The Fallen Sky Temple

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Sep 3, 2015

It was said that during the chaotic birth of the universe, the Sky Temple was a place where many people have rested upon there. However, the Sky Temple seems to have lost it's energy to remained floating into the skies of Booga, and floated steadily on the Rim Ocean. There are rumors that there are many treasures, far than the wildest of dreams; which is eye candy for traveler. However, what lurks there.. existed powerful "monsters". Various of factions claimed that the journey to the Fallen Sky Temple is quite famous for many adventures to travel to. Due to it's fallen state; it's split into three different areas. 

Because of it's ancient ruins, it's protective by an powerful barrier beyond anything one can imagine. No beings is said to able to get through without forbidden magical arts. If one tries to break through, from the odd chance, the barrier instantly reformed itself faster than thought. There are various of rumors in regards to the temple. These were documents by travelers and their adventures.. but if up to the individuals to take these to accounts as fact or false.

Surface Floor - It stated as a resting spot. For some reason, monsters never, ever appeared there. It seems that they retreated form light that beams from the sun. So you'll see merchants and the like wandering around to see valuables and trade precious items in order to make a quick buck.

Sky Floor - It contain many rooms that are occupied by monsters. Be careful, despite being a popular spot to journey too, it contain monsters that are extremely powerful

The Sky Temple Sanctuary - Where there are many kinds of information regarding the "creation" of the world. However, no adventurer had ever managed to enter the final floor and made it out alive. Rumors had it that it's protected by a Guardian.
The group arrived at the place. From there, they can see the temple floating on the oceans waters. Black Shadow pointed the temple. "It's right over there." Black Shadow raise a brow. "It seems that.. the barrier is still up.."

Silence looked around for a boat. "Well, this Shine must've entered it somehow. Let's find someone to take us there." He turns to the two demons. "Hey." As he claps. "Do something useful and fetch the boat."
"Pardon?" Faunix questioned, a little nervous. "I don't think there is a boat nearby. We should check to see if someone owns one."

Faunix seemed a little hesitant around Silence but he knew there was nothing more he could do without him. His help would be needed anyways. He looked around and walked away from the group, attempting to find a nearby area or something to cross with.
Black Shadow looked at Silence. "Is there something wrong?"

"Nothing of the sort." Silence responded. "Why?"

"Nothing. Just my imagination." Black Shadow turns away from the group to observed the temple.


There was a little shop with a sign that said "Boats Ride Here". A man was on a chair, rocking it back and forth, humming to a colorful song.
"Hmm." Faunix eyed the small shop and new they found their ride. He casually walked up the entrance and stared at the man rocking in his chair. Lix wiggled his way to Faunix's side but remained emotionless as ever.

"Good day sir," Faunix bowed his head. "If I'm not mistaken, do you offer boat rides across the water to the Sky Temple?"
"Ah yes!" The man on the chair stopped rocking for a moment. "My, you two demons? You're aren't here to cause trouble are you? Just joking! Haha!" The man got up. "I assume you two are looking to take a tour to the temple, eh?"
Aile swims around the waters of the Sky Temple while Tech flies around it from above.

"See any way in there?" Tech asks.

"Nothing down here. Let's head back to town for some more information." Aile yells back.

They make their way back towards the dock in hopes of finding others in the area.
"Yes sir!" Faunix replied. "I hope you can help us find a way inside the Sky Temple. We're looking for Master Shine who was last reported to have visited this place."

While Faunix talked with the man, Lix's tiny eyes stared at the two who had followed them. He didn't blink once which made the whole ordeal somewhat creepy. He waved his have, urging the two to come to where he was.
"Well, I don't know a shine, but I saw a fella that was here a couple of months ago. Haven't seen him since." The man said. "If you want a ride, I can give you want."

"It's seems the demon found something useful.." Silence said, seeing Lix wave. He'd walk towards them. "Find anything uselful?"

Black Shadow followed, but he didn't say anything.
"The man will give us a ride." Lix said only once. He turned away from Silence and glared directly at the man who was willing to offer them a ride. His right ear twitched and he scratched his neck, the collar around it jingled slightly.

"That sounds like Shine." Faunix nodded to himself. "We would all like a ride on your boat please! This will aid us greatly in finding Lord Shine. You are very kind, sir."
"I see some people nearby. That's as good a place to start as any." Tech yells from above.

He flies towards the dock and lands, Aile backflipping out of the water to land next to him.

"Hello! We're trying to figure out a way into that temple! There seems to be some kind of barrier around it! Anyone know the lore surrounding it?" Aile announces at the docks.

"We can get in ourselves. We just need to know how. Our mission is research. We care not for what lies inside outside of documentation." Tech adds on.
"Yes! I can give you a ride!" The man said. "I'll take you there free of charge!

Black Shadow turns to the mysterious duo. "The temple is said to contain information in regards about the creation of this world and beyond. However, due to some event far back in the past, it had fallen, as you can tell, into the Rim Oceans. Someone or something, must've cast an powerful barrier surrounding it to prevent anyone from getting inside." He explained. "We're currently heading our way there in a search of someone." 

"Documentation?" Silence raise a brow. "Are you researchers or some fashion?"
"Thank you sir." Faunix said bowing his head. "You are a great help in finding Master Shine. Say, if you don't mind me asking... What are the legends of this temple? I've only briefly heard of it and I never picture Master Shine to arrive here..."

"Maybe it has magical qualities?" Lix said sternly. "Or it's a place only him and Lord Z can enter?"

"I doubt Lord Z knows about this place..."
"Well, it use to be floating in the far ends of the skies." The man said. "Just as that fellow over there said, it contains information of how our world is created. It's begin protected by a powerful barrier, but no one knows who put it there. Doesn't seem like anything could breakthrough.." The man said. "Though, I did see a fella went through. Don't know how he did it though, he was using some weird looking en" 

"Clearly, this master of yours must've obtain something far greater than can break through something like this." Silence said. He turns to Black Shadow. "Did Shine mention anything the last time you seen him?"

"Hmm.." Black Shadow was in deep thought. "Master did explained that he was working on a new form of magic of some kind.. or perhaps he'd used an forbidden arts?" 

"Forbidden? I suppose these creatures might know a thing or two about forbidden magic.." Silence.
"Researchers is a good way of putting it. I study magic and am the water expert on my team. My brother is supposedly somewhere covered in water, so I'm checking to see if he got inside. While I'm in there, I wouldn't mind learning a little more about the mystic arts." Aile explains. "[Aren't we fancy? You're usually the Ice Queen when Nanashi isn't around. Huhuhu~] Shut it, Levi."

"I'm the technology expert. I'm solely interested in documenting this area to make maps and reports later. I'm Tech and she's Aile. You are?" he introduces. "[Nanashi and Nova should be in the area as well.] No worries, I didn't forget."

(The discussions in the "[...]" are their biometals speaking to them in their heads.)
"My name is Silence, Leader of the Clan of Swords." Silence said. "Please to meet your acquaintance." 

"Likewise. You can call me "Black Shadow". I served under a man named ShineCero, Leader of Black Magic." He turns to the Fallen Temple. "Unless this person you mention used some forbidden arts, he could be stuck. However, I think we should be able to get in there shortly.." He turns to the man. He was waiting for Z's assistants to introduced themselves.
"I am Faunix and this kind fellow is Lix." The faun demon bowed his head to the newcomers. "We work under Lord Z but I prefer to take roof under Master Shine. He is a bit more... organized than Lord Z. We were sent here under Lord Z's orders to find Shine, maybe you can help us as well?"

Lix remained as oblivious as ever and seemed to pay no attention to the newcomers. He was odd, to say the least. He turned only once to face them and nodded his head, almost as if acknowledging their presence. His large claws played delicately with a nearby branch and its leaves. It was obvious he wanted to get the mission done.

"Can we get moving now?" He said bluntly. "Master Shine can be dead if we don't hurry."
Tech nods back to Lix.

"Let's. Though, if that barrier is indeed as strong as you say, your master must be powerful to have gotten inside. I'm sure he's fine." Aile says.

"Nonetheless, we should hurry. Vent may be inside as well. He's not very magically adept." Tech points out.


Tech flies up and Aile jumps back in the water.

"Lead the way!" she says cheerfully.
"Ayy! Let's get going then!" The man said. He'd prepared for the boat, enough to fit all the passengers. "It should probably take us a few moments to travel, so don't go napping!" The man said. 

"Well, we can use the time to figure out how did Shine got in there in the first place." Silence said, turning to Black Shadow. "You said something about forbidden arts could penetrated it. Are you saying that Shine use those "arts" to break through?"

"It's possible.." Black Shadow. 

"Then, I'll assume that you know them as well, eh?" Silence responded. 


"And these little abominations should also be able to performed these forbidden arts as well?" Silence turns to Faiunx and Lix.
"Please do not speak so rudely to us, sir." Faunix said to Silence, slightly annoyed. "And I am afraid we are not made to use magic. Lix and I are more psychical attackers but we can transform into much more powerful beings." Faunix seemed to shut his mouth before Lix said anything. He entered the boat quickly.

"Speak for yourself." Lix said easily. "I wouldn't mind transforming now to kill you and everyone else here." Lix slithered into the boat, Faunix sitting on his large snake body. From the looks of it, Faunix seems to keep Lix out of trouble.

"Hey, you know the rules." He said sternly. "You can only kill Lord Z or anyone who hurts Nicori. That's the rules, Lix." Faunix pressed his hoof foot to Lix's snake lower body. "Lord Z will be angry if you hurt us and sh--"

"I know. Quit your babbling, I'm not dumb." Lix turned his head to directly face Faunix with his tiny unblinking eyes. His voice was slightly deeper. "Do not belittle me, Faunix."

Faunix instantly quieted himself and just turned to the others, trying to change the subject.

"Anyways, are you looking for your friend?" Faunix asked Tech. "How did he get here?"
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