hős Complex

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Sep 3, 2015
hős Complex

hős Complex is a beautiful small town, located east of the Heroes Organization Fortress. It offers an ideal residential place for active and retired Heroes. Despite the community being composed of Heroes, it is quiet and does not stand out very much in comparison to other towns and cities. There are small, dedicated family stores that served the homemade meals but outside of that, it is a relatively a small and peaceful community. The Legendary Hero, Image-Man, is said to live around these parts!

Notable Areas of Interests

Mel’s Drive-In is a popular spot for retired Heroes and dine in on the delicious meals from their exclusive Super Hero Menu. You can taste the delicious Heroes Burger with a side of Justice Fries. Each meal provides a variety of toys for children of Heroes, including the popular Heroes cards.

Ultra-Speed Terminal is a beautiful architectural landmark and a transit hub! Anyone with a Empiran Pass can jump the Ultra Speed train and go anywhere in Empire State within seconds! No matter the hazards or weather conditions, the Ultra-Speed Terminal can powered through anything!
The train had arrived in hos complex.

"Arriving hos complex. Thank you for attending our services!"

"Looks like this is our stop, my boy!" The old man said, getting up. "My house isn't far from the station."
Seto walked the man as they finally arrived to their destination.

"Well, I'll leave you to it, old timer." he smiled. "Have a nice day."
"Whoa there sonny, you still need to take me to my home, boy." The old man chuckled. "These legs ain't what they used to be."
A man in a white robe walked with a group onto the Ultra Speed Terminal, looking around him. Innocents, mothers, fathers, children, brothers, sisters, orphans, all of whom perhaps had sinned. But they had never done something so wrong they should be severely punished for it.

"Except... For what you all did to my master..." The Solarian muttered as a large flame rippeled outwards from his body, incinerating the entire train car's population, and attempting to destroy the tracks themselves.
The flames burst throughout the corridors of the train. The conductor heard the screams and went to the door to see what was happening, only for the fire to rush in and consumed his entire body. As he fell backward, his body slammed onto the main control panel, causing the train to move rapidly, causing it to move off course the tracks and slammed into the nearby building. The track themselves began to melt away from the intense heat and rip apart because of the corridors and debris smashing through everything. Among the rubbles, the old man pulled out of the rear, with a handful of people on his back.

"I guess arriving safely is not going to happen today..." the old man coughed from the amount of smoke. It blackened the area and became hard to see. He turned around and see the train had been completely knocked off course and casualties were made. "I was not able to save them... back in my heyday... this would have never happened." He gritted his teeth. "Who..." the old man coughed more loudly. "Responsible for this? The Lemons?"
The Solarian created burning slashes with his arms, cutting his way out of the train, and shoting a pillar of flame into the air. The sky became a foreboding red, it was burning. He looked down to the ruins of the train and smirked.

"If this won't bring the heroes I've let grow to challenge me... Nothing will."
The old man place several people on the ground, away from the fiery blaze of the train station. He stood up and seen the blazing storm in the sky. "Red." The old man gritted his teeth. "Guess retirement needs to hold off for a while..." Old man jumped through the flames and see the individual. "That's the guy? Judging by his outfit, he doesn't seem to be from here.." The old man slowly took several steps toward the man.

"Hey, you sure cause a mess around here, huh? What's the deal, sonny?"


Engine-Man arrived in the area. He saw the cloud of fire burning up the blue sky, turning into red. "Yup, there's no denying it. It's him again. Shit, I'm too far away from the train station. I need to speed my body and get there fast before more people are killed."
"Long ago my master was killed by the residents of this planet for a crime he did not commit. Now I have returned to avenge him by destroying the heroes he inspired to create!" The Solarian said as he floated upwards in mid air before looking down at the man.

"It's only just." He said with an air of superority.

Meanwhile, all in Empire State, Black Vans were revving up.
"Well, sonny. If that was the truth, then I apologize that you felt grief over the death of your master for the injustice he did not commit." The people behind the small old man began to flee.

"But I can't let you destroy this town you know, my boy?" He turns to a pile of debris, picking up a big chunk before turning at the man. "An eye for an eye makes a whole world blind!" He throws it at the Solarian
"Attention. This is the official emergency announcement. An unidentified man had appeared in hos complex. Its level is said to be around Dragon. Please evacuate immediately from the target area: the train station. Heroes are coming to handle the situation."

A broadcast uttered the message throughout the small town. The old man caught wind of the message before turning his sights to the strange man.

"Guess I won't be able to make it in time to catch my favorite evening programming..." He saw the debris reduce to rubble. "My body may have aged, but I'm still able to kick your ass, sonny." The old man leaps forward, his right arm tense as the muscle build up. He threw a hard punch towards the Solorian's stomach.


"Looks like we're here," Pilotman said as he flew his helicopter above the small town. "It said that the figure is somewhere in the train station."
A lone teenager pushed his way through the crowd, ordering the civilians to leave the area for the time being. "This had better be quick, I'm missing Zenko's talent show for this." He grumbled, slinging his metallic baseball bat over his shoulder as he walked towards the scene unfolding. "The others should be here anytime now, wonder what the big deal is?" Obliviously, he was just walking down the empty street and staring up at the sky. "Ah, it's Pilotman up there, I think..."


"Just what happened around here? There's smoke and fire everywhere..." Orso watched the sky and felt uneasy.
The Solarian dashed forward, covered in flames, launching his own punch at the aged hero only to miss. He groaned, contorting in pain from the blow to his stomach, his face still hidden in shadow. He barely managed to let off a small fire ball at close range, barely a candle light.


A black van sped by Pilotman's view.
"Apparently, the Heroes Organization was informed of some God-level threat to appear in the next few months. However, I don't think anyone would predict it would attack here of all places." Pilotman answered. Pilotman noticed a black van below. "What the heck is that...?"  Pilotman thought to himself. 


The old man jumped back several feet to get away from the small blast. "Even though that was barely anything, I have to be cautious... especially for my age." He grabbed one of the debris next to him and toss it towards the Solarian. 


Engine-Man was still running and saw Metal Bat in the distance. "Metal Bat? Glad you see you around here. You're looking for the enemy that attacked the complex? I'm heading my way over to his location now."  Engine-Man was firing off statements without stopping for a breath.
"You bet your ass I am! I'm ready to smash some skulls in for makin' me come all the way down here on short notice for some bastard settin' fire to the place." Metal Bat jerked his thumb towards the battle taking place up ahead. "Looks like only just now someone got to dealin' with him."
"Why here? It's just a bunch of housing complexes..." Orso asked. "You'd think they'd try Hero City City instead if they were going after other heroes specifically..."
The Solarian looked up to the debris and let out a flamethrower like attack, slowed still from the punch he had received earlier, melting the debris to neutralize it. A van pulled up to the remains of the train, the Solarian infront of it, the side opening up to reveal a chaingun mounted to the van.

"Open fire." Said a voice from within as the chaingun erupted in punishing firepower, strangely colored bullets streaking through the air to rip through the astral projection. The bullets never exited the body when the gunfire died down. The Solarian spit a bit of blood onto the ground, looking at all of the lodged bullets in his body, and turned to the van, flames travling up his arms.
"Right! Let's hurry up and assist them to deal with this threat!" Engine-Man looked up the sky, spotting Gravity Girl flying towards the destination. "It's going to take plenty of us to take this threat down." Engine-Man dashed off to the location, with his arm ready to unleashed a bullet-storm.


"I don't know what this thing is planning or why he targeted hos complex, but the one thing I know, this bastard is going down," Pilotman said after seeing a barrage of bullets rain down from a black van. He raised a brow of who this organization or where they came from. "If I recall correctly... aren't those the Dark folks?" 

"I'm dropping you guys here! You two can make it from the distance here, so make sure you stay safe!" Pilotman said.

Red yawned and scratch his back. "Alright... let's see if Lyrik is there and take down this creep! Ready Orso?" 


The old man's eyes narrowed of what just occurred. However, he realized that the man was going to torch the van into a fiery pit of flames, but the van soon floated in the air.

"I don't know what's the heck is going on..." Gravity Girl said, lifting up the van using anti-gravity abilities. Around here, tons and tons of debris smashed together into a giant, pointed spear. "But you're causing a lot of trouble. How about you just stay down and we take you in for questioning?" She dropped the several ton rocks towards the Solarian.
The Solarian turned his fire to the massive spear, his entire arms burning, the flames turning from red to yellow, to blue, to white.

"Endgame." Said a voice from the van, the Solarian's eyes going wide.

"They're using mana burn." He remarked firing off the explosion at the spear, probably just heating it up and making it even deadlier, as explosions ripped across his chest, burning in a bright blue.
Gravity Girl stared in confusion, seeing the explosion from the Solarian's chest burst out. She turns her sights to the van after hearing a voice. "What is the meaning of this?" Gravity Girl questioned. The spear burst into flames after being struck by the Solarian, perishing it into bits before it can hit him.

The old man is standing by, watching this to see what happens next.
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