saiyan, Spina, was looking out from the window, seeing Ultraman barking comments at them. Despite not aging, Spina was still missing an arm; had more scars on his face and body, and his eyes was dimming out. However, his right arm had received an improvement in terms of cybernetics. After meeting with a strange doctor, it allowed Spina to use his arm again in top condition and enables him to battle. “Damn, this early in the morning. That guy keeps coming to us every other week now.” He sweated a bit. “What a stubborn fool.”
Cuki was silently tending to a few plants outside her balcony. She looked unharmed, despite the massive battle she took part in. The markings that were present on her face before were no longer there and her eyes shifted to appear more feline in appearance. She barely cooked in her time recovering with the Breakers and her ambition to fight was a bit higher than it usually was. It could be that she had a stronger will to fight in order to protect her friends. Ever since the last day they met Voice, she appeared to have changed slightly but it was not entirely noticeable. The Diety that remained inside of her was quiet for the last three years and did not give the Breakers any trouble despite his last confrontation with them. Cuki hummed a cute tone as she watered the plants on the balcony before peering over the edge to glare at Ultraman.

"Oh my, it appears that the little Ultraman is at it again guys!" Cuki groaned. "What do you guys want to do? Should we go down there or..?"
A lone cat, one of Bernkastel's familiars no doubt, took to perching itself on the balcony railing and watched Cuki take care of the plants. It stretched and licked its paws before perking its ears in the direction of Bernkastel's room.

There was a quiet groan from her out of mild annoyance since she was busy attempting to fix her hair. In the final fight against Doom it was painfully split and had left her hair short and choppy in the back. She had been sitting at her vanity trimming off the split ends carefully after extensively conditioning to restore some of the texture.

"What a noisy man. Can't he go find a hobby like selling hot dogs on the street corner?" Unlike Vegetto, she decided to stay in Cuki's apartment as a base of operations and to avoid feeling alone. She was still mourning the loss of Lambdadelta, a fellow Voyager witch, so she took to wearing dresses that were completely black. Finished with the bangs, she peeked her head out of her room with a cat in her arms. "I don't feel like fighting... Should I send one of my kitties out to deal with him instead?"
Brachi opened her eyes as Ultraman's announcement disturbed her meditation within her own room inside Cuki's apartment. Her old wounds having healed as best as they could within the three-year timespan, but her attitude had taken some changes. She even appeared to have grown a little bit of extra muscle, while still keeping her overall athletic and lean shape as to not hinder in movement speed, but it was clear she had grown a lot stronger than she was before...

"Not him again..." she mentally thought, remembering her previous encounters with him and having come out on top.

Over this three-year time span, while not having had any interest in ruling something she didn't feel was hers from the start, Brachi hadn't been sitting still. With that battle against Doom fresh in her memory, coupled with the prospect of being challenged by various people like Ultraman, Brachi had submitted herself to an egregious training session, stopping only to eat, sleep or to help out with specific chores when requested. Her main objective was enlightenment, seeking both physical and mental mastery of herself, whether it was through sparring with the other Breakers, doing physical workouts, or meditation. As a result of this, the strain which her Super Saiyan Blue and its Evolved forms put on her was greatly reduced, to a level where she had practically mastered Super Saiyan Blue, with her Super Saiyan Blue Evolved form allowing her access to a much greater power output. She even believed she could safely combine Super Saiyan Blue Evolved with her Kaio-ken much more efficiently for a greater length of time if push would come to shove. 

While she retained her regular outfit, which was an interesting mixture of the outfits of her creators, she was currently dressed in a more simplified version of that outfit, being a blue weighted undershirt with pink gi top, purple gi-styled pants with a brown belt, red colored gloves which didn't cover the fingers and yellow boots with white ankle straps and a violet underside, while retaining the earrings she inherited from Bulma. 

With her meditation disturbed, Brachi got out of her room to see what this Ultraman-or whatever wanted this time, preparing to deal with him if someone else didn't beat her to it.
A man waring Cross' Crest says(He just an npc I using) "Come on Urtra your annoying the busters."

Cross says appearing in the apartment drinking some tea "just let the underlings handle it like normal."
Someone who looked like Snow, walked up to where the Breakers place was. He gave a quick knock that sounded like "Shave and a hair cut, two bits." Of course, what the Breakers dont know is that when Doom sent out people to fight, Snow and his family got caught in as well. Slayer was waiting for a response from the Breakers.
"Hey you!"

The sea of onlookers and crowd began to part at the sound of the confident, dual voice that rung out in the midst of the gossiping. Standing tall with his hands resting on the blue sash covering his hips, the man smirked back confidently towards Ultraman. He wore a black vest, the yellow shoulder pads glinting a bit from the sunlight coming down above while the blue sash swayed a bit in the wind. A single, black bang hung down in front of his face, the spiked black hair almost identical to Vegetto's.

A few onlookers broke out into whispers in stepping back to see the man brazenly challenge Ultraman out in the open, forming some space. Gogeta kept his confident expression, reaching up and grasping onto his shoulder as he rolled his arm to stretch it a bit, flashing his white teeth in a toothy grin.

"I just got here...but if you're looking for a fight, I'll give you one!"
Ultraman spat out towards the ground as he approached the man wearing Cross’ Crest. “Disturbing? I’m doing something that they refused to do. I will not be ignored.” Ultraman grabbed him by the shirt and lifted him up from the ground. “Bring them out at once, so we can settle things. I will not stand idly by when the city doesn’t have any kind of order and-“ He seen a man walking towards the entrancing, knocking on the front door. “Hey! What the hell are you doing? Don’t just walked past an incredible moment unfolding in your very eyes.” 

Letting Cross’ minion down back to the ground, Ultraman walked towards Slayer in a menacing fashion to give him a piece of his mind, but his body stopped on his own, hearing a recognizable voice behind him. Starting to sweat, suddenly gaining vivid memories, as he slowly turned around.


“Cross did offer to send one of his minions to deal with him. Don’t tell your cats would like to feast on this guy again.” Spina turned to Cross and Bernkastel. “Man, Ultraman always bring people around him when he does it, and I’m stuck cleaning it up afterwards.” His ears picked up a similar sounding voice, causing the old Saiyan to narrow his eyes. Recognizing the voice, Spina return to the window and looked outside, seeing a figure approaching Ultraman.

“That voice… that sound like Vegetto!” Spina squinted his eyes further. “Wait, is... that Vegetto? Did he change his outfit?”


Ultraman, with brows lowered and sweats raining down from his forehead to the ground, smirk with half-confidence. “Ah, so one of them finally shown up.” He lifted his finger in an orderly fashion as he pointed at Gogeta. “Changing your outfit during the time like this, Vegetto?! You Breakers don’t deserved this legendary status among here.” Ultraman said, confusing Gogeta with Vegetto. Tightening his muscles at Gogeta’s boast on for a fight. “I hope you’re ready… I been training nonstop for this moment.” Whipping his head back, a surge of electricity build around his eyes as it send crackles everywhere, busting down nearby trees, gate walls and other objects. Ultraman whipped it forth, firing an electric eye vision towards Gogeta, giving out a thunderous roar.
Seeing the matter was being handled, Brachi went off to the other side to train, the coin with Bara's image safely locked inside her room, having held onto it like a prized possession. 

Once she was outside, she summoned a clone of herself as a first form of sparring session, both Brachi and her clone holding nothing back, while remaining in their base forms and resorting to only melee attacks for the time being, as a first start of what appears to be a warming-up. It was sort of a routine which Brachi undertook every day she spent training, as she felt it was one of the few times she could properly vent her frustrations without either affecting or endangering the others. It almost appeared to be a form of self-depreciation of some sort, as if she was literally beating herself up on the various things, while at the same time trying to fight back against someone whom was exactly like her in every way and knew every single move she had. It was Brachi's mission to outsmart her clone, which proved to be a new challenge every single time she undertook this form of training.

Little did she know however that this time things would be different. Watching her from the roof of a different building was another woman, with a lavender-skin, blonde hair which ran over her back, pointy ears which each spotted an earring, green eyes and wearing a posh outfit with a dominant turquoise-aqua coloring, with dark yellow-greenish pants and light brown-yellow boots and cloth around her waist in lieu of a belt. In her right hand, she carried a weapon, being a three-pronged spear known in some cultures as a trishula, but overall more commonly known as a trident. This woman was watching Brachi going about with her usual training, a melancholic expression on her face, shaking her head even. She had been watching Brachi for a few weeks now from within the shadows, undetected by any of the other Breakers due to her keeping herself on the downlow, but now she decided to reveal herself when she felt it was needed. She only hoped to reason with Brachi when revealing herself, feeling it was her duty to at least try and aid her in healing her aching soul.
The man says in to a gem "get ready with evac and repeats after the fight. a Saiyan seems to be back in town and has chosen to take on Urtra." The man gets out the way of Gogeta and Urtraman fight. The man starts to help evacuate non-combatants form were the fight going take place.

Cross says "It seems that some on else token care of Urtraman problem for my underling this time. That is a common complaint form the underlings that are help in the clean up as well. "
Cuki peered over the balcony to see the newcomer while she gently scratched the chin of Bernkastel's kitty. She took the cat into her arms, cradling it as she continued to pet it lovingly. She seemed curious about the newcomer although it reminded her of Vegetto. She decided to watch the fight and assume Vegetto had returned from his mental downfall. 

"I can't tell if that's Vegetto or not. Well, I guess we'll find out in the way he fights, isn't that right little kitty?" Cuki smiled as she rubbed her hand against the cat's body. "You should probably tell Bernkastel about this, I'm sure she'd find it interesting."
The cat in Cuki's arms wiggled its legs happily, purring throughout her petting it. It meowed at her as a vocal response.

"Vegetto, you say? Can it really be him? he's been gone for years..." Bernkastel, in disbelief, walked up to the window and used her fingers to separate the blinds. She saw Ultraman and Gogeta, and her eyes widened. This person sounded like Vegetto, and looked a lot like him too. But there were a few differences that seemed to confuse her. "What an interesting choice in clothing, wearing a vest like that... oh, someone else is at the door. At least he's being polite."

Opening the window, she pointed down at Slayer who had been knocking at their door. "You there! You're not here to disturb our day off too, are you? State your business if you're not one of Ultraman's goofy sidekicks," she said in a commanding voice. "Preferably not while I'm watching this go down."
The crowd of onlookers slowly began to follow Cross' attendant in attempting to clear the area before the battle had begun. Gogeta turned his head in slight confusion, Ultraman's taunts and the responding whispers of the gathered people catching his attention.

"He came back?! Get the camera, quick!"

"Wow, maybe Ultraman is really strong if Vegetto came out of hiding for this fight!"

"Or just that annoying, haha! Looks at his muscles; his shoulder is bigger than Ultraman's head!"

"He even looks better in person too!"

Gogeta kept a perplexed expression, eyeing the crowd as they begrudgingly followed Cross' attendant towards a safer spot, his eyes twitching from the few flashes of cameras firing off between the two. He barely had time to respond, his head turning back to see Ultraman fire off his laser beam.

An instant smirk that nearly matched Vegetto's confident gleam formed on the fusion's face, Gogeta instantly leaping forward with a small explosive surge of his white aura. He let out a small chuckle, having moved forward a bit quicker than the eye laser and sliding forward while tilting to the side to let the beam narrowly miss his body. He closed the gap to Ultraman within less than a second, the destruction caused by Ultraman's outburst completely negated from the still air in the very brief moment of Gogeta positioning himself in front of the other fighter.


Gogeta hurled two punches forward, the second following up a devastating rush of power in the first hit. The energy behind the first strike, despite being in base form, was significantly higher than a tempered warrior's approach to combat: the strongest strike being the first punch, with the second only being slightly weaker in delivery to Ultraman's face. In the surge forward, Gogeta began a flurry of heavy handed and quick blows with his fists and legs, the staggering offense a stark contrast to Vegetto's gradual pacing in output of power.
Spina narrowed his eyes. “It looks like him and even has the same tone of voice…” He watched as Cross’ minion escorted everyone away from the premise as the battle began to boil up. The moment Ultraman released his eye laser attack without care of the people in the vicinity, he sighed. “That damn fool. Good thing Cross' buddy helped everyone to get out of there.” However, his eyes widened upon seeing Gogeta moved so elegantly—a stark difference than Vegetto’s usual movements. “Wait…. his usual demeanor isn't like Vegetto at all...” Spina turns to Bernkastel and Cross. "I'm going to out there." 


Ultraman was still in the process of firing his laser attack when Gogeta closed in the gap in less than a second. Unable to properly defend himself against the first powerful strike, Ultraman’s body slid back slightly; eyes bulging out as his electric laser ceased immediately afterwards. In the realm of confusion of what transpire from Gogeta’s swift and sudden movements, Ultraman tightened his fist for a counterattack, but was immediately hit with another attack against his head. His head whipping upward to the right, a trail of saliva leaving from his mouth, Ultraman was caught in a storm of heavy blows. Each time the man seen any opportunity to strike, he was immediately overwhelmed the second he tried to deliver an attack.

Ultraman tumbled backward as his body was riddled with impression of fists and kicks. Kneeling down on one knee, the superman warrior lifted his head up, sensing a slightly difference in his attacking power. Vegetto was all power and increasing his output for maximum damage—yet, he felt a sense of inconsistent powers in punches and kicks, confusing his sense of damage on his body.

"Wow! So fast!" 

"So strong~!"

“What is this… are you looking down on me?” Ultraman couldn’t figure out this style—he was so focus on increasing his damage output that the Breakers used, he never seen this sort of fighting style nor had any preparation. “Using a weaker force afterwards… you think I ain’t worth you time!?” Ultraman's eyes became bloodshot red as he roared, causing slight cracks underneath his red boots. He hunched over, still feeling a bit staggered from the blows, and bolted forward from his position towards Gogeta. “Vegetto! Don’t you mock me! I’ll wipe that smug face right off!” He cocked his left hand back, tightening his fist so hard, it pierced his skin, causing it to bleed.
Brachi was still sparring with her clone in the meantime, not paying attention to the fight which Gogeta had against Ultraman, although she did become momentarily distracted at sensing the former in the first place, allowing her clone to strike her with the Super God Fist, before she retaliated against her clone with the same attack in kind, both now going Super Saiyan as they went at it.
Cuki leaned over the railing of the balcony to get a better view of the fight. She placed the kitty on top of her head and seemed very curious as to how this newcomer will fight. She realized it was not Vegetto but he certainly looked close to the fusion. His fighting style was obviously much different than Vegetto which probably gave it off.

"Huh, I guess that isn't Vegetto upon closer inspection, at least in how they fight. He looks like he isn't holding back and goes all out! Maybe it's a clone or his brother? He is a little more handsome than Vegetto," Cuki giggled to herself, whispering to herself as a joke. "He'd look good in a speedo."
A wall of force blocked the eye laser and prevented any harming to any one or thing. After setting up the stander protections some of Cross' followers started act like food venders.

Cross says "You know how other Saiyans are with there fights Spina. If you still want to go there a you shooed have a hop stone or just speak to one the one mantling the shield limiting the damages."
As the crowd watched from behind the protective barrier, The Saiyan princess was left standing at the entrance of this apartment complex scanning the battle between the two warriors. One very adamant in taking down the berserker group, but was sloppy with his attacks and struggling. The other seemed very confident in their ability, not shaken by the fight one bit. And seeing how the crowd favored him over the caped fool, it looked like she had found what she was looking for. 

Panich appeared between the two, her hand clasping Ultraman's fist as it nearly collided with her face. She scoffed as steam hissed off of the contacted hands. She turned to Gogeta with an icy stare, her face and arms riddled with scars from previous battles. 

"You. You're a Breaker?" She asked.
Gogeta held a confident smirk, letting out a small grunt in lifting his left fist up in the air. He brought his arm down in a familiar power pose, his white aura exploding outward before suddenly bolting forward at the same time as Ultraman.

However, as he launched his right fist forward in intention to meet Ultraman's strike head on, his eyes widened in shock in slamming into Panich's cheek. He gasped lightly, landing on the ground a few feet back and frowning with a more innocent, pouting disappointment.

"Hey!! I was in the middle of a fight here!"
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