The Core Vortex: The Watchers

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Vox thinks "Lest hope Tore's jokes are the only dead we have to be worried about."

Vox says with same lack of emotions "I not been around here long so I don't know the term you all would use for a generalist mage." Vox thinks "I hope that gives them the information they need to know about my magic. I can use a bit demon magic granted my construction but those are details I would like to keep private for now." 
Arriving at their destination, the group witnessed the first look on the vehicle that will transport them to Desolate Lands. In normal circumstances, mages would often merely create portals to travel to different places—but in Desolate Lands, there is something that causes it to fail. Multiple theories and speculations were offered to explain this phenomenon, but none found a way to get around this “interference”. Hence why they have to use other means of travel and why often missions in Desolate Lands is considered the most dangerous places for mages and other mercenaries.

Tort went up ahead to see if everything is working as it should on the ship. It was capable of flight, travel through land and water. It can hold up to 12 people, housing 12 rooms and 4 bathrooms. In short, it’s essentially a mobile home vehicle. On the side, it had one word called “Morgan”, indicating the name of the ship.

Aquario, Asuza and Vox talk among one another about their abilities; in truth, all mages are capable of wielding magic, but it is common for certain mages to have a specialty. When Aquario asked Liza about her specialty, she was clearly out of it. Liza did come from a wealthy family and she expected that she will join a high-level team to ease her life without much trouble. “She promised me that I was going to join the Golden Knights” she mumbled herself, ignoring the conservation. “Why did the Council suddenly decided to make a bunch of people Battle Mages…” She lifted up her head to observe the other three and right away, without no basis in reality, she’d assumed that they were trouble. “Is this another test she’s going to make me go through?”

Liza snapped out of it when Vox answered Aquario’s question—it didn’t take long for her to understand the context of the conservation. “None of your damn business, four-eyes. Just stay out of my way.” She pushed through Aquario, Asuza and Vox to get ahead. “I’ll put up with this for now if it gets me to the Golden Knights faster.” She whispered to herself.

Tort exited Morgan and waved his hand. “Looks like everything is ready to go. Hope none of you aren’t seasick, since we’re going to travel by water.”
While Aquario pondered of ways to best help his teammates, he gazed at the massive ship before them. He had never seen anything like it! He had to fix his glasses to make sure he wasn't seeing things. The mage was amazed at the sheer size of the ship and wondered how incredible it would be inside. However, as he thought to himself, he felt Liza push through him and the others.

"There is no need to be so rude," Aquario grunted at Liza. "I thought it would be best if we covered each other's weaknesses as a team. Hmph, suit yourself tho'. The least you can do is respect your fellow teammates." Aquario then ignored Liza and turned to Vox and Asuza. "Well, we get to know each other a bit or plan for our mission."
Vox looks at the Morgan and thinks "I gest by sea is the best way to get there."  Vox wend he got shoved thinks "I hope Liza is so self absorbed at this point nothing comes out of this contact." 

Vox says back to Aquario "Since Tort has more details we should ask him for his input. Out side that most our trip will be to get to know each other. Despite what Liza wants we all will have to on some level get to know each other."
Asuza pondered Aquario's words. "Water type magic, huh... well I s'pose I shouldn't be surprised with your name and all. Otherwise it'd be like if a bald guy went by the name Curly!" She laughed at her terrible joke. "If you can steam water that's pretty good. Then I don't worry as much about my flames going out... hmm, it could be tricky to prevent that anyhow..." pondering it while staring uo at the vehicle she wasn't able to notice Liza coming at her until the girl shoved her. Immediately her features contorted into an irritated scowl, staring daggers into Liza's back. Judging by her expression there were several nasty thoughts that need not be vocalized. With an annoyed grunt, she just turned to Tort. "I've never crossed an ocean before but if I can handle being on a rickety old boat then this'll be a cakewalk."
“Good. Then let’s not waste anymore time and get a move on.” Towards the end of that sentence, Tort was shoved aside by Liza, entering the Morgan herself. The captain turned towards the young woman without much of a reaction to her actions. “As I said… let’s make haste. There is plenty of rooms, food and water to go around for this journey. You can pick the rooms of your choosing. Once you decide that, let’s meet in the main room, so I can get to know you better. Ranking aside, I want to know what I’m working with. Documentations and secondhand accounts are one thing, but I prefer to get my hands dirty.”
With that said, Tort reentered the Morgan and head off to the main room. It had several couches with a main screen placed on the wall that showcase the map of the entire world, including all the regions. But only Desolate Lands is being highlight in red, indicating their next destination.

Meanwhile, Liza wander aimlessly in the Morgan to find a suitable room for her to stay in. She deliberately picks the last room in the back of the ship to stay as far away from the others as possible since the mere sight of the others soured her mood. “This is my room. I call it.” Like a child declaring something is theirs and forbidding others from accessing it. “Enter my room without my permission… I’ll juice you up with bolts.” She shouted loudly for others to hear.
"What's up with her..?" Aquario whispered to himself. He decided to shrug it off and leave Liza alone.

In the meanwhile, he walked around the Morgan to find a nice room he can call his own. He wasn't picky, but he wanted to find a room that had enough space for his notes and other spell books he reads, as well as a desk to write on. When he found what he needed, he took note of its location and took a moment to breath. The experience was exciting, but caused him a lot of anxiety. He didn't know if he would be able to keep up with the others or prove himself worthy of the title Shinecero bestowed on them.

Maybe I'm being a bit hard on myself... I worked very hard for this, and I studied diligently. I can match wits with even the most talented mages back in training. Hark work always beats out talent, after all...

He took a deep breath and glanced one last time around the room before heading back out and find the Main Room, as Tort requested. Aquario thought about their mission in Desolate Lands and wondered if this mission was more dangerous than it seemed. With Tort being a ruthless and tough captain, and Desolate Lands having a horrible reputation, could this mission be some sort of secret? The mage would only wonder.

"Main room... Main Room... Aha," Aquario smiled as he looked back and forth to see if anyone was there before him. He decided to enter, knowing Tort wouldn't wait forever for everyone to gather. "Uhh, am I the first one here, Captain Tort?"
Vox did enter Morgan but like be for his foot steps could not be heard. A shadow did enter a room in order to came it for Vox. Vox thinks "I trust these kids know that I using a familiar to came a room."  Vox heads to the main room right away. 

Vox thinks as he enters the Main Room "I will let the others come before making my self known."  Its hard to tell if Vox is around or not before he reveals him self.
“Seems so.” Tort looked at the monitor that display the world map, eyeing on Desolate Lands in peculiar. “But I’m sure the others will join relatively soon once they picked their rooms. For now, take a seat.”

Once again, his tone was dry and lack to elicit any emotion upon asking him to sit down. After observing the monitor for a few more minutes, the captain turned around with his bored expression. “Aquario… I read your file. You have mastery over water magic and considered by various professors as component in long range attacks. Although, you have a tendency of overthinking things with simple tasks.” He narrowed his eyes. “That won’t be an issue here, young man. I’ll whip you into shape to become an excellent mage.”

After Liza made her declaration, she made her way towards the Main Room, seeing Tort and Aquario. She wondered if the other two are still deciding on their rooms yet. “Typical… if they can’t even make a quick decision for a room…” She didn’t finish her sentence and went to take her seat.

“Liza.” Tort stated her name without looking at her. “Born in a family with significant wealth. Efficient with magic, although she’s more lightning based. She excels in doing missions solo, but significantly falters when teaming up with someone. That’s an issue.” Tort said, turning his sight to Liza.


“Attitude can often be detrimental to the overall morale of the team and does not understand empathy towards others unless it someone in the same economic class. Because of that, she misses a lot of things that any efficient mage can manage with no issues and put herself in danger. That’s an issue.” Tort paused. “I’m not patient enough to babysit… so don’t get in the way.”

“You got something to sa—”

“None. I’m just listing critical issues that often don’t get addressed in promotions. They like to highlight the good, while the negatives don’t get push much. I, however, is interested in the negative aspect so I can have a better understanding of how to lead.”

Liza went silent after this response.

“No hard feelings.” Tort eyed Aquario. “It’s nothing personal, just seeing what I’m working with here.”
Asuza stood at the entrance of the corridor, raising a perplexed eyebrow at Liza's manner of claiming a room as if it had any importance. Her expression not changing very much beyond mild confusion. "Juice me up... is that some kind of slang I'm not familiar with?" She muttered to herself. Vox seemingly already went ahead, so Asuza simply grasped the doorknob of the nearest room that wasn't occupied.

Her room for the trip was of little concern to her. As long as the bed was comfortable and she had a place to put her things, it was enough. Asuza sat on the bed to test its feel out while she thought about things. It was her first mission with a group rather than alone, but she wasn't sure what to make of things. The most normal-seeming one of the bunch was Aquario... and Asuza got the feeling that he had a tinge of neuroticism about him.

If I'm not careful, our captain might set his sights on me in a way I'm not gonna like. Asuza thought. But something tells me that girl will be more of a pain than the rest. The young woman thought it would benefit her more if she just stuck to being as sociable as she could be, given how much she stood out in terms of knowing these mages' sort of etiquette. After all, nothing could be done about who she's stuck with.

Exiting her room, Asuza entered the Main Room and sat down.
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