Sometimes You Still Lose

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Sep 4, 2015
Death's Door - Beyond the Gate



Within 2099's version of central park there was a group of people standing in front of a table and woman, many of them barely clothed and looking desperate.

"Thank you all for coming to receive compensation for the appliance failures that utterly destroyed your homes. We will be sorting you all out shortly." The woman said on a loud speaker. A red light started to glow from a tree, for within Mecha R held his cannon, ready to vaporize the entire group. Behind the tree Proto-Jacen stood, the monster holding his sword and ready to become the clean up crew from Mecha's antics. Yet something wasn't quite right in Central Park today, and it wasn't the murder about to be preformed, or time breaking apart, something else was there, a different kind of sinister. Perhaps this outside force, this third player, had a role today.
A figure was on-top of a building, witnessing the gathering of men, women and children. Observing the area, the figure felt that something was off about the situation. He noticed a red glow from afar, becoming rather curious. "Well, that's quite an interesting sighting." He said.
The unknown presence gathered around the man, a deep voice forced its way into his head.

You can save them, you know. I'm certain you have a friend or a friend of a friend in that crowd, right above death's doorstep.
"!!?" He looked back and forth but couldn't see the person. He concluded that he must be speaking to him directly within his mind. "Who is this? Save...? Perhaps so, but what have to do with you?"
You have three seconds to disrupt that cannon before those people are dead. And Victor, I am the Black Kaiser, I have taken an interest in, disposing of the ruler here. The voice replied. Mecha R's cannon was fulled charged and about to fire. Some peopled stared into the glow in shock and awe.
He turns his attention to the area where the group was preparing to fired the cannon. "Three seconds? There's a possibility that I won't be able to prevent the blast from firing under that time condition" He stated as he dashed towards the ground, running towards the direction of the group located in the tree. "Based on the quick observation, it should be easy for me to disperse however.." He lifted his arm up and pointed his hands towards the tree as he stood in front of the gathering of people, firing a tons of casting bolts of eldritch energy towards it.
The cannon fired, but the laser exploded upon contact with the energy, harmlessly dispersing in the air.

Good Victor. I'd watch out for the prototype.

"Guwah!" It was then Proto-Jacen leapt at Doom, a sword raised in mid air to prevent the energy from harming him.
Doom turns his attention to the figure that leapt towards him, taking notice of the sword. "Persistent" He thought. He'd jumped backwards with his left hand gathering energy, as he attempts to catch the blade with his right hand.
Proto-Jacen's sword went right into Doom's right hand, but didn't cut. There was an oh crap look on his face as he back flipped away, ready to counter Doom's next spell.
I doubt this is the person who fired the blast.. Doom thought in his head. He held his left hand towards the ground near the figure, firing it to create an explosion. He turns his head midway. "Why are you fools standing there? Get away from this place!"
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