Sometimes You Still Lose

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Doom stood there for a second. He was thinking that whether or not it's the right choice to trust such a thing. However, since it hasn't presented itself as a thread. "Alright. It's the building in Brooklyn correct? I'll investigate to gather more clues of Jacen."  Doom said. "It's nothing sort to speak volume of." Doom responded to Kaiser's compliment of saving the people. "Anything else I should know about this building?" Doom asked as he leap onto a nearby building and began hoping from one to another from there.
You should be getting close to it. The closer you are, the more it will seem like your very existence is weakened. That may or may not boost your abilities.

It seemed like the sleekest building in Brooklyn was the place where reality was the weakest. Meaning Mecha R and Proto-Jacen were there.
Doom wondered the language of "weakening one's existence" Kasier spoke of. The more closer he was to the building they're searching, the feeling as if two trucks were pressed onto his chest. "Is this the feeling you spoke of?" Doom said as he stopped on the rooftop on the building nearby the one's they're looking for. "It's almost if the the fabric of time is being torn away.."
Well you should feel detached, airy. Like you don't really exist. Of course I could be wrong, considering how reality works differs from one universe to the next. Though if my hunch is right, then you are definitely where you need to be.

The building was with armed guards at the bottom and at the top, but the middle looked vacant of defenses.
"Realities huh?" Doom chuckled. "Won't be my first ride on the concept of reality. Though this area reeks something foul." Doom observed the the middle part. "Guess that's our ticket to enter. Attacking them from below or upwards is too risky; I'll be outnumbered regardless of my ability. Just need to make sure I won't get detected"  Doom thought. "Hope this aura doesn't interfere with my powers.." His arms began to lite up once more as his body began "vibrate" . He leap from the building towards the middle he's about to land. Using the armor, he able to phase through the solid walls and entered the building, and landed.
Neat trick. Hold on a second.

It seemed like something flashed red before stopping.

Disabled the alarms there, you're going to want to head to the 48th floor. I can tell because I'm using it as a cross universe telepath channel right now/
"I believe it considering that you're speaking directly with me telepathy anyways." Doom responded. "48th floor? Just a jog. Doom's eyes glow red as he titled his head upwards, then around the area to make noticed of any "heat-signatures" for enemies that's currently on the floor.
"Nothing seems to be important aside from the two main ones." Doom said. "Alright, I could phase through the walls, but that'll take quite lot of stress onto my armor." Doom was curious about the one that was gathering huge amounts of heat. "However, that one was interesting. This could be the one you're talking about?" Doom looked over the stairs rather than the elevator - in case they decided to trap anyone who tries to enter.
That seems to be what's causing reality to weaken. I'm going to run a tracing spell and figure out any other portals in a network. Wait. This is a weapons production building. Mecha R and Proto-Jacen are going to be more heavily armed, be careful, their weapons might burn any energies of your's.

The way to the 48th floor and the portal were clear, no traps or bystanders.
"Thanks for the information." Doom noticed that everything was cleared. "For a place to be heavily guarded outside, seems to lack the defense within. Could be the reality's effect? Whatever the case may be, I need to prepare for anything they throw, especially if their weapons can affect my abilities." Doom was thinking and mentally preparing in his head about the ways in case things go south.
Generally anyone whose dangerous doesn't phase through the windows. I'd be careful around that portal, last thing we need is you falling out of existence. I'd engage those two on your own terms, they'll be fighting more seriously then last time. They can be a threat if not handled properly.
"Wouldn't be the first time my existence was in peril." Doom chuckled. "Rest assure, I'll keep my caution up." Doom noticed that he's near to the 48th floor. "Alright.. guess this is where things get a little exciting." Doom slowed his movements.
"So I say to her, no, you can sleep on the floor! BAM! Dead! And that's how I killed Terra before she became Jacen's dad." Mecha's R voice echoed.

"Wait, that wasn't this universe? Ah crap, been reading too many AU fanfictions of"

Sometimes, he's more trouble then he's worth.
"The hell did I walk into.."  Doom seems to be confused of what he was hearing. Nevertheless, he was ready to tackle them. However, in order to get the drop on them, he examine the structure of the area used for his advantage. After a moment of observing, he ready himself to take some form of action. He kick the door down, but himself didn't appear. Instead, he had phase through, using the armor, through the walls onto the another location, in order to diverse them to focusing on the broken down door.
Mecha R started to curse looking at the door.

"Just like that *bleep* time I had to fend off Spiderman Noir. Wait, wait wait wait. Bingo!" Mecha R said. Proto-Jacen looked around and pointed to Doom's hiding place, and launched several fireballs at it.
"!?" Doom phase out of the walls dive to the other side on the floor and landed near the wall. "So much for that." Doom stood up, both of his arms were radiating with energy and fired towards the the two. "Let's see how they fare.."
Mecha R tried to dodge and got hit by the energy, but Proto-Jacen responded with energy blasts of his own to block the attack.

"You just don't know when to quit, do ya?" Mecha R said.
"I suppose I don't." Doom responded to Mecha R's comment. "I actually underestimate you; however, the best part that it serves a little challenge on my behalf." Doom chuckled. His jetpack activated as floated into the air. He lean himself forward-which the jetpack provided a boost that string shot him forwards towards the duo, attempting to throw punches. If they grabbed onto me, that'll be my chance..
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