Sometimes You Still Lose

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"Hmph!" The armor mask's eyes glow red, an gathering of energy formed around Doom, creating an force field around it's body to tank the incoming attacks at he continued to fly towards them.
"How come we don't get shields!" Mecha R complained as the two kept up their attacks. Proto-Jacen stepped close to the time gate, and disappeared.

I lost Proto-Jacen, he's disappeared outside of existance!
Doom stopped as Jacen disappeared. "Out of existence?!" Doom responded. He landed on the ground on his feet and let down the force field as he turns to Mecha R. He rushed towards him, tanking the attacks aiming to tackle him to the wall. "Fall for the bait.."
"Got'cha" Doom said in a more humble voice. With Mecha R towards the wall and literally lengths between the two, the armor let out an electric charge in attempts to fry his opponent. He jumped backwards a few feet and shot multiple bolts of energy towards him.
I was honestly worried I might have to step in and affect the world a bit to make sure whoever I got in on this survived. You however, were just too strong for them.

Mecha R cried out in pain as his body began to explode, eventually a burnt out head popping off and rolling away.

He'll be back in a day.

Doom's armor started to heat up rapidly as Proto-Jacen stepped out of the portal, fully recharged and his body seemed to be stronger.

What the? He faded out and back into existence!? How!?
"What the-" Doom realize that the armor was heating up rapidly. He'd let out a scream as he fell onto the floor on one knee. "Damn.. That caught me off guard..." Doom said, but he seems to be rather impressed. "I don't fully understand how are you doing this, but give me a few moments and I'll make sure you truly become non existent." Doom stood up despite of the extreme pain he was in.
Proto-Jacen made some sort of crackling noise, showing he was enjoying putting Doom in pain, and nodding towards the Mecha R head. He raised a second hand, generating a large amount of black energy in it.
"Cocky and sadism won't be very fitting if you dive too deep into it." Doom chuckled a bit. Energy radiates from his hands, preparing himself for combat. "Hey, what just happen now? How did this came in and out of existence?"
I've come across events where people fall out of time for a moment before falling right back in. He must have fallen out of this plane of existence before falling back in. Also, I think he hates you for killing his friend.

Proto-Jacen's other hand was crackling with raw death energy, which was sucpiscously similar to the energy radiating out of the portal, something other then the time energy ripping reality apart. The Black Kaiser's prescience however was soon felt inside the entire room, and Proto-Jacen was petrified, turned into a dead stone statue. Residual energy was left, and could now be identified. Raw death magic, the power of decay.
"What the hell?" Doom continue in his stance. "What the heck just happen? Was this your doing?" 
Very much so. I didn't want to risk you getting too seriously injured, so I turned the proto-type to stone. He won't be recovering. Although we have made Mecha R very angry by doing so.

The only thing left was the portal.
"Hmph. Thanks for that, not that I need much help regardless." Doom tried to hid his real thoughts. He was unaware of what he was getting into. What Jacen did was something out of ordinary, something he hasn't really seen people, at least of that state do. "Alright.. there's the portal, what lie beyond is our objective, correct?"
Even though I'm using the portal to transmit my prescience, power, and mind here, I'm having trouble figuring out exactly what it is. If you could get a bit closer and examine it, but not too close, I could figure out what it is and why it's causing reality to fall apart.

The portal was a regular circle with a few steps leading into it, and was leading time energy, the kind found whenever time is manipulated. On the other side, 1990's New York.
Doom examined the portal. He looked inside, seeing New York in the state it was back in 1990s. "Hmph." Doom seems to be rather amused upon seeing the city back in the days. That's rather nostalgic.. it's been quite a while.. Anyways.. it seems to be related to that of time manipulation of extreme kind. Whatever the goal is.. it isn't pleasant.
"Blasting it?" Doom thought about the idea. He raise his hands towards the portal. The energy formed around his hands, but before he fired, he let himself into deep thought. I have a bad feeling, a really bad feeling, but I'll see how this goes. Doom fired the energy towards the portal.
The portal exploded slightly and the rift in time collapsed without any dire effects. The Black Kaiser's presence was significantly weakened however.

Victor? Victor can you hear me? His voice was a lot quieter.
"Yeah.. I hear you." Doom said. He covered his face before the explosion occurred, lowering his arms. "Something wrong? Your voice seems to be a lot softer than before."
One of the rifts in reality has been sealed, thus my ability to affect the world is considerably weaker. I trust you will be able to close the remaining rifts through your own power. So long as I guide you. The next one is in Queens.
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