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•No auto-hits or OHKOs. Dodging is permitted, but are limited to 3 maximum per battle engagement.
•Posts should be made every 2 posts after yourself (by different people); this keeps the pace but doesn't leave others in the dust between 2 people.
•Any player who has not posted in a week or has been AWOL for extended time will have their characters taken over to speed up the story so nobody is left behind.
•For now, evolution in-game will not be available for the current arcs.

•Missions are not allowed to be impromptu without my permission. I prefer you go with the mission list I write up rather than you go with your own. It's to keep things simple and balanced. Everyone is beginning basic ranking.
•No one-liners. Your post should be at least ten words, and actually you doing something productive.
•Have fun!

Pangoro's guild is located within the village of Mystifying Forest. The guild was built to his likeness in order to be distinguishable as his guild base; it is surrounded by tall stalks of bamboo where small Pancham tend to play. Directly below the base's exterior sits atop a large hill, allowing for the recesses of the guild rooms to be within these levels into a cave tunnel system, although there are several places for windows carved in. Furthest into the cave is Pangoro's resting place and adjacent to it are the rooms for resident guild members.

Nearby locations:
Oran Forest / Apple Woods
Serenity River, Waterfall Cave, Drenched Coast
Northern Desert
Mt. Bristle
Tiny Meadow

Dreamscape archived up to this point can be read here!

Completed Missions Summary {a Thieving Tangela & A Lost Hoppip}

To begin their initiation into the Guild, Pangoro assigned two teams with relatively easy jobs so they wouldn't feel overwhelmed. A Tangela stole a Miracle Seed, but was easily defeated by Atmos, Tamomo, and Noctis with their teamwork efforts. Gatr, Bolin, and an Eevee named Syn searched and searched until they happened upon a Hoppip insisting on wandering off from its mother. After trying to convince it to come back with them, the trio find themselves in the territory of Fearow! Syn is injured from attempting to engage with them, forcing the Pokemon to take off before the Hoppip got injured. While the mission was completed, Syn spent time in the infirmary mostly complaining about wanting to get out of the bed Audino kept her in. 

To begin Preparation week before the Guild went on their Expedition, Pangoro assigned them to menial tasks of collecting apples and berries. Team Nomomo left to gather apples, Atmos punches most of the trees to harvest apples with Tamomo carrying the basket on her back. An apple fell and hit a Teddiursa, its cry summoning an angry Ursaring mother. Noctis left to escape with the apples, Tamomo and Atmos manage to bring Ursaring down after disorienting it; but not without leaving the cub apples for an apology for the accident.

Gatr, Bolin, and Syn gathered much of their berries needed, but as they finished up, a territorial Nidorino and Nidorina attempt to attack them. Bolin was hurt a bit, but not without gripping onto Nidorino's face in fear and defense. After Gatr mentions Pangoro, they immediately pale and insist on having the trio forget about the incident, scurrying off into the bushes they leapt out of. This raises a few questions in Gatr's mind regarding Pangoro's past.


The Thieving Tangela

A Lost Hoppip

Apples & Berries

{Prep Week / Training}

-The Wanted

The Jungle Expedition: The Overgrowth

[Break Arc]: Coming of Age
[True Arc]​
Lost in Sleep (Part I) 
The Dreamscape (Part II)

=========REQUEST BOARD==========

(I'll be posting the last response I made in response to Z. Al's character will be added to Gatr & Bolin's team to replace Syn, who I have control of right now.)

Originally posted by Drago: 

Bolin and his team arrive back home and head to Pangoro's place. o3o
Originally posted by Shinecero:

Atmos stopped for a moment, turning to see the fallen Pokemon and the baby. Feeling a bit bad, he rushed back over there with two apple on his hand. He carved something onto it and placed it on the Ursaring and given one to Teddiursa. Atmos bow down quickly and ran off.

The apples says "We're sorry for disturbing you." with a happy face.

Originally posted by ~Z~:

"Y'see Pango, while we were picking berries, some pair of Nidos came in and attacked us!" Gatr waved his arms around. "Nidorino and Nidorina said that we were on their turf! As soon as we mentioned your name, they ran away."

Gatr frowned a bit. "They said we're lucky to know you."

The little 'ursa sniffled, chewing the apple and cuddling up to his KO'd mother. "Munch munch..."

"Atmos! Tamomo!" Noctis called out. "What's keeping them...?"

"A couple of Nido?" Pangoro quirked an eyebrow, chewing on his sprig in thought. "Yeah, there's a family of Nido round those parts of the forest. When I was a Pancham, that really was their territory. Bullied anyone who came near 'em." He crossed his arms, frowning. "Course, I didn't tolerate it, so I thought a little butt whooping would show them that everyone shares the forest. The Nidorino I fought then is a Nidoking now I'm sure. That family is a big one, and hasn't ever left the forest."

"Though, I haven't heard much from 'em until you kids told me. They must've been trying to get their tough act back up. Guess they don't seem to like me too much." Despite Pangoro's rough demeanor when angered, he tended to be a gentle giant, if not a little grumpy about it. "If my name keeps 'em in place, then I'm sure it was a couple of rabblerousers. Probably won't bother ya again knowing I got a guild running. If ya didn't have to fight 'em tok much, that's pretty good." He grinned. "How many berries did ya get? I'm having a friend freeze em up so they'll be good when we set out."


A Cubone was showing Calaro around the Guild halls to help him get oriented with where everything was. "This floor has the request board and the mess hall."
Atmos overheard Noctis's voice form afar. "Is that..?" Atmos thought to himself. "We're coming!" Atmos shouted.
Calaro was probably still at the guild hall waiting for his first mission, and was now likely waiting for his new team mates to return. All part of someone's first day, he guessed
Tamomo tried to go fast as she could without dropping the basket of apples she had been carrying on her back.

"There you are! D-did you g-get hurt bad?" Noctis asked.

Cubone sat with Calaro for company since Pangoro assigbed him to lead the Bagon around for the time being.
"We got a couple! A whole basket full! I didn't eat any berries, I swear!" Gatr began to sweat and turned to Bolin. "He didn't eat any either!" Gatr chuckled nervously but took heed as to what Pangoro said about the Nidos. He wondered what happened between the two but more importantly, he didn't want to see them again.
"For now." Cubone answered bluntly.


Pangoro looked at them with a growing grin. "No snacking on em? Well, I guess I'll take your word for it." He winked. "Part of your reward is taking a few of those berries at any rate and a small cut of the reward money we get to feed everybody. And I've got a new one here today. He's been waitin' for ya to get back."

"Really!?" Syn asked.

"Yup. He's probably close by. I'm having him be in your team since it seems there isn't much room lately. And going solo is no good. He's a little Bagon. I had Cubone look after him for the time being so he won't wander off. You lot ought to introduce yourselves once you get the chance."
LoopyPanda said:
Tamomo tried to go fast as she could without dropping the basket of apples she had been carrying on her back.

"There you are! D-did you g-get hurt bad?" Atmos asked.

Cubone sat with Calaro for company since Pangoro assigbed him to lead the Bagon around for the time being.

"Nah.." Atmos sweated a bit. He was breathing heavily from all the running he just did. He looked up to and noticed that Noctis. "You're alright, yet..?"
Tamomo said she was fine and thanked Atmos getting back up "we need to get these apples back to Pangoro"
Calaro waved their stubby hand in front of Cubone, "Hello? Do you have a name I can call you?"
Atmos nodded. "Yeah.. let's not waste any time. The others are probably done with their mission by now."

"A Bagon?" Gatr questioned. "Cool! Maybe I can teach him and Bolin to be super cool like me!" Gatr puffed his chest, grinning childishly. "'Course I gotta shape myself up in due time anyways! I am ready for the next mission Pango'!"
Atmos was rather shaken. "Man, that was quite a surprise.." Atmos wondered. "We probably shouldn't tell Pangoro about this... little incident, eh?"
Pangoro blinked briefly and rubbed his chin in thought. "Didn't expect you three to want another mission..." he pointed a claw over at the request board. "I suppose I can let you choose one you can accomplish fairly quickly. Your group is a bit below Bronze Ranking, so I'll allow you to choose a D-ranking job. And only D. This would be a good opportunity for you all to get acquainted with your new team member." Pangoro looked around. "Spikey! Come on over, they're back." He called.

"It'd be easier when you learn hands on. Know to stand your ground and stick by your comrades is the one bit you should hold to heart." The Cubone jerked his head towards the direction of Pangoro's voice. "This is where we split ways, I guess. Cmon, your team's back from their mission." He hopped off where he sat and beckoned Calaro to follow him.

"Which one which one!?" Syn demanded excitedly. "
"I suppose so..." Noctis said in a worried tone. "I'm glad you two weren't hurt badly though." He took the path they went in order to reach the town once again. Lucky for them, Apple Woods wasn't too far.
He nodded and followed spike, "I can't wait to meet them!"


Elsewhere, A Joltik was getting ready to join the guild herself.
Bolin hummed happily before laying down on the spot.

"I'm gonna rest. I used up too much energy today." he says, nodding off. -3-
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