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Nintendo Switch


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[align=center]Nintendo Swtich​
Release Date: March 2017​

What did you guys think about the reveal of the Nintendo Switch? :think:


Blue Jacket
A little concerned that it'll end up being even more underpowered than the Wii U in the long run if it's not capable of A LOT more than they showed off, but so long as it has at least about AS good of a graphics card as the PS4 and/or Xbox One I think it'll have potential to be a big hit, as I don't think we've seen a product quite like this before that's a complete console/handheld hybrid.


Black Jacket
I'd like to see more test runs or demos in the future (perhaps the next E3 conference? idk), I'm hopeful that this will be "THE" system to buy. I took a raincheck on the WiiU, but this design/hybrid system looks innovative, at least to me. (Lord knows I wanted something like this back when City Folk was out haha). And it seems compact, doesn't look horribly clunky in structure.

I definitely am interested in seeing what else it can do. I live in a fairly Nintendo-dominant household, maybe this will start a tug-o-war between me and my brother over whether to get the PS4 or the Switch haha


Blue Jacket
As much as I'd like to see the Switch be successful, I'm not sure how it'll square up against the PS4 or Xbone, ESPECIALLY the Pro and Scorpio. Nowadays, the market is biased on what looks the best, and already "comparing" these consoles to what should be a next-gen "console" (I refuse to acknowledge it as such) has me concerned about the power this device will hold. Do note, however, thar the Switch is powered by the NVIDIA Tegra processor, which is used in tablets. It definitely holds merit in being innovative, but I feel like it should be marketed as a next-gen handheld successor to the 3DS, not a console successor to the Wii-U.


The Strongest
JamesYTP said:
.....I cannot believe Breath of the Wild is being delayed again.

Was it ever promised it would released on launch day or it was the assumption for everyone?

I'm curious of how Pokemon Stars is getting listed here. This would be the first "console" game GameFreak gave ever done and if Sun and Moon is anything to go by (literally selling 7.2 copies within 21 days), it's going to be massive. If the rumored price is around 200~250, that would be very favorable for everyone.

~ Z ~

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Whelp, if Pokemon Stars is gonna come out next year, I gotta save up for the Switch AND Pokemon. Help me pls.


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I don't see a problem in the Switch's graphics processor, because that's not what sells a console. what makes people want to buy a console is the unique games that can't be played anywhere else. I'm estimating it to be weaker than the original PS4, because having that power on a battery and with inadequate cooling is not possible.
Nintendo isn't directly competing with Sony and Microsoft, they are offering a new concept. Whether it works or not remains to be seen. 
A consoles direction towards better graphics is its slow death, because if that's the deciding factor then might as well just get a PC. Consoles can't beat a PC when it comes to graphics. I think Nintendo did the right move. While Sony and Microsoft with their console refresh mid generation are showing people that buying a PC is better.