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Sep 4, 2015
Death's Door - Beyond the Gate
~P.O.H. Base, Toledo, Ohio~

Valentine sipped her drink staring at a computer squad. "Hircine, get in here, I've gotten your assignment to a new squad." She said over intercom, while also paging a few others. "Mr. Veil, please report to the control room." And the last one. "Ms. Aliss, please come to the control room."

Hircine meanwhile arrived out an elevator looking around at all of the stations for directors.

"Needed me?" He asked.
Eos entered the Control room
(If I recall, In the steam version of this one I had been a captive or something I think? Not sure though steam community is broken atm so I cant check... anyways is that the situation or do I have mah stuff?)
(Your choice Nick.)

Hircine looked at Eos.

"Looks like we'll be working together, Mr. Veil." He said. Meanwhile Valentine called in a few more people. "Ms. Tris to the control room." "Mr. Tekina to the control room."
Eos simply kept his eyes locked on Hircine
Tekina arrived in the control room. He took a glanced of the other two, then turned his attention to Valentine. "Yes?"
"Well. We're missing one more person... I may have an outdated list, but you all are being reassigned to a new division and new squad. You're missions all now have a secondary priority, retrieving intact audio logs of the Pale Woman." Valentine answered. "Oh. And you'll all be working together."

"Did... I do something?" Hircine asked.
"I don't know If I can trust any of these people, you expect me to work with them now?" Eos' eyes jumped from person to person until they returned to Hircine
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