The Knotted Forest

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Sep 3, 2015
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Easiest access to this forest comes from Port Graham (you don't necessarily have to have come from there to be here). Return to Port Graham Here.


The knotted forest is foggy and riddled with clearings. It's much drier than other parts of town, so battling/sparring here is ideal.It is not recommended to be in the woods at night: rather spooky things go bump in the night. There is a rumored haunted mansion deep within the woods, but nobody has come back saying they've found it.​
"... Damn. I'm lost." A little girl said. "They said that a madman is going destroy the Port and possibly everything else, but I ended up losing the map and taking a detour.. shit." She'd sweated a bit as she walked through the forest.
Atlas buzzes.

"Someone is walking nearby. And they're tiny, but they're either walking incredibly slowly or on two legs." he says.

He pokes Cernia's cheek before getting up.
"Damn it." The little girl said. "Guess I'll keep on walking until I ran into.." She heard voices from afar. "Huh? Looks like someone's here. I'll just ask them to direct me to Port then.." She walked towards the path of the two.
"Okay." Atlas agrees. ouo

He gets up and starts walking toward the noise. He sees a little girl and waves.

"Hi!" ouo
Drago said:
"Okay." Atlas agrees. ouo

He gets up and starts walking toward the noise. He sees a little girl and waves.

"Hi!" ouo

The little girl turned around, spook about the appearance of the man. "Whoa! A demon!" I thought it was a human judging from those voices, but I ran into a demon. Just my luck. Keeping her distance away from the man, she'd spoke. "Yes? Are you native to this forest?"
"Nope! I'm trying to have a picnic with my SnowGlobe. Did you need any help? I need to hurry since she can get impatient." Atlas explains. ouo ""
"Uh.. snow globe..?" She raised a brow. ".. Anyways, yes I need some help. I'm currently on my way to Port Graham; however, I got lost and have no idea where I suppose to go. Mind pointing me to the port?"
"That's where we just came from. You'll just want to follow the clouds. The louder the rain, the closer you are." Atlas instructs. ouo ""
"Thanks.. Demon." The small one said. "Anyways, you might want to get out of here. Apparently there's some out-of-control dude causing a huge ruckus. Don't know he'll spread that stuff over here." She followed his advice of clouds' direction; though she'd to cross path with the other demon first.
"We left the Port to avoid that garbage. It better not show up around here." Atlas says firmly.

He makes his way back to Cernia. ouo
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