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Languages That You Speak

~ Z ~

Black Jacket
The world is a wide place and full of many languages that people speak. Many people can speak more than one language very fluently. What about you? Do you know any other languages? Tell us! :D

I currently speak English and Spanish very fluently. I know a small bit of Italian and French and only some words in Japanese.


Blue Jacket
I can speak and write in English like it's my first language, and Bahasa Malaysia is my mother tongue. On the side, I'm learning Italian.


Black Jacket
Spanish as my first language and english as my second.

I can read certain bits of Latin, French, and Italian (I used to be able to order from a menu in French but I forgot).


Green Jacket
English, Chinese, German, Indonesian/Malay based creole languages.

I can understand bits of Latin, Dutch, French, and Japanese in written form.

~ Z ~

Black Jacket
Spanish is my first language and I didn't learn English until I came back to this country. xDD

I speak English like its my second language and write it jut as well but sometimes I have a hard time translating, especially when I know the word in Spanish but I have no idea how to say it in English. I also jumble my words a lot in English if I speak really fast. I may be good with English but I still have my faults. I also have 'The Spanish Lisp' which might also be why I have a hard time pronouncing some words in English.

I know a little bit of Italian since it's very close to Spanish.

I only know two words in German: Nein! Deutschland.

I ddon't know if Shieza!(sp?) is German or another language. All I know is that it means Shit. lol I say it more than I should.


Green Jacket
It is Scheiße, pronounced like 'shy-ze". In German it does not give the same negative connotation with "shit".


Green Jacket
I speak Slovak, because it's my native language, can understand Czech prety well, even Polish is not that hard to understand, however I can't speak it.
In recent months I've improved my Russian (heh, another Slavonic language) which is fun to learn.
And, of course, since my childhood I was getting used to English, because it's global and I daily work with computer.

And also, I speak well Java, html/css/javasript/php and little C++. And AutoHotkey. Once I tryied assembly, it was awfull.