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Sep 3, 2015
Good Days is an intergalactic organization created to protect civilizations and planets. Good Days also fight against various empires that threaten peace across the universe. They are highly known to be the most capable force for many planets to seek assistance. As a result, their popularity attracted many species across the universe to join their ranks into the organization. Some joined to fight against evil. Some are in for the riches, revenge or any other personal issues. At the end of the day, Good Days is considered the beacon of hope throughout space.

There is a mysterious group called “Destruction Association”, whom goal is to seek and destroy everything in sight. It is unknown what their main goals are nor any information of the leader of such association.

Premise: You managed to pass the written and physical exam to secure a spot in Good Days. Yet, there is one more task to complete in order to truly become part of the organization. You and your group are assigned to a planet to deal with a dictator that is oppressing the people. Simple enough task. However....

What is Chi?
The energy system in the role-play is based on Chi Manipulation. They are the fundamentals of how everything in the universe works. Chi is life force energy and the easiest form of energy to understand. From special abilities, energy attacks and even flying, it uses Chi. Most species in the universe have a basic understanding of how Chi works. True masters, however, is able to tap into that energy directly and use it for greater things. In Good Days, there are different kinds of Chi:
  • Star Chi – What the majority uses. Their colors can be anything aside from black/purple/pink.
  • Dark Chi – When one’s heart falls into darkness, their Ki turns into “Dark Chi”. They are always purple or pink. They have a higher offensive power compared to “Star Chi”. Their defense is slightly weaken.
  • Ruin Chi [Unavailable for uses] – This Chi cannot be sensed nor detected. The color of this Chi is always black.
General Rules
  • You can only have 1 OC.
  • This is a hyper-action RP. Expect Planetary Destruction and more to be a thing!
  • You can create any kind of species for your character. However, no one else can use the species you created. 
  • Villains will only be controlled by me.
  • If your character dies, you can replace them with a new one. It needs approval first.
  • Don't distort things that were already established within the role-play without permission.
  • Don’t try to make everything too convenient.
  • If you have not posted in a week (without warning), you will be skip and the story will continue.
  • Use the Power Wikia to search for specific abilities or power(s)!
  • Banned Powers: Omnipotent, Omnipresence and Omniscient, Absolute Immortality, High-End Reality Warping, Instant-Death, Life-Drain (Death Version), Invincibility, High-End Intangibility, Probability Manipulation, High-Level Space/Time, Time Travel, Future Sight.
  • Feedback is important! I cannot help you with your concerns of this RP if you don’t come to me.
Character Registration
Post reserved for story information and summaries. If you are ever lost, wanted to catch up on something or seeking critical information, this is the post to check. This will be provided in spoilers to avoid scrolling. Thanks!
Good Days Headquarters

Hundreds of people gathered in a gigantic space station: The Good Days Headquarters. Every year, they are honoring new recruits to join the organization. This draws attention from everyone, even those from the far ends of the galaxy. Who is joining the organization was critical important. How will these new rookies flare against the onslaught of evil? In the room, thousands of seats were filled, surrounding a circular stage. The front row is where the newest recruits are seated. As people are waiting for the ceremony, a single man appeared on the stage. He wore the GD uniform, but had a cape, a large hat, and the left side of his shirt was filled with medals. He looked towards the audience and began to speak. 

"Ladies and Gentlemen. My name is Líder, the Chief Commander of the Good Days organization. It is very pleasing for all of you to take the time off of your schedule to see the newest recruits of the Good Days organization.” Líder paused for a moment before continuing. 

“Today marks the day. Today, is the day to recognized new recruits who dedicated their lives to join Good Days! As you know, this is not an easy task to do. Good Days seeks those who wished to preserve some form of good into the cosmos as evil continues to lurk around. Although there are different motives for joining, the end result is still the same. Thus, we received thousands of applicants every year who wished to join this powerful organization. Yet, not everyone is able to join. One must be able to pass two cruel exams, the written and physical exams. Both of these exams determined the agility and strength of one, along with the mentality and intellect. These are critical aspects to gain a spot in the Organization. Over the years, dozens of thousands have failed.” 
Líder paused for a moment.

“Yet, we always received gems. Gems that shows the capability of bringing the organization one step closer to rid evil. I would be happy to call upon newly recruits accepted in Good Days!” Líder pulls out a piece of paper. 
“The first person who made into the top of thousands who entered this year. Mex, please stand and introduce yourself to the wonderful audience!”

Mex stood up, with a smile on his face. He turned around and face the hundreds of audience. “Hello!” Mex shouted in high spirits. “My name is Mex! I’m a Ningen from Planet Tatakai! I joined this organization to preserve the peace across the cosmos and hopes that no evil, escapes my sight! I hope that I will performed my duties to protect all of you!” Mex continued to stand.

“Thank you, Mex. Please, stand by me as I introduced the next recruit.” Líder stated. Mex got on the stage and stood next to the Chief Commander. Líder turns to the paper again. “Next one, Damara! Please stand and introduce yourself! Once you finished, please, step to the stage next to Mex.”
Oh no... I hate when they ask me to introduce myself... hope I don't say something corny. Damara thought to herself before standing up and scanning the crowd with her big magenta eye. 

"Uh... Hi... Name's Damara Augus. I'm from planet Monocularia, and uh... I hope I can represent the Cyclopius species well for you all on their behalf," She rattled off the top of her head. What a lie that was, since her species was totally against the idea of conflict. "I'll do my best." With little else in her head to say, she forced herself to make a friendly smile in spite of scolding herself for such a lame introduction. Damara moved up to stand next to Mex. Hope none of these guys ask how I did on the written test compared to the physical one, she thought.
“Thank you, Damara.” Líder continued to read off the document once more. “The next one on the list is very unique! I’m very surprised of this one making to the top!” Líder said. “Neatnik! Please state your introduction to the audience, please! Once you done that, please step onto the stage next to Damara!”
Neatnik had been a bit anxious. Back on his home planet he was nothing more than a tiny piece of dust among millions under the queed's control. There was no room for self-worth. Everyone for the royalty and none was allowed to be unique. In summary, he never got to be under a lot of attention. When they called his name, he stood up, overwhelmed by the crowd. 

"I'm Neatnik from Contrunga." He struggled a bit with the language. His mouth wasn't designed for the universal language and he was still learning the structure. Good thing he wrote it down "I hope I can lend a hand... Or four... To help everyone in need."

He awkwardly finished reading and hurried to the stage next to Damara.
“Thank you, Neatnik!” Líder continued to read off the document once more. “The next one came far away and applied into the organization!” Líder said. "Lightwave! Please stand and introduce yourself to the audience! Once you done that, please step onto the stage next to Neatnik!”
Lightwave walked up to the stage, pushing his spikes back. "I'm Lightwave Destiny, from Sola! I intend to continue being a hero, just as I have been for the last few years, and reclaim my bloodline's control over the Solarian dynasty! To live up to the example my proginter Destiny set for all Solarians!" Afterwords he went and joined the others, standing slightly back.
"Marvelous introduction, Lightwave." Lider called another name from the list. "Ross, please come and introduce yourself to the audience." 

The audience began to look at one another as Lider continued to introduce a new recruit. "Interesting new faces this time around..." a voice can be heard in the audience.
As Ross walks on the stage seeming quite professional in his movements he thinks "The old Gorn so far proven trust worthy but I hate the fact I had to go threw this song and dance."  He says with a professional tone despite seeing this as a waste of time "I am Russ form the moon of Tork'os. I hope to keep showing that the Gorn are willing to help."

He thinks as he walks standing stand next to Lightwave "Fi has he sent the agreed payment for that line." Fi confirms in his head"yes master the ambassador for the Gorn has sent the agreed payment." 
"Wonderful introduction.” Líder stated. There was one more name to call to the stage. “This one is rather tricky! We did not expect such person to join the ranks of the organization.” Líder explained. “Artic, please stand and introduce yourself! Once you’re done, please stand next to Ross!”
Artic rose from her seat elegantly and dusted her tail off. She turned to face the audience and didn't look at all friendly. She took a humble bow since her species were known for very strict manners. She offered a wave to the audience, her tail swinging behind her.

"Hello, I am Artix." She said in a slightly deep feminine voice. "I am from Planet Thermia. I hope to become of great assistance to you all. Do not get in my way or I will be forced to use my strength and power to dispose of any unwanted pests. Be wary."

Artic bowed her head once again and took her place next to Ross. No one ever saw a glimpse o her face due to her visor and mask. She remained quiet and stood up straight, almost like a soldier with her arms behind her back.
"Marvelous introduction, Artic! This concludes our recognition." Líder turned and face the audience once more. "Please, give a round of applause for their accomplishments on the dreaded examinations." 

The audience clapped in harmony for the new recruits. But, these did not come without hesitation and concerns. Whispers began to spread around.

“Some of them look like they belong to the criminal gang. Are we sure we should entrust our lives to these odd individuals? Certain species should not be able to handle such task based on their history…” 

“We usually have the species that are known for just, to join the ranks. Their odd appearances stands out too much, but not in a good way... This must be a mistake?” 

The agitation written on the faces of the audience brought attention to Líder. To relax them, Líder spoke once again. 
"However!” Líder said in a tone to catch the attention of the audience. “There is one more examination for these 6 talented individuals to take before being accepted. Líder turned to the six with a smile. “To determine that you are capable of handling the task, you must complete your first mission, together.”

The audience relaxed after hearing that. If this group managed to complete their first mission, their worries would disappeared. Appearances seems to be a critical factor of Good Days for them. 

Líder turned to the audience. “Now, if you excuse us, I must escort them to the ship, so they can began preparations of the final exams. If they managed to complete the task, while using teamwork, they will be certified members of Good Days.” Líder turned to the group. “Please, follow me.” Líder walked towards the back of the stage and began heading down the hall. 

Mex followed behind Líder, with a nervous expression on his face. “There’s another exam? As if the written exam was not hard enough…”
"It isn't too surprising. Exams don't mean a thing out on the field if you ask me. Totally two different environments... I'm glad it's not another written test at least... hope they don't make us do another stamina test though... my legs are still killing me." Damara said, looking less than excited for the task. "Guess that's how they keep the public happy."
Ross thinks "Fi, Wraith were on the moves meat us at the ship."  Fi Responds "Right away master." Wraith sends a confirmation as well. He says "I have to agree with Lightwave its dos seem far more for PR." Fi and Wraith start to move to the ship as well.
Artic remained silent when the others spoke. She didn't seem all too interested in becoming friends or even speaking with the people around her. She seemed mysterious in a way and no one could really tell what she was thinking. Artic thought constantly about her children and her visor showed a small flicker of light. On Artic's side, she saw a picture of the group and some basic data.

“Well, as long it do not have anything to do with writing things or whatever, I can handle an field test.” Mex chuckled. 

“This is why Good Days selected you six. You acknowledge the purpose behind the final exam. Very impressive. Let’s see if you can put into action, yes?” Líder lead the group across the hall. The group noticed people from different species looking at them with observation. 

“Good luck new recruits! I heard that they up the intensity of this final exam this year!” One of them said in a sarcastic tone.”

Finally, at the end of the hallway, shows a room where the location of the ship. Secured and readied for launch for any type of mission. Upon entering, there were thousands of ships scattered everywhere. Some were coming back from a mission. Some were leaving to handle a crisis on a particular planet. 

“This is where members of Good Days go and board on the ship to handle a mission they are assigned too. You will do this, if you passed this final exam.” Líder said as he led them to the ship they are going to use.


"Please to meet you! I'm created for the sole purpose of helping new recruits every few years. Let's aim for an successful first mission." The A.I spoke.
“This is the ship that will take you to your mission. Rest assure, you don’t have to worry about having any experience controlling a spaceship. This has an A.I system, intelligence enough to take you anywhere you need to be.” Líder turns to the group. “Any important questions before taking the final exam?”​
Neatnik's attention was more focused on the ship and the A.I. He had always been interested in technology, sadly there was no room for a commoner like him to study high-tech back on his planet. Despite what Lider said, he thought he should check out the controls later. Just to know how things work. Of course he wouldn't touch any button like an idiot, there must be a manual lying around. Being the guy he was, he decided to mention it just in case.

"I ztill wizh to learn how to uze the ship, if that'z allowed."
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