Sometimes You Still Lose

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"I see." Doom responded. "Well, I'm sure I've gained enough power for this armor to be used in full capacity.." Doom thought, testing a bit of his ability. "Queens one? A simple jog; let's go." Doom left the room, ready himself to head to Queens for the next portal. Though he question about this person that speak to him within his head. What was he? Some form of god? Doom's curiosity about this person seems to peak, but chose not to act on it, for now, he wanted to focus onto the mission.
"Underground eh? Not a problem." Doom responded. After arriving somewhere close to Queens, he was on the ground, although, he made sure that he wasn't seen out in public. With all these strange things occurring, last thing he needed was unwanted attention. "Alright.. are we close to this portal, yet?"
"Seems like we're getting close. I'm getting that feeling of reality being distorted. Certainly will provide one an unpleasant feeling." Doom said.
"I would think he would place it in a more, well, rural area. Though, I suppose in the place like that, no one would expect it being under a public bar where drunkards knock away the other.." Doom said. "I still need some to recollected something. So, I'll excuse myself for a quick drink for a little break. Is that fine with you?"
"Rest assure, Kaiser." Doom took a safe distance away from the bar, enough so that they won't noticed him. He didn't seems that he was too keen on changing on his appearance- it's been quite a while he see his own skin. "I took courtesy of situation with the earlier two. It seems that I might have to put some form of effort when dealing with something of that warping the fabric of time itself." Doom chuckled as both of his arms radiated in energy. "It's been quite a while since I've used these abilities, but these goons should be nothing short of work.." He'd snapped his fingers, whom were towards the ground, sending form of signals towards the ground. 

As the guards were on the lookout, forms of hands came behind them, proceeding to struck a blow towards their necks.
The chumps didn't know what hit them, and fell to the ground knocked out.

"Isn't it our expedition date?" One guard asked another inside.

"That's why I'm drinking as much as I can." Another answered.
"May I offered another drink on the house, then?" Doom kindly responded to the guy's question. His arms was still radiating some forms of energy, preparing for another range of attacks.
Most of the goons just shrugged while the patrons quietly ran away.

"Thanks for coming today, otherwise we would've-" the drinking goon said before shooting one attempting to attack Doom from behind, "been stupid enough to attack you, like Yorrik over there." He then poured two glasses, one for him, one for Doom.

"A glass, my would be victor killer interrogator or man who leaves me with broken bones?"
Doom was quite amused. In any other situation, foes will end up jumping him the moment he'd appeared, but this kind of changes left a sweet taste in his mouth. "Thanks for the offer, friend." Doom said. "Well, that depends on the circumstances, don't give me any problems, you might end up with just a concussion."
"Spider-fellow..?" Doom seems to curious about the goon's answer. "Oh yeah.. I'm doing things that probably be more suitable to that man.. he'd be all over this case. Quite ironic that I've taken a turned as "super-heroing"? Doom began to chuckled as the thought ran through his mind. "Anyway.." He placed the drink down. "I have some business to attend you. You seem to be a good sport, so I don't be too harsh.."
Doom nodded. Helifted up his hand and proceed to do a chop to the side of the neck for a quick knock out. He turns to both sides. "Alright, Kaiser, I'm refresh.. it should be underground, right?"
"Stairwells?" Doom thought. He observed the area, noticing the stairwell that Kaiser has described. "Guess that's my ticket to this portal, then." Doom make his way downstairs. "Hmph, in comparison of the one of that building, the security is severely on the lacking side - even if it's was a bar. Though, chances are, there's probably something that could block my way."
Mecha R leaked on a wall, obviously suped up for this one last fight.

"You killed one of my only friends I ever had a deeper connection with. My pain, is so great. Come, let's finish this."
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