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"He's gone for now, but since we didn't finish him off, he'll just come back for more." Metal Bat remarked. "I didn't understand a lick of what he was talkin' about, but a guy like that ain't gonna nonchalantly show his face to us again without being absolutely sure he'll kick our teeth in. This is something the Heroes Organization needs to know about. This ain't something we can keep from the general public either if he's this big a threat."

Orso said nothing, holding his chin pensively in thought. "...Awfully coincidental, isn't it?"

"Hah? What is?"

"Not even that long ago, we almost got pulverized by a guy who practically destroyed Port Graham. Now this guy shows up, with an equal, if not higher level of power. Neither of them are human, probably not even from Booga itself. Who's to say we won't find another like that soon enough? Empire State's become a magnet for troublemakers recently... it makes LEMONs look like a bunch of schoolyard punks in comparison."

Bad quirked an eyebrow, before looking down at his charred hands. "Huh. That is pretty fishy..."
A person who seemed to be a commanding officer of the mercenaries stepped forward, putting himself in the middle of the group of heroes and separated from her soldiers.

"Yes, we are with the Meeting of the Dark, and yes, this was a projection of the alien mage we've nicknamed the Solarian who attacked this location. That much is correct." She stated, remaining calm. "The Heroes Organization was already made aware, there was a large press conference with our Leader making our case to them." She said to Metal Bat before turning to Orso. "Well it's only going to get worse, the Solarian's riding a meteor to Booga, and every minute his ability to project his power here grows stronger. That's why we went to the Heroes Organization, because we knew we were out of our league. If you have any questions it'd be best to ask me." She finished. The man Gravity Girl had grabbed scampered off to the relative safety of the van.
“Yeah… we still don’t know where this Broly came from right? If he was summoned, who did it?” Red asked Orso and Metal Bat. “First it was a giant machine that attacked the Port, then a muscular man… now this… too many people are dying left and right.” Red thought. “We still do not know where Lyrik is…”


“I see… I suppose it is my fault for not following up on this.” Gravity Girl said. “I failed to look up my phone earlier because I got distracted.” She turns to the commanding officer. “Based on what you said, there is no way to stop him from coming to Booga. I suppose we can’t ask the Beyonders to do something about this… they are extremely adamant about being neutral towards these things.” She overheard Metal Bat and Orso’s discussion. “Yeah, this is getting too much for a month. A mysterious being and suddenly a man who far more powerful than that appears all of the sudden…” She turns to the woman. “Is there a way to predict his next move?”

“The Meeting of the Dark did employ some way to combat its magic.” Engine-Man said. “They even went to Paradice and asked the Magic Societies for their assistance.” He turns to the commanding officer. “What is your status of developing the weapons? Doctor Shroom would very much love to hear your progression... we might have a idea how to combat against him."
The commanding officer first addressed Gravity Girl with some understanding.

"Thanks to assistance from the Withereds at Destiny's Fall, we've completely isolated the Solarian's magic signature, combining it with our current tracking technology allows us to tell whenever another one of his projections cause a certain level of havoc. Though we can tell instantly when it begins to preform any sort of extreme fighting, we don't have the power to be constantly scanning for his life signature alone. As a result, we can't predict. Even if we could fund the power, there's no telling how much time is in between a projection appearing and..." She looked out to the ruins of the area, fists clenching. "The bastard doing something like this." She then turned to Engine-Man.

"With help from trained wizards providing us some information we had been lacking in, we understand the energy he's using for his abilities better. In addition combining that with knowledge from the Withereds and their Solarian cousins means we've started to develop limited scale weaponry designed to disrupt his flow of magic, though the kicker is that the leader himself, the Dark Gunner is putting together a team to gather important items needed for a super weapon to be deployed against the Solarian." She smiled with wicked glee. "Mana Burn bullets is just the first step according to rumors! Little pieces of metal that when they come into contact with someone like the Solarian, takes their own magical power and explodes! That will hurt him a lot, and I do mean a lot, when he shows his face here. Though if you have any other ideas, send something or come to the Opera House. Ever since uh, the two Dark Gunners did this whole overhaul into a paramilitary organization, they've been working on adapting our tactics and weapons to counter specific, large scale threats."
"Well, for our rank, there's not much we can do to help other than answer the call when we get it. We're in the middle of searching for a newbie that went missing earlier today while we were in hospital." Orso muttered, shrinking down to his plush-like form. "Ah!... Guess my time ran out... that's all I got in me for today." Now in his tiny stature, he slumped over, discouraged. "And we don't even have a clue as to where he's gone. Who knows how far he's strayed from Hero City City."

"A summon, you say? Hm... guess I oughta go over to the Big Apple and give those eggheads a piece o' my mind... it's not unheard of to let some flub-ups happen, but it would be bad if this Solarian guy got his hands on summons like Broly." Metal Bat said. "We already got our hands full with an alien dude, I'd hate to be tracking down lost toys too."
“Yeah… Lyrik is still missing in action. We really need to get to him. The last thing we need is another hero fallen..” Red shown concerned of his newfound friend. "And what about the mess here...? First Port Graham, now this..." 


“So in other words, we are sitting ducks.” Gravity Girl’s tone was an irritated one. “One thing after the other, and now we got one that does pointless tricks.” She placed her hand on her forehead and let out a deep sigh. “I guess there’s nothing we can do long term, we just have to hope for the best that the next target he attacks, it won’t result a huge amount of causalities.” She turns and notices Orso, Red, Metal Bat, Construction and Dragnofly. 

“Thank you for coming here. Hos complex is a bit far away, but it great to have a lot of backup in this fight.” 

Engine-Man nodded. “Well, commanding officer, I suppose that they are closer of getting those important items right?”
The officer nodded to Engine-Man.

"I've been told that as soon as the nessecary personal can be gathered, they're going on a special mission to retrieve the items needed for the leader's overall plan. I do believe that a message for any requested back up should be out, soon."
"Got it." Engine-Man said. "I need to report back to the Heroes Organization about what transpired here." He turns to the others. "Like Gravity Girl said, thanks for the help... but the fight is not over yet. This is just a taste of what thing being is capable of."
"Guess I'll pay a visit over at Big Apple and let 'em know what's up. It wouldn't be a good idea to have their shop so out in the open like this if the alien dude decides to target it next." Metal Bat said before walking off whistling. "You know when to holler if ya need me."

"And we'll go back to searching for Lyrik... I hope he isn't dealing with anything dangerous by himself out there..." Orso wondered. "The question is where we ought to look next?"
"Good luck and take care with that." The office told Engine-Man before getting back to her van, which opened up a portal infront of itself before driving away, into the portal, gone. The portal closed afterwards.
Engine-Man nodded to the departure of both Metal Bat and the officer. “I’m talking my leave as well. We will update you heroes once we get all the information.” He walked off to contact the heroes for support for support of rebuilding hos complex.

Red Bernardino waved Metal Bat and Engine-Man goodbye. “Thanks for helping out!” He turns to Orso, nodding once. “Right… we need to find out his true location. If he’s isn’t here… then he got to be someplace else. The question is where do we exactly look for? We haven’t gotten a clue…” Red yawned.

“Lyrik?” Gravity Girl caught wind of their conservation. “My filling me in of what’s happening with you two?” She looked at both of them. “Don’t think I recognized you…” She pointed to Red. “Or you.” She pointed towards Orso.


Construction Man looked around. “Whelp… we need to clean this mess up too. We’re definitely going to need a lot of people here now.” He turns to Dragon Fly. “Mind flying to Hero City City to get more people for me?”
"Oh, Gravity Girl!" Orso stuttered, waving his little arms. "Red and Lyrik are the newest members of the Heroes Association. I'm also a hero but I usually patrol elsewhere since I was a C-rank. They recently promoted us after we dealt with the mess down at Port Graham. Lyrik was there with us, but he left the hospital and we unfortunately don't know where to look. They sent us here after blocking off the train station, so we weren't able to ask if they caught sight of him on the cameras." He let out a sad squeaking noise as he slumped over, discouraged. "We don't have any clue as to his whereabouts or what made him leave to begin with. I wonder if someone kidnapped him..."
"New members, huh..." Gravity Girl said. "Well, I can't stand idly by knowing an hero is missing, so I'll assist you." 

"R-really, you'll helps us out?" Red said. 

Gravity Girl nodded. "After what transpired today and Port Graham a while back, I need to be more active." She pulled out her phone, seeing Whitney's number. "Guess I have to hang out with her another time." She muttered under her breath. "Anyways, we have to head back to the Heroes Organization; they should have whereabouts of his location."

"Huh...? How would they know?"

"It's a secret among higher heroes... but Minute Man, the head of the Heroes Organization, had each and every one of us chipped with a tracking device inside of us, in case we go missing." She explained.
"Whoa... I didn't know that was a thing," Orso remarked in astonishment. "But that's a great sign for us! Let's go over there ASAP before Lyrik gets too far away then." He said with an urgency in his voice. If they didn't soon, he didn't know how much guilt he could take if something bad had happened to Lyrik and they were powerless the whole time to do anything about it.
"That's kind of scary..." Red said. "But how we get there now? The Ultra Speed Train is shut down..."

"I can carry you lots over there just as fast... though that depends if you guys aren't airsick..." Gravity Girl asked.
"Hopefully my stuffing doesn't fall out while we're in the sky...." Orso pulled the zipper dangling from his neck all the way up. "But I think I can handle it!" He put his paws on his hips in an effort to look tough, but seeing as he was in his "low-power" form, he just looked like any children's stuffed toy.
Gravity Girl blushed a bit. “Y-you don’t have to worry about that! I’ll be extra careful…” She swirls her fingers, lifting both Orso and Red up into the air near her. She turns to both Dragonfly and Construction. “You’ll be able to handle things from here right? I’ll alert the Heroes Organization that we need more assistance of helping the people.” 

Construction nodded. “We got here covers… it doesn’t look as bad as Port Graham, since only this part of hos complex got trashed.” He turns to Dragonfly. “This should take us… less than a few hours, top?” 

“Right…” Gravity Girl said. “See you soon.” She boosted out of the area along with Orso and Red towards the Heroes Organization.
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