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Sep 3, 2015
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A Port town mainly for standing as a travelling hub, the town is often enveloped in foggy or rainy weather. The gloomy weather leaves Port Graham often swaddled in dark and humid clouds (though the rain is mainly unpredictable). It's practically compulsory to leave home carrying an umbrella on you. Despite this, it remains a key area for boats of all types to come to for imports and exports, with an inn and a local diner.
Points of Interest:

Aftermath Diner
A cozy retro styled diner sits in the middle of a quiet yet bustling port city. Its cheery inside makes its stark contrast from the usually foggy outdoors. 
Colony Inn
In this port city, vacancy is almost always available. Just be sure you've enough money to stay the night. Lucky for you, rates are currently at a bargain.

[size=large]Boardwalk Mall / The Docks[/size]​
[size=large]Here, you're able to shop and purchase items/clothing.[/size]​

The Docks
Within the port at the far east of the town lies the shipping docks. Boats and piers are all around, making it a place of entry and departure.

Events that took place here:

~Spring 2016 (year 9315 in BV's timeline): A mysterious man named Broly appeared in his quest to destroy a man named Goku, forcing the heroes there to engage in a battle that nearly cost them their lives and those of the city. After a lengthy standstill, the strange man was defeated, but left the city in ruin. Restoration of the Port is currently being focused on.

It was a relatively rainy day. Two hooded people entered the Aftermath Diner, pulling down their hoods to reveal a brunette and a blonde boy with someone else following behind them, but kept his black hood up.

"Guess this would be a good a place as any to stop by before we go back..." She said to the boy. The waitress handed the teenagers a menu and allowed them to sit down at a booth.

"We could use a break right now anyway. My legs are freakin' sore." The blonde said.
"How many and take a seat." The waitress nearby said, yawning.

"I dunno what to pick. I'm kinda hungry for some eggs sunny side up, but they have eggs on toast..." The girl flipped through the menu.

"I'll probably get fries and a sandwich." The boy said. "What about you, Nicor?" 

The hooded one snorted. "Eh, I guess I'll eat whatever pipsqueak orders."
"Alright..." The waitress simply handed him a cup of ice before returning to the original table. "Holler at me if you need anything else."

What a strange guy... She thought. The three ordered their plates and all that was heard was the sound of food cooking.
A sickly man entered the diner. He staggered his way through the tables, nearly knocking them over as he walked. The expression on his face was riddled with exhaustion and sweats, as if he ran an marathon. As he found a chair to take a seat, he began to constantly wipe his forehead as he let out a sigh.  

"Lord, may the heavens forgive me."
The sickly man looked up to the waitress handed him the menu. 

"Thank you" the man said. "I just had a rough day and it will not get any better soon."
While Damien and Nicor argued over what food was better to eat, Olivia peeked over her menu paper at the man, wondering what the matter was with him.

"You look like you've seen Hell," she commented from nearby.
The man nodded. "Indeed.." The man eye on the two "demons" and turns back to Olivia. "I just narrowly escaped death from that.. thing... Can't even fathom of what I have created with my own hands." Man looked at the young one. "Oh... and the name's Dr. Shrooms. What's yours?"
"What thing? My name's O-" Olivia's mouth was covered by Nicor's mouth, his hand looking deathly blue in comparison to Olivia's bronzer skin.

"Hey. We aren't here to swing our names around you know." The hooded guy said.

"Interesting name, Doc." Damien cut in. "Technically, we're supposed to head back after getting something to eat, but I am intrigued by your near-death experience."
Dr. Shroom raised a brow upon seeing the two. It's clear to him that these two beings aren't exactly "human" in the sense of the word. After a moment, he spoke. "It's quite alright.. You don't have to tell me your names." Dr Shroom coughed a bi. "Perhaps I have some water..?" He said and then continued. "Well, I was building something valuable that I thought would help relinquish the world from Evil.I call it.. AntiEnd.It supposed to be the means of ending all forms of evil.." Shroom said. "However, when I was..uh.. in well, in my zone, I made an error in my foundation.."
The blonde ran fingers into his hair. "So a robot... Not sure if that really would be up our alley." Damien sighed.

"Too busy fighting demons and the boogeyman." Nicor muttered.

"I guess it wouldn't be very good for us to stay here very long then." Olivia said. "That's a real pickle..."
"Indeed.." Dr Shroom said. "I advise you to avoid cities, considering that he's going after the most dense areas of populations, though I wouldn't be surprised if you goes after your kind.." Shroom said. "Ah, I meant in a non offensive way."
"Eh, the only one who'd be in big enough trouble would probably be Nicor at any rate." Damien snickered.

"Yeah, and I'll use you as a meat shield." Nicor retorted

"Finish your eggs! They're getting cold!" Olivia said before snagging Nicor's plate of food. "At any rate, Sir, you ought to let people know over in the cities."
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"Those eggs better be good." Nicor said.

"Never expected you to be a picky eater." Olivia pointed out.
"Does it really matter?" He retorted.

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He notices the distraught man and goes about his own business, not really concerned with him.
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