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Sep 3, 2015

Paradice, Terra. The Core Vortex

Long, long ago, people live in peace and harmony with one another. There was sense of unity, bonding and appreciation of one another. However, a dictator from a distant region rose to power, and he used the power of science to bulge the world into darkness and rule it with an iron fist. Using the destructive power of nuclear weapons, he destroyed his once beautiful region into a barren wasteland and set out to do the same to the other regions. After a decade, many brave heroes stood up against the dictator and ended his regime; however, his legacy of bloodshed managed to inspire the hearts of man. Expansion, gathering resources and the sort became attractive to potential rulers, leading to another series of wars soon after a moment in the sun.

One day a human was escaping from pursuers through the desert after committing high crimes against the lord of his own. He was on the run for days without food or water until he was unable to continue any further and stopped by a strange, black tree with a single fruit. Accepting his fate, he went to have his final meal. Suddenly, the human had taken on a strange form, one that has never been seen in this world. The human turned into a gigantic beast with so much tremendous power that no weapon in the world can rival it. The Beast walked among the earth, leaving a path of destruction in his wake until one man stood against this monster: Merlin, a man who held from Paradice that made the first attempts of attempting magic. The two beings clashed against one another in a great, epic battle, but eventually, the beast fell by the hands of Merlin as he emerged as victorious.

But at the end of all of this, the world was badly scarred: over 50% of all humans was killed during the Beast’s rampage. Then upon their corpses, a new life spontaneously formed and appeared in Terra, beings called Demons—they bear similar powers and abilities to that of the Beast. Upon the Beast’s death, a giant metropolis suddenly appeared out of his corpse, reaching new heights in Desolate Lands, protected by a powerful shield that prevents anyone from entering. From there, another wave of creatures emerges—monsters, mindless creatures that think nothing but pure destruction.

Merlin and so many others realized that things must change to improve the world. Centuries passed, some regions managed to strive more than others, while some remained stuck in the past with bitterness and hatred. It is not perfect, but peace was seemingly stabilized… however, things might upset the balance of peace once again as a new threat is on the rise.

Premise: Grand Sorcerer Shine, the current leader of the Magic Society, is set to introduce a new wave of mages that achieved the rank of Battle Mage—the appropriate level for mages to set out in grand adventures and assist people around the world. As required, all battle mages will enter in teams so they can gain battle experience, work experience and explore many parts of the world.

The new Battle Mages, formed by the Magic Council, will received their first mission from Shine. There is someone in Desolate Lands that hadn’t been heard for a while. He wants the team to find this person and bring them home safe and sound. A simple recuse mission that should be an easy task for newly formed Battle Mages. Of course, due to Desolate Lands being dangerous, he requested assistance from Valerie, a friend that oversees the Beast Slayers to ensure nothing goes wrong in the mission. However, it seems that a simple recuse mission will bring unexpecting adversaries.

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Core Vortex Rules
  • The [Pending Name] are the main characters of this story.
  • You are only allowed up to 3 characters to play at once.
  • Your characters can be human, demon, monster, mutants, robots, etc.
  • Your character will start as a Battle Mage.
  • Your character must be original—existing/canon characters is for Reality Vortex.
  • You can have characters shift from Main Role to Supporting Role.
  • You can have a character leave for a period.
  • Character Death is possible in this story.
  • Be courteous to other players; do not metagame, make your characters have extensive knowledge, etc.
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“…And I foresee a battle so great, that this entire world will once again face darkness…”

Shine opened his eyes, waking up covered in sweat; breathing heavily and his bed entirely a mess. After controlling his breathing, there was a moment of silence as he observed around his room, filled with magical items, papers and other artifacts. The sun had risen, shining a light through the window as Shine blocked it with his hands. “What was… that? That was too real of a dream…” Furrowing his eyebrows and his eyes narrowed. “Was it a vision…?”

As Shine was lost in thought over the dream, someone entered his room. A young woman, seemingly in her late 20s, was wearing a purple robe, a point black and purple hat, large baggy pants with artifacts attached on the side of her torso to connect her upper outfit together. She has black hair, and her eyes are not visible, hidden underneath her bangs. “Sir, we have a new wave of Battle Mages arrived at the Magic Council Chamber. We request for your appearance to grace them and give their first mission.” She said, not aware that Shine wasn’t listening. “…Sir?”

Shine’s body shook when she called him a second time, finally realizing that someone had entered his room. “Roxanne… sorry, I was out of it.” He paused for a moment. “So today is the day… I better get ready.”

“…Are you okay, sir? You seem to be rather nervous.” Roxanne asked. “Did you have a nightmare?”

Shine stood up from his bed and wiped the sweats from his forehead using a towel nearby. “No… I’m fine.” He responded. “Roxanne… what’s the name of this world?”

“Why, it’s Terra sir.”

“Terra… is that right.”

“Yes.” Roxanne paused for a second. “Sir… are you truly alright?”

Shine narrowed his eyes upon the name Terra. For some reason, he thought it was another name—and yet, now, despite having that terrible dream, he could not recall a single thing about it. Those thoughts had vanished from his mind instantly. “Yes… I’m fine. I guess I did have a bad nightmare. Remind me to not eat after midnight.” He nodded once. “Anyways, let’s go to the Magic Council. I’m sure the new Battle Mages are eager to start their new journey…”

The Magic Council Chambers

The Magic Council Chambers is what every mage sees for the first time when they achieved the rank of Battle Mage. The sense of scale was far different than any other room they had been before showcasing that there is a new height of powers that they will experience from now on. Across the room, there are various paintings, sculptures, and important magical items spread around. One painting is the portrait of the first founder of the institution, Merlin. In the middle of the room, there are 5 pillars with thrones erected on top: all of them were already seated expect for one.

A large door to the chambers opened, allowing the newly Battle Mages to enter the premise. The first one to step through the chamber had a body language that beams overconfidence.  “And that’s the first step for me to the Magic Council Chambers. You can send the rest of these losers home now, because you’re looking at the future Grand Sorcerer, Liza!”

Liza has black, short hair with bangs that covered her eyebrows, blue eyes and fair skin. She dresses very gaudy; wearing a pink fuku that has a singular, large yellow stripe in the middle, a yellow collar that has three black stripes on it, yellow shoulder pads and a long black skirt that has a checker pattern on the bottom tip. She wears long sleeve socks, with black open-boots, giant yellow orbs that have lightning symbols on it as earrings, a choker with an orb in the center and small orb on top of her head.
"Let's not get ahead of ourselves," a man spoke to Liza and her loud obnoxious attitude. "This is a very important place and meeting, you know..."

The man entered right behind Liza and looked around curiously. He had a long magician navy blue robe to cover him almost from head to toe. His robe had an opening in which people would see a belt with a small notebook, wand, and several potions. He had boots up to his knees and a small dagger in one of them. His hair was dark blue and long, tied at the end with a string. His hands had black gloves with a water symbol on the top. Lastly, he had glasses on his face, ones which he constantly pushed up.

"You should respect your elders, young lady..." The man cleared his throat as he finally addressed himself. "But I guess we should get introductions out of the way. My name is Aquario and I have high hopes of meeting the legendary Shine today. I aspire to be like him one day."
A bandaged hand caught the door just as it was about to close, pushed wide open before the next person entered the room. She stood straight up and had an expression that was somewhere between serious and grumpy. Her bright red hair and eyes stood out the most against her outfit; black loose-fitting pants that tapered tightly into her boots with a white sleeveless top. A leather utility belt held a dagger with some smaller trinkets but that was it. The only thing hinting at a more delicate touch was the headband of dark flowers on her head.

"Looks like this is the place..." she uttered before giving the two other mages in the room a nod with her head as a greeting. "My name's Asuza. I'm here because what I can do as a mage isn't giving me much of a paygrade to work with. And I got sick of doing boring odd jobs that aren't worth the compensation. Pull your own weight, don't do anything dumb, and we'll get along just fine."
A person in a non-descript robes with there face covered says "My name is Vox. I gest that were a party." Its unknown how long Vox was just standing there before speaking or did they just walk in.

Vox thinks "I gest I the only one out side of there hunter that has any real world experience. I wonder how long till the fact my body is that of a demon bite me?"  Any concerns if any did not show on Vox in any way shape or form.
“Huh?!” Liza made an overly exaggeration sound in response to Aquario scolding her over her manners. “Tsk, I’m just merely asserting the truth of the matter: I’m clearly the best one that ever step into this place, and everyone shall know it.” She pointed her finger at Aquario, then to Asuza and Vox. “You three look like you just barely managed to achieved Battle Mage.” She side-eye both Asuza and Vox. The former does not seem like a person she can get along with, and the other she cannot really put her finger on it, but it gave her a creepy vibe. “They’re really letting a bunch of nobodies become Battle Mages these days. Tsk, they ought to revoke that title and sent you back to the tombs, at least you can be useful there. And—”
As Liza rambled on, with the Council members looking at one another with concern, Shine and Black Shadow entered the Chambers.
As opposed to his appearance earlier, Shine was dressed more appropriately, albeit conservative compared to the rest of the mages. It hardly stands out since he was wearing nothing more than a black clergy robe, black boots and magical artifact around his neck. He had purple eyes, black hair and dark skin as he quietly observed each Battle Mage that were in the chambers. This cause Liza to stop berating the others, catching her attention.

“Welcome, Battle Mages.” Shine spoke. “I’m very please to know that we have not one but multiple Battle Mages. Quite a rarity to happen these days. Many are usually content to say in the lower ranks to avoid conflict when traveling.” He closed his eyes. “I’m sensing great power within you all, so I’m confident that the Council members have chosen wisely to promote all four of you.”

Wisely? Of course, it was wise. My parents did not spend all kind of money to sent me here to be a slacker. While I doubt their abilities, mines are top tier. Just simply brilliant.” Liza pounded her chest as she boasted.
"Quite the loudmouth you have," Aquario sighed as he glanced towards Asuza and Vox. He nodded back to Asuza and did not seem to harbor any ill feelings towards them, wondering what their capabilities were. He then rolled his eyes at the mention of how Liza bragged about her money. "I suppose money does buy anything nowadays, even the title of Battle Mage..."

Before he continued on, he heard and felt Shine and his assistant, Black Shadow, enter the room. He glanced towards Shine wide-eyed, finally being able to meet the man face-to-face. Even though their meeting would be brief, he felt so small yet so inspired by Shine's presence. The man couldn't help but lowered his head out of respect to the highest Mage he knew.

"Grand Sorcerer Shine, it is of the highest honor to meet you," Aquario said. "As a battle mage, I will show you my best in any mission you give us. Rest assured that I will not let you down..."
Liza glanced at Aquario after he made his comment on her fortunate and suggested that she bought her way in. Her face distorted just slightly, grinding her teeth at the audacity that this man to speak ill on her person. As she was seething and trying to come up with an elaborate way to rebuke Aquario’s statements, Shine raised his way.

“No, Aquario. The honor is mine. Everyone here has proven themselves to be worthy to hold the title of Battle Mage and achieved even higher. So, there’s no mistake in doubting anyone’s abilities, and no need to prove yourself.” He said, attempting to cool down the tension that Liza was bringing in. “I’ve studied some tasks you have done when you guys were at the lower ranks, and it give such an impression that the Council immediately sought you out as to achieve this rank. You all should be proud of what you have done—regardless of status or background.” Shine and Black Shadow bowed together towards the mages.

Liza snorted once Shine started highlighting everyone’s abilities to be extraordinary.

Shine approached the group a lot closer, with Black Shadow tailing him from behind. “Nowadays, when we have a mage that achieved the rank of a battle mage, we sent them to a team that needs one more member to form their team of five.” He observed each of them, calling out by their names. “Asuza, Vox, Aquario and Liza. The Council and I agreed that you will all formed a team together to celebrate this rare occurrence.”

“Um. What?” Liza clearly became slightly titled when Shine stated the Council’s intentions.
Asuza pressed her lips together to stifle a laugh at the sight of Liza trying to sputter out a comeback to Aquario's remark. "Well isn't that humbling, we're all going to be a team TOGETHER! What are the odds, huh?" It seemed she was going to enjoy this despite the headache Liza already had caused her. "In fact, I wouldn't have it any other way... but you said a team of five. There's only four of us, sir."
Vox thinks "Ok Liza's reaction was amusing to this." Vox shows no reaction to anything visible.

Vox thinks "For now I will let them all speak." Vox seems to be just observing things but that is hard to tell.
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